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While Ye Xuan and the others were waiting, the soul lamps belonging to the Elder Li and Mo Tianyi shattered.

In an instant, the entire upper echelon of the Nether God sect mobilized, sending out instructions to find the murderer as soon as possible.

The Nether God sect even sent out a law enforcement elder to preside over the investigation.

The dignity of the Nether God sect was at stake!

Even if this had been done by the other power super sects, the Nether God sect would never let it go.

“It finally opened!”

Ye Xuans gaze fell on the spatial gate, and he narrowed his eyes..

Everyone revealed expressions of excitement, but chose to restrain themselves.

Ye Xuan was the strongest person here, so it would be unwise to enter before him.

After Ye Xuan gave some instructions to Yue and Li Qingyan, he turned into a streak of light and entered the spatial gate.

The other cultivators of the Qingyun sect soon followed.

After Ye Xuan and the Qingyun sect entered, the others set off.

Once they entered the spatial gate, everyone would be randomly teleported to different places.

There was only a very small chance that they would be teleported to the same place.

There were a total of three entrances to the Moon Demon mystic realm in the Great Qian Dynasty.

Millions of cultivators had gathered at each entrance.

Moreover, the entrances did not only exist in the Great Qian Dynasty, but also in the other parts of the Nanzhou Region.

Therefore, there were at least hundreds of millions of cultivators who entered the Moon Demon mystic realm.

The Moon Demon mystic realm was also quite mysterious.

When the mystic realm closed, it would allow cultivators to return to the same entrance they entered from.

As soon as Ye Xuan entered the mystic realm, his vision blurred.

After a flash of blinding light, he arrived in another world.

As far as the eye could see, there was an endless wilderness with countless mountains surrounding it.

This world was filled with extremely dense spiritual power!

However, what surprised Ye Xuan was that his spiritual power was actually suppressed here.

It was as if there was an inexplicable heavenly law that restricted his power.

In the outside world, his spiritual sense could easily cover dozens of kilometers, but that distance was reduced by dozens of times in this world.

Thinking this, Ye Xuan could not help but frown.

The suppression of spiritual sense was disadvantageous to him in his search for heavenly treasures.

Moreover, the Moon Demon mystic realm was vast and boundless.

It would only be open for seven days, so there was not much time to explore.

Therefore, what treasures a cultivator could obtain during this period depended on their own luck.

It was nearly impossible to explore the entire Moon Demon mystic realm.

In other words, even those who were strong were not guaranteed to obtain precious heavenly treasures, and those who were weak might even emerge with more.

The kind of opportunities one could obtain depended on ones own luck!

This was also the reason why countless cultivators were willing to risk their lives to enter the Moon Demon mystic realm.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In a lush forest, two figures suddenly flashed by like streaks of light, flying toward the distant mountains.

These two were also cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty, and the location of their starting teleportation point was not far from Ye Xuans.

When they saw Ye Xuan, they tactfully chose to retreat.

There was no point competing with a unity realm expert for heavenly treasures.

Ye Xuan did not care too much about this.

His spiritual sense swept out and slowly inspected the surroundings for heavenly treasures.

There were indeed some spiritual herbs in the dense forest, but unfortunately their grades were very low.

Not only would they have no effect on Ye Xuan, even qi transformation realm cultivators would shake their heads when they saw them.

Moreover, his storage ring contained all of the resources of the Xuanyin sect, so how could he be interested in these low-grade heavenly treasures

As time passed, Ye Xuan explored a number of places, but only found some medicinal herbs that could be used to refine pills.

Suddenly, Ye Xuans spiritual sense detected violent energy fluctuations.

Immediately, Ye Xuans eyes lit up.

Based on the energy fluctuations, this heavenly treasures grade would not be low.

Ye Xuans figure flashed and appeared next to a waterfall.

He saw a pure white flower growing on the branch of a big tree around the waterfall.

“Its a Mi Duo flower!”

Seeing this, Ye Xuans eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face.

He had been ignorant of the Mi Duo flower previously.

However, when he became an alchemist, he gained more than experience and skills.

He also gained the ability to identify countless herbs and heavenly treasures.

This flower was not a medicinal ingredient.

If it was consumed, it would not be able to increase ones cultivation.

Moreover, it would have no effect on the cultivators innate bone value and comprehension value.

However, it did have an effect that made countless cultivators go crazy over it, which was that it could temper ones spiritual sense.

There were three ways for cultivators to increase their spiritual power.

The first was by advancing realms, which would strengthen the cultivators spiritual sense naturally.

The second was by practicing a spiritual sense cultivation method, but such methods were extremely rare.

Even Ye Xuan had not seen one before.

Third, one could use extremely special spiritual objects, such as this Mi Duo flower.

There were very few things that could temper ones spiritual sense.

It was even more precious than the heavenly treasures that could increase a cultivators innate bone value and comprehension value.

“This Mi Duo flower alone is enough to make this trip worthwhile!”

Ye Xuans gaze fell on the Mi Duo flower.

The reason why his strength far surpassed experts of the same realm was because he had a special sword constitution, as well as sword intent.

However, beyond that, his spiritual sense was very powerful as well.

Perhaps this was due to the fact thathis soul had transmigrated here.

In short, the power of his spiritual sense was much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

If ones spiritual sense reached a certain level, there were many benefits.

For example, the ability to sense the power of the Heavenly Dao and danger, as well as increasing the degree of control over ones own power!

A cultivator with strong spiritual sense would also be able to stabilize their cultivation foundation rapidly after breaking through.

After all, it was very difficult for a cultivator to fully mobilize the power in their dantian.

For example, if the spiritual power inside the dantian of a top-notch expert whose cultivation had reached the early stage of the true core realm were rated at 100, then the power they could mobilize would be between 80 to 95.

However, if the cultivators spiritual sense was strong enough, then they would be able to perfectly control their own power and fully unleash the power in their dantian!


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