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The battle between the two cultivators from the Great Chuan Empire was gradually approaching him.

If he did not make a move, the inn where he was would be razed to the ground.

Although the strength of a purple spirit realm cultivator could not be compared to that of a core formation realm cultivator, if they were allowed to continue their rampage, all of Yang City would probably be reduced to ruins.

However, just as the leader of the Mad Saber sect was about to teach the two of them a lesson, an indifferent voice suddenly resounded throughout the entire Yang City.

Every cultivator could hear this voice.

“No matter where you come from, you are not allowed to fight and kill in Yang City from today onward!”

“Those who disobey this order will be killed without mercy!”

When everyone heard this, they trembled.

Even Lin Baimo and Huang Hongcheng hurriedly stopped fighting, their eyes flickering with uncertainty.

Who was the most shocked person in Yang City

It was the leader of the Mad Saber sect!

This voice was extremely familiar, and was probably his greatest nightmare!

It was Ye Xuans voice!


In his excitement, he accidentally lost control of his strength, instantly turning the tables and chairs in front of him into dust!

Ye Xuan!

It was actually Ye Xuan!

Why was he here Was this not too much of a coincidence Jiangping Province had dozens of counties, so why did he have to come to Yang City

The world knew of how terrifying Ye Xuan was by news and hearsay, but he had personally experienced Ye Xuans strength.

When he stood before him back then in Jiangqing City, he could not even fathom the thought of resisting!

Moreover, when he learned that Ye Xuan had single-handedly destroyed the Xuanyin sect, he was extremely shocked.

In his opinion, although Ye Xuans strength was terrifying and was something he could never hope to attain, he did hot have the power to go up against a top-ranked sect by himself.

Therefore, the leader of the Mad Saber sect had secretly investigated Ye Xuan.

After learning the details of that incident, he was even more shocked.

some accurate information, he was even more shocked.

It turned out that Ye Xuan had already shown mercy to him back then, or else he would have died a long time ago.

At the same time, the leader of the Mad Saber sect was secretly glad that he had made a clear choice at that time.

A 20-year-old peak core formation realm expert!

With Ye Xuans monstrous talent, he would definitely go beyond the Great Qian Dynasty in the future.

The Tian Yuan continent was vast, but that was all he knew.

After all, he had never stepped out of the territory of the Nanzhou Region, which was only one of the regions of the Tian Yuan continent!

He had read some of the text from the ancient records that stated that there were terrifying existences in the Tian Yuan continent who were capable of destroying the world itself.

It was said that those experts had lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

They were basically immortal and could easily destroy an empire.

However, these were all just stories from the records, which now existed in the imagination of the leader of the Mad Saber sect.

However, when he saw Ye Xuan, these legends and myths did not seem so far-fetched anymore.

As for whether Ye Xuan could grow to become as heaven-defying as those people recorded in the ancient records, he was not certain.

However, he was certain that Ye Xuan would not be limited to the Great Qian Dynasty, or even the Nanzhou Region.

Therefore, when he heard Ye Xuans voice again, his heart palpitated with terror.

“Who are you”

After the voice finished speaking, Huang Hongcheng frowned, and a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes.

“Hmph! How dare you meddle in the affairs between me and the Black God Sect”

Hearing this, Lin Baimo also sneered.

Although the voice contained considerable power, they could also project their voices like that.

Ye Xuan had not bothered to release his spiritual pressure, so they were unaware of his strength.

“Extremely stupid!”

Seeing this, the leader of the Mad Saber sect felt pity for them.

Were these two peoples brains kicked by a donkey How could a person who dared to speak like this be weak

Even he himself could easily destroy the two, let alone Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan did not respond to Lin Baimo and Huang Hongchengs angry roars.

He had already given them a warning.

As for what they chose, it was none of his business.

If they were obedient, then so be it.

If they were not, he did not mind killing them.

Moreover, Ye Xuan was also staying at an inn dozens of meters away.

Originally, he was not bothered about such things, but their fight was about to reach the inn.

Most importantly, Yue and Li Qingyan were busy cultivating and comprehending sword techniques, so he would not allow them to be distracted by these two cultivators.

As disciples, Yue and Li Qingyan knew that the best way they could repay their teachers kindness was by cultivating assiduously.

Therefore, as soon as Ye Xuan and the others arrived at the inn, they took the initiative to cultivate!

However, if the energy shockwaves reached the inn, it would interrupt Yue and Li Qingyans cultivation.

“Hehe, coward!”

After seeing that no one responded, Lin Baimo and Huang Hongcheng smiled coldly.

They had initially thought that the owner of the voice was a powerful expert, but then the other party had not responded to them.

They laughed coldly and thought that Ye Xuan was afraid of their strength.


Moments later, the two once again turned on each other.

Their spiritual power swept out as they resumed fighting again!


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