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“The Nether God sect Could it be that legendary sect”

“Is there any other sect in the entire Nanzhou Region with the same name”

“Oh my God! He actually joined the Nether God sect and became a personal disciple.

Its no wonder he was able to receive the third princes attack without suffering any injuries!”

“This is not good!”

Hearing this, the crowd were shocked, and those cultivators who had heard of the Nether God sect were dumbfounded.

They were well aware of the reputation of the Nether God sect.

This was a super faction in the Nanzhou Region, and it was not something that the top-ranked sects of the Great Qian Dynasty could compare to.

The second-ranked Xuanyin sect was nothing compared to the Nether God sect.

Within empires like the Great Qian Dynasty and the Baijin dynasty, although sects were powerful, they were still inferior to the royal family.

The royal family of each empire had absolute power over the sects.

Of course, Ye Xuan was once again an exception to this.

However, the Nether God sect was different.

Not only was it not under the jurisdiction of any empire, but there were also countless empires under it.

It was said that the Nether God sect controlled sixteen empires, and each of those empires could crush the Great Qian Dynasty.

This was enough to show how terrifying the Nether God sect was.

Mo Tianyi had joined the Nether God sect as a personal disciple.

This was enough to show how heaven-defying his luck was.

This was a super sect in the Nanzhou Region.

The resources he had access to as a personal disciple were endless, and there were even super experts personally guiding him in his cultivation.

Even if all the resources of the Great Qian Dynasty were totaled up, it would still be less than 1% of what the Nether God sect possessed.

It was no wonder Mo Tianyi was so arrogant.

“You still have two moves left!”

Mo Tianyi slowly raised two fingers and said arrogantly.

Seeing this, the third prince hardened his gaze.

Then, a hint of viciousness flashed across his eyes.

He reached out and clenched his hand.

A longsword that emitted a powerful aura suddenly appeared.

It was a high-grade spiritual weapon.

Once he infused his spiritual power into it, his strength would increase several-fold.


The longsword in the third princes hand released a brilliant sword qi, which then turned into a torrent of sword qi that slashed toward Mo Tianyi.

Mo Tianyis expression did not change at all when he saw this.

He simply clasped his hands, and wisps of that strange black energy surged out and wrapped around him again.


The moment the brilliant sword qi touched the black energy, it was immediately corroded by an invisible force.

Even the sword itself made sizzling sounds.

“Your weapon is pretty good.

Ill accept it thankfully!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, strands of strange black energy immediately wrapped themselves around the longsword, and were about to wrap themselves around the third princes hand as well.

At the same time, the third prince felt a powerful suction force pulling him.

It was as if that force wanted to tear apart his dantian.

The third prince hurriedly released the longsword.

Moments later, the black energy transformed into countless tentacles and swallowed the longsword.

“Mo Tianyi, you…”

The third prince looked at Mo Tianyi with an enraged expression.

“Youve disappointed me greatly.

Its been a full six years, yet your cultivation has barely advanced.

Do you still have any trump cards If you dont use them now, you wont have the chance to later,” Mo Tianyi said with a cold smile.

It was precisely these words that caused the third prince to go completely berserk.

The purple spirit power in his body rampaged crazily, and along with a cracking sound, he actually directly crossed the bottleneck of the fourth level of the purple spirit realm…

And broke through to the fifth level of the purple spirit realm.

“Third prince, dont be rash!”

Seeing this, the old mans expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly shouted a warning.

However, it was already too late.

The third prince charged toward Mo Tianyi.

He had not really broken through, but had instead used a special secret technique to temporarily raise his cultivation.

However, this would also affect his cultivation foundation, so he would not use it unless he was in a desperate situation.

The power within the third princes body slowly gathered in his right fist.

At the same time, a streak of bright purple spirit power lit up and crashed into Mo Tianyi.


Unfortunately, it was still useless!

Mo Tianyi effortlessly blocked the third princes attack.


Seeing this, the third princes expression changed drastically.

His eyes were filled with fear, and then his figure retreated frantically.

“Ive already given you the opportunity, but unfortunately, you did not cherish it!”

“In the Tian Yuan continent, the strong prey on the weak.

Trash like you do not even have the right to live! However, seeing that we were evenly matched in the past, I will give you one last chance!”

“As long as you can survive one move from me, Ill consider it your victory!”

Mo Tianyi revealed a cold smile as he said this.

After he finished speaking, countless wisps of strange black energy emerged from his body.

Then, his entire body transformed into a black fog and disappeared.

Moments later, Mo Tianyi appeared in front of the third prince.

At the same time, a fist wrapped in that strange black energy was hurled at the third prince.

The third prince hurriedly raised his arm to block.

However, the moment the fist came into contact with the arm, the fist mysteriously passed through the arm and ruthlessly smashed into the third princes chest.


The sound of bones breaking could be heard, and the third prince was sent flying like a cannonball, before landing on the ground some distance away.

“Third Prince!”

The old mans expression changed when he saw this.

He dashed over and quickly arrived next to the third prince, carefully helping him up.


The moment the third prince opened his eyes, he spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned extremely pale.

“Hehe, is this the strength of the strongest genius of the Great Qian Dynasty You really wasted these six years!”

“How could I be on par with a trash like you back then”

Mo Tianyi looked at the third prince indifferently, then turned to look at the crowd.

He paused for a few seconds when he saw Yue and Li Qingyan.

“Kid, youre courting death! How dare you hurt my prince in the territory of the Great Qian Dynasty!”

After the old man helped the third prince up, his eyes were filled with anger.

The terrifying power of a middle-stage true core realm cultivator swept out.


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