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“Is there something on my face Why are you guys staring at me”

Ye Xuan noticed the two girls gazes and asked curiously.

“Ah… no… nothing…”

“I… I just…”

Hearing this, Yue and Li Qingyan could not help but stare blankly at the floor.

Their faces turned as they lowered their heads, their hands clutching the corners of their clothes.

They were nervous that their teacher had discovered that they had been sneaking glances at him.

Later, three teams moved out from the Qingyun sect together; Ye Xuan with Yue and Li Qingyan, Lin Qing with Huang Ling and Xue Min, and Wan Shanhai with Chen Xiaofeng.

The three teams headed to Jiangping Province.

The Moon Demon mystic realm contained countless heavenly treasures, and was thus extremely tempting to cultivators.

Many lucky cultivators had obtained great opportunities in the mystic realms.

Some even broke through major realms and became major figures in the Great Qian Dynasty.

Therefore, even if those cultivators knew that their cultivation levels were low, they would not hesitate to try their luck inside the Moon Demon mystic realm.

After all, cultivation was the path of challenging fate and the heavens.

If they wanted to obtain opportunities, they had to bear the risks of doing so.

The path of cultivation was littered with the bones of those who had failed.

Jiangping Province was a remote province in the southwest territory of the Great Qian Dynasty.

However, even if one called it remote, there were tens of millions of cultivators in Jiangping Province.

With the news of the Moon Demon mystic realm entrance appearing there, countless cultivators swarmed over.

Apart from the cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty, there were also cultivators from other nearby empires.

With such a large number of cultivators gathered in the same place, conflicts were unavoidable.

Over the past few days, hundreds of fights had broken out in Jiangping Province.

Some cultivators who already had grudges with each other immediately drew their swords and fought when they saw each other.

Even purple spirit realm experts were fighting each other.

Due to the purple spirit realm cultivators terrifying strength, the powerful energy fluctuations and shockwaves from their battles had destroyed many cities and killed many ordinary people.

Yang City was a city in Jiangping Province that was close to the Moon Demon mystic realm, though not the closest.

The city had turned away countless cultivators, but in the end, even the City Lords manor was unable to stem the tide of cultivators.

Still, they issued a warning to these cultivators to restrain their actions, hoping to rely on the authority of the Great Qian Dynasty to keep them in line.

Furthermore, in order to prevent more of the citys civilians from being affected, the City Lords manor constructed a battle arena for those cultivators with grudges to fight without affecting the rest of the city.

Still, not every cultivator followed the rules!


Powerful energy waves swept out, and a trench that was several meters deep suddenly appeared on the street.

The surrounding houses instantly collapsed.

Some weak qi transformation realm and true essence realm cultivators were affected by the energy waves and died on the spot.

When the others saw this, they immediately panicked and frantically ran in all directions.

This was a battle between two seventh-level purple spirit realm cultivators.

“Hurry up and run!”

“They are from the Great Chuan Empire, the leader of the Tsar sect, Lin Baimo, and the Black God sects chief, Huang Hongcheng!”

“Its said that these two forces are mortal enemies.

Now that theyve stumbled into each other, theres bound to be blood spilled!”

“Damn! Two seventh-level purple spirit realm experts! Even the array formation in the arena cant withstand their attacks.

If we dont escape quickly, well die!”

“Hurry up and run!”

Everyones faces turned pale as they ran in all directions.

The strength of these two cultivators did not differ much.

In addition, they had every intention of fighting to the death, and would therefore use their full strength every time they attacked.

The originally crowded street had suddenly become empty, other than Lin Baimo and Huang Hongcheng.

The two of them unleashed powerful martial techniques as they fought like dogs.

Violent energy shockwaves spread from the point of impact, and turned the surrounding buildings into dust.

The City Lord also sensed this powerful energy undulation and instantly left the City Lords Manor.

A voice filled with powerful energy suddenly rang out within the city!

“Both of you! This is the Great Qian Dynastys Yang City.

If you want to fight, please leave the city.

Otherwise, be prepared to face the consequences!”


The one who answered the City Lord was Lin Baimo.

Resplendent saber qi that was dozens of meters long slashed toward the City Lord in the distance.

Seeing this, the City Lords expression turned ugly.

He dodged sideways to avoid the attack.

These two people did not take him seriously at all.

However, there was nothing he could do.

After all, he was only a sixth-level purple spirit realm cultivator.

There was no way he could interfere in their fight

Moreover, these two came from the Great Chuan Empire and were not bothered about the threat of the Great Qian royal family!


Lin Baimo and Huang Hongcheng once again unleashed their terrifying auras and continued to fight.

Sword qi and saber qi clashed unceasingly, creating even more energy shockwaves

Under normal circumstances, a small place like Yang City might not even be visited by a single purple spirit realm expert all year round.

Unfortunately, their proximity to the entrance of the Moon Demon mystic realm changed things this time.


At this moment, in an inn about 500 meters away from the two fighting cultivators, a middle-aged man who had been resting with his eyes closed slowly opened his eyes and sighed helplessly.

He did not want to make a move, but the battle between the two was about to affect the place he was staying.

If any cultivator from Jiangqing City was here, they would definitely be able to recognize this middle-aged man.

He was the leader of the Mad Saber sect, a top-notch expert at the early stage of the Xudan Stage!

Ever since the incident with Ye Xuan, he had abandoned his arrogant style of doing things.

Unless necessary, he would never reveal his own strength.


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