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“Could it be him”

The leader of the Mad Saber sect wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked in the direction of the inn where Ye Xuan was staying with a shocked expression.

He gulped.

Even he could not describe the vast power that enveloped him just now!

He had cultivated for dozens of years, but had never felt such a terrifying aura.

It felt like he had been standing in the presence of an exalted immortal.

“In all of Yang City, only he is capable of this!”

In that moment, he was once again filled with fear and reverence toward Ye Xuan.

Other than the core formation realm cultivators, everyone else was confused.

They did not know what had happened at all, though they all felt as if they had just escaped death.

It was a terrifying feeling.ll.


Li Qingyan noticed the change in her teachers aura.

The aura that her teacher had emitted previously had indeed shocked her.

However, just a moment ago, the aura transformed into something that made her body tremble, and her soul seemed to be gripped by a sense of primal fear.

It was as if her teacher had suddenly become an extremely terrifying existence.

In that moment, every cell in her body had screamed for her to run!

“Qingyan! Its okay!”

Ye Xuan smiled, and then gently patted Li Qingyans head.


“Elder Ye Xuan!”

“Did anything unusual happen”

Suddenly, a few nervous voices could be heard outside the door.

These were the voices of Yue and Lin Qing.

Other than that, Wan Shanhai and the others were also beside them.

“Nothing worth worrying about,” Ye Xuan replied.

Hearing this, Yue could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

At the same time, she secretly guessed,Could it be that Teacher broke through again Wasnt his talent a little too monstrous

However, Lin Qing and Wan Shanhai were not calm.

As top-notch core formation realm experts, they could clearly sense the terror of that aura.

It was a power that made even their souls tremble.

“Has this fellow broken through again”

The two of them looked at each other and revealed bitter smiles.

If this fellow, who was a peak core formation realm expert, had really broken through, that could only mean one thing…

Unity realm!

He had broken through to the unity realm at the age of 20!

If it had not happened right next to them, they would have found this impossible to believe.

When he thought of this, Wan Shanhais heart was filled with bitterness.

Comparison really was a brutal thing.

He had cultivated for decades, yet he was still stuck at the true core realm.

However, if others were to learn of Wan Shanhais thoughts, they would also be speechless.

What was there to be envious of Not everyone could be like Ye Xuan.

Did he really think that this world was full of monsters like him

That guy was an anomaly, okay

With this guys monstrous talent, even if this world really was full of monstrous geniuses, he would still be one of the best.

Lin Qings thoughts were almost the same as Wan Shanhais, but she felt even more uncomfortable.

She did not expect that, in less than a year, the gap between her and Ye Xuan would have grown to this extent, like an impassable ravine.

Such a talented person was destined to go beyond the Great Qian Dynasty, and or even the Nanzhou Region, and head out into the Tian Yuan continent.

As for herself She might have to stay in the Great Qian Dynasty for the rest of her life!

Then, Lin Qing returned to her room and stared at the moon from the window, dazed.

After sending off Wan Shanhai and Lin Qing, Ye Xuan allowed Li Qingyan to return to her room to familiarize herself with her new cultivation level.

Only when he was the only one left in the room did Ye Xuan calm down and examine the surging power within his dantian.

Thanks to the spiritual power infusion, he had obtained a total of 8,400 days worth of cultivation! That was close to 24 years worth of cultivation!

However, he had not just reached the first level of the unity realm, but was now also a half-level away from reaching the second level of the unity realm.

Ye Xuan could sense that his body had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

Every cell in his body was filled with rich, pulsating vitality.

His body had been reforged, and his power had reached new heights.

As long as he waved his hand slightly, he could easily insta-kill his previous self.

It was true that he did have the strength of a first-level unity realm expert before, but it was only the most ordinary kind of attack.

If he were to face the full-force attack of a first-level unity realm expert, even he might not be able to withstand it.

Originally, if a cultivator wanted to reach the unity realm, they would have to go through the dangerous process of destroying and regenerating their cells.

However, thanks to the system, Ye Xuan conveniently skipped this process.

With the help of the system, this breakthrough came naturally.

There was no pain, and he reached the first level of the unity realm in an instant.

“The feeling of having a cheat code is really awesome!”

Thinking this, Ye Xuan smiled.

He clenched his hand slightly, and the space around his hand began to twist visibly.

“It is said that there are hundreds of billions of cultivators in the entire Nanzhou Region, and that there are many genius cultivators among them.

I hope to meet them in the Moon Demon mystic realm.

Dont let me down!”

Ye Xuan looked at the moon as he muttered to himself.

Compared to the resources he might find in the Moon Demon mystic realm, he was more concerned about taking in disciples.

Soon, a few days passed.

Other than the slight disturbance caused by Ye Xuan stepping into the unity realm, Yang City remained exceptionally peaceful.

During this period, many cultivators poured into Yang City.

When they saw how peaceful Yang City was, they were very surprised.

After some digging around, they found out that it was Ye Xuan who had issued the order.

The cultivators who had just entered the city were very excited.

They had not expected that the invincible expert of the Great Qian Dynasty would be here.

Jiangping Province, the entrance to the Moon Demon mystic realm.

30 kilometers away from Yang City, there was a forest that stretched as far as the eye could see.

On the third day after Ye Xuans breakthrough, the originally tightly shut entrance suddenly changed.

Spatial ripples appeared, forming a magical-looking entrance.


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