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Moments later, the spiritual power in his dantian transformed into a giant hand and tried to slap Mo Tianyi.

Not only did these two of them cross the border into the Great Qian Dynasty, but they had also severely injured the third prince.

Although the third prince had agreed to accept the challenge, as his Dao Protector, he could not just sit back and watch.

Everyones expression changed when they saw this.

The strength of a core formation realm expert was indeed terrifying!

Everyone immediately backed away again, afraid that they would be swept up or injured by the shockwaves from this attack.


At this moment, someone coldly snorted.

A cold gleam flashed across the eyes of the blood-robed elder standing atop the Black Mountain Condor.

He then extended his hand toward the gigantic hand, causing it to disperse into specks of starlight before disappearing.

However, the blood-red-robed elder did not stop there; he attacked the old man beside the third prince.

A strange wisp of black energy surged out like a swarm of bees and slammed into the olds body.


Although the old man tried to dodge, his shoulder was still pierced by the black energy.

His face became extremely pale, and the aura around his body was thrown into chaos.

The black energy was corroding the power in his dantian.

“Golden core realm… you are a golden core realm expert of the Nether God sect…”

The old mans facial expression changed drastically.

Although the Great Qian Dynasty was not afraid of the Great Chuan Dynasty, things were different when it came to the Nether God sect.

“Hehe, your Master is trash, and you are also trash!”

Mo Tianyis gaze fell on the heavily injured third prince and the old man, and a sneer hung on the corners of his mouth.

As everyone was afraid of the strength of the blood-robed old man, no one dared to step forward to help them.

“Didnt you all say earlier that the strongest genius of the Great Qian Dynasty isnt the third prince”

“Id like to see who the current strongest genius is.

Ive already defeated the predecessor, so its time to defeat his successor!”

“Dont you think that your Great Qian dynasty is filled with trash The third prince of a majestic dynasty is so weak that he was easily trampled under my feet.

What a joke!”

Mo Tianyi looked at the crowd proudly, his gaze full of provocation.

His gaze deliberately lingered on Yue and Li Qingyan for a few more seconds.

Even in the Nether God sect, he had never seen such outstanding-looking women.

In order to attract the attention of Yue and Li Qingyan, Mo Tianyi displayed the strength of his aura.

Peak of the seventh level of the purple spirit realm!

“Im very curious.

Is the strongest genius of your Great Qian Dynasty here”

“If he really is, tell him to show himself.

Id like to see who the genius who defeated that trashy third prince is.”

“I hope he wont be as weak!”

With an advanced-stage golden core realm expert backing him, Mo Tianyi was not afraid of the crowd at all.

His words were full of ridicule and contempt.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the faces of the crowd suddenly changed.

Originally, the crowd was angered by Mo Tianyis arrogance, especially after he defeated the third prince.

If they had not been afraid of his strength, some people would have directly rushed forward.

After all, the third prince represented the dignity of their Great Qian Dynasty, so trampling on him was akin to trampling on the Great Qian Dynasty.

However, after Mo Tianyi finished his last sentence, the anger dissipated.

Instead, they all revealed strange expressions on their faces.

Every cultivator looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot.

When Mo Tianyi saw this, he was stunned.

Then, killing intent appeared in his eyes!

This group of ants actually dared to look at him like this Were they seeking death Were they all fools

Ever since Mo Tianyi joined the Nether God sect, he had enjoyed respect and worship of the public, so how could he stand being looked down upon like this

Immediately, his aura surged out and transformed into spiritual pressure that swept out toward the cultivators present.

Seeing this, the crowd hurriedly retreated some distance.

The other party was still a seventh-level purple spirit realm expert after all, and most of the cultivators present had not even reached the purple spirit realm.

“You actually dare to mock me”

Suddenly, a wisp of Hellfire condensed in his palm!

He did not know why these cultivators were looking at him like this, but it made him feel extremely displeased.

As the second Prince of the Great Chuan Empire, and also a personal disciple of the Nether God sect, he would kill these lowly ants for insulting him like this.

Of course, if he met a genius whose talent was more monstrous than his, then he would restrain himself.

However, what kind of genius could there be in such a backward place like the Great Qian Dynasty


Moments later, the hellfire ball in Mo Tianyis hand was hurled savagely toward a middle-aged man.

This hellfire ball contained all of the power in his dantian and, coupled with the special nature of the black energy, even an eighth level purple spirit realm expert might not be able to withstand it.


At this moment, the leader of the Mad Saber sect, who was leaning against the tree, was stunned.

‘I was just laughing at you.

Is there a need to be so impulsive

An ordinary purple spirit realm cultivator would not have been able to react to this, much less dodge, but he was a core formation realm cultivator.

Although he had decisively chosen to stay low-key after that incident with Ye Xuan, he was still a bona fide core formation realm cultivator.

No matter how powerful Mo Tianyi was, he was still only a purple spirit realm cultivator.

Besides, why could he not laugh Everyone else had laughed, but only he was targeted.

What was so special about his laugh

In any case, this matter was indeed very funny.

A mere seventh-level purple spirit realm cultivator actually dared to attempt to challenge the greatest genius of the Great Qian Dynasty.

At the very least, you should have done his research before challenging someone.

This was akin to throwing his life away stupidly.

True, he was a personal disciple of the Nether God sect, but so what Did that qualify him to act so brazenly Did he think he knew the limits of the geniuses of the world just because he had joined a sect that had its roots in the Nanzhou Region

As the saying went, there would always be someone greater than you.

In his ignorance, he was challenging a 20-year-old unity realm expert!

Was he even worthy of challenging Ye Xuan


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