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“Its you!”

The white-clothed man, who was the third prince, frowned when he saw the young man.

The two of them knew each other.

The blood-red robed young mans name was Mo Tianyi.

He had the same noble status as the third prince.

He was the second prince of the Great Chuan Empire.

“Hehe, I didnt expect the third prince to still remember me.

It has been six years since our last battle.

Back then, there wasnt a clear winner.

Today, I want that to change!”

“Id like to see if you, the so-called strongest genius of the Great Qian Empire, have made any progress in the past six years.”

“Ive defeated all of the Heavens Blessed in the Great Chuan Empire.

Now, only you are qualified to be my opponent!”

“I hope you wont disappoint me!”

Mo Tianyi looked at the third prince mockingly.

However, before the third prince could reply, everyone became restless.

“What When did the third prince become the strongest genius in our Great Qian Empire”

“Exactly! How have I never heard of this before”

“Oh, I almost forgot.

Six years ago, the third prince was indeed the strongest genius of our Great Qian Dynasty!”

Mo Tian frowned when he saw the commotion.

Could it be that, in these few years, a genius even more monstrous than the third prince had appeared in the Great Qian Dynasty

Although he was puzzled, he did not ask.

After all, his current target was the third prince.

After he defeated the third prince, there was no harm in asking who the strongest genius was.

Six years ago, compared to the third prince who dominated the entire Great Qian Dynasty, Ye Xuan at that time had only started making a name for himself.

It was precisely because of this that Mo Tianyi was not familiar with Ye Xuans name.

In the past, Mo Tianyi and the third princes strength were neck and neck.

They were both considered the strongest geniuses of their respective empires.

They had once challenged each other, but unfortunately, neither one emerged victorious!

However, after that great battle, Mo Tianyi became a personal disciple of the Nether God sect, and was personally taught by his teacher for three years.

After he succeeded in increasing his cultivation level, he trained alone in the outside world for three years.

His strength was no longer the same as before.

Not long ago, he returned to the Great Chuan Dynasty and challenged the genius cultivators of the younger generation of the Great Chuan Dynasty alone.

Moreover, the strongest ten genius cultivators joined hands and were easily defeated by him!

Hence, he came here looking for a fight instead.

“Third prince, do you dare to fight me”

Mo Tianyi lifted his eyelids slightly and looked at the third prince with disdain.

“Why wouldnt I dare”

The third prince shouted and took a step forward.

The spiritual power in his body surged forth and dense purple spirit power surrounded him.

This battle was inevitable!

This was not only about his personal dignity, but also the dignity of the Great Qian royal family! Besides, how could he cower in front of everyone

Seeing this, everyone made space to allow them to fight.

“The third princes strength lives up to his reputation!”

“Looking at his appearance, he seems to have almost reached the fifth level of the purple spirit realm! My God, he is only 26 years old too! He is indeed worthy of being called the strongest genius of our great Qian Dynasty!”

“But what a pity…”

At that moment, everyone was discussing animatedly.

When the wordsstrongest genius were spoken, Ye Xuans appearance involuntarily appeared in their minds.

In order to avoid damaging the third princes confidence, they tactfully did not mention Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan was someone who was on a different plane of existence!

Whether it was talent or strength, Ye Xuan had reached an unprecedented level in the history of the Great Qian Dynasty.

He was practically invincible.

Therefore, if they treated Ye Xuan as a member of the younger generation, the others would simply pale in comparison.

It was better to call him an anomaly and leave him out of the equation completely.

“It seems that youve been living too comfortably these past few years.

How about this Ill let you hit me three times.

If you can force me to retreat using any of those three moves, then Ill consider it your win!”

Mo Tianyi looked at the third prince indifferently, his eyes filled with contempt.

“Youre really arrogant!”

Hearing this, the third prince was enraged!

It had only been six years, yet this guy had actually become insufferably arrogant Previously, their talent levels were almost the same, and during this period, he had cultivated assiduously.

What gave him the right to be this arrogant

Thinking this, the third prince sneered.

Since Mo Tianyi was courting death, why not satisfy him He directly used one of his most powerful moves!

“Your Highness, you must not be careless.

This person is not simple!”

The third prince did not notice anything unusual about Mo Tianyi, but the old man beside him did.

This old man was an expert from the Great Qian royal family.

He was specially assigned to be the third princes Dao Protector.

He was a middle-stage true core realm expert.

However, even so, he was unable to sense Mo Tianyis specific cultivation level.

Through his spiritual sense, Mo Tianyis cultivation level fluctuated between the third and first level of the purple spirit realm.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing,” the third prince casually replied, but he did not take the old mans advice to heart.

Moments later, the purple spirit power in the third princes body surged out, and his fist emitted a bright light.


The third princes figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Mo Tianyi.

Immediately, he threw his fist and ruthlessly tried to smash it into Mo Tianyis chest.

The fist contained a large amount of force.

Even a huge rock that was dozens of meters large would instantly be turned into dust upon impact.

Mo Tianyis eyes did not show any signs of panic when he saw this.

There was still a smile on his face.

Moments later, wisps of strange black energy suddenly appeared around his body and wrapped around him.


The third princes expression changed drastically.

The powerful force contained in his right fist was like a rock sinking into the sea.

It was instantly devoured!

Meanwhile, Mo Tianyis body was still standing in the same spot, not wavering in the slightest.

“How is this possible”

The third princes expression fluctuated, and he hurriedly retreated.

“Seventh level of the purple spirit realm!”

“Thats Netherworld Black Energy!”

“You… you actually joined the Netherworld God sect”

The old man not far away uttered in shock when he saw this.

The instant that strange black aura appeared, he immediately identified Mo Tianyis background!

“Old Thing, it looks like youre not blind!”

“After that battle, I already joined the Nether God sect and became a personal disciple!”

Mo Tianyis gaze was arrogant as he spoke.


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