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Although Li Yan seemed extremely terrifying, their teacher had been able to kill a similarly strong expert with a single sword strike.

Previously, Ming He had also behaved incomparably arrogantly, without regard for the lives of the Qingyun sect cultivators.

However, when their teacher appeared, he was so scared that he ran with his tail tucked between his legs, and died soon after.

As long as they used the trump cards left behind by their teacher, even if they could not kill Li Yan, they would at least be able to heavily injure him.

Most importantly, they had two jade tokens.

Of course, if Li Yan did not act rashly, Yue and Li Qingyan would not use the jade tokens so easily.

The reason why they took out the jade tokens was because they sensed that Li Yan had targeted Wan Shanhai.

The actions of these two purple spirit realm cultivators were of course noticed by Li Yan.

Immediately, a cold smile hung from the corners of his mouth.

They were merely two weak purple spirit realm cultivators, yet they still wanted to resist him

Just as the pressure in his body was about to sweep the Qingyun sect, he frowned.

He suddenly sensed that the scrying orb in his storage ring was vibrating frantically.

The scrying orb contained a wisp of his spiritual sense.

As such, if someone contacted him with the scrying orb, he would instantly know.

Li Yans spiritual sense sensed that the scrying orb was rapidly pulsating.

Clearly, something urgent had happened.

Li Yan immediately stopped what he was doing.

His spiritual sense gradually connected to the scrying orb.

“Li Yan! Li Yan! Li Yan!”

Moments later, an urgent spiritual sense message was suddenly transmitted into his mind.

Li Yans expression changed, and he used his spiritual sense to question the old king.

“Old king, why did you contact me”

“Li Yan, are you at the Qingyun sect”

The old king transmitted another message into his mind.

“Thats right!”

“You didnt hurt the cultivators of the Qingyun sect, right”

The old king could not help but feel very nervous after sending this message.

“These ants are full of lies.

I plan to teach them a good lesson!” Li Yan said.

“Hurry up and stop! You mustnt act rashly!”

The old king frantically sent a message to Li Yan.

“What exactly happened on your end”

Li Yans expression changed when he received the message transmission.

“You dont have to bother with that for now.

You have to remember not to attack them.

If you have released your spiritual pressure, withdraw it now!.

Otherwise, the Qian Gate will definitely be in great trouble!”

The old king did not explain, but quickly gave him instructions instead.

It was not until Li Yan confirmed that he had withdrawn his spiritual pressure that the old king let out a sigh of relief, and then explained what was going on.

From Ye Xuan destroying the grand guardian array formation with one sword strike, to Ye Xuans sword intent, the old king told Li Yan about everything that he had witnessed.

Li Yans expression changed drastically, and his eyes were filled with shock.

How… How was this possible The information they had received was actually true

Had it been told to him by someone, Li Yan would definitely doubt it, but since it was the old king saying it, he had to believe it.

Not only did the two come from the same faction, but they were also close friends.

There was no way he would joke around when it came to important matters.

“Then… how strong is Ye Xuan” Li Yan asked somewhat nervously.

“I… cant take one strike from him,” the old king replied.

As soon as he heard that, Li Yans face instantly turned pale, and beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

Like him, the old king was a peak core formation realm expert.

Despite that, he still could not withstand a single sword strike from Ye Xuan

His strength was almost identical to the old kings.

Did that not mean that Ye Xuan could kill him with a single sword strike

It was already incredible enough that Ye Xuan had reached the peak of the core formation realm, especially at the age of 20.

Yet now he was being told that the other party actually had the ability to kill another peak core formation realm expert with a single sword strike.

Was this not too outrageous

‘Fortunately, I didnt act rashly!

Thinking this, Li Yan briefly revealed an expression of lingering fear.

Fortunately, the old king had contacted him in time.

Otherwise, once his spiritualpressure swept out, even if he did not have any killing intent, as long as he harmed the Qingyun sect cultivators in some shape or form, it was very likely that he would really anger Ye Xuan.

According to the old kings description, Ye Xuan was extremely overbearing.

He had almost killed the old king with one sword strike in the Xuanyin sect for trying to interfere.

Wait a minute, it seemed that the cultivation of those two women just now had reached the purple spirit realm

Suddenly, Li Yan recalled Yue and Li Qingyans cultivation levels.

Although the elders of the Huolie and Shenshan sects could not sense the actual cultivation level of the two girls, it did not mean that Li Yan could not as well.

Yue and Li Qingyans current attainments in the aura concealment technique were still lacking compared to Ye Xuans mastery of the technique.

Although they could hide their cultivation levels from ordinary core formation realm cultivators, they could not hide it from a peak core formation realm expert like Li Yan.

Although Li Yan could not tell what Yues and Li Qingyans specific cultivation level was, he could clearly tell that both girls had reached the purple spirit realm.

They were so young, but had already reached the purple spirit realm When had the Qingyun sect recruited such monstrously talented disciples Wait… could it be that these two studied under Ye Xuan

Thinking this, Li Yan trembled briefly.

Although Yue and Li Qingyan were not even 18 years old, they had both reached the purple spirit realm.

Moreover, he had never heard of their names in the Great Qian Dynasty.

Moreover, when faced with the threat of his spiritual pressure, these two girls had not displayed even the slightest inkling of fear.

Instead, they held those jade tokens in their hands, as if they were eager to try them out

Connecting all the dots together, Li Yan broke out into cold sweat right there and then.

Such freakish genius cultivators… Who else could they be other than Ye Xuans disciples

He had actually thought about crippling Ye Xuans disciples cultivation Was he not courting death

Those jade tokens they were holding were definitely given to them by Ye Xuan too.

In that case, those jade tokens probably contained Ye Xuans power!

Thinking this, Li Yan shivered in fear.

‘Oh my God, I almost delivered myself to the gates of Hell just now!

Li Yans mood kept fluctuating.

His previous condescending attitude had long disappeared.

His facial expressions kept changing as well.


After some time, Li Yan took a deep breath, and then turned into a streak of light and disappeared!

He left as fast as lightning, without any hesitation.

It was as if he was being chased by a ghost.

Seeing this, the Qingyun sect cultivators were dumbfounded.

Had the grand elder of the Qian Gate not come here to blame us Why did he leave Moreover, his facial expression as he left was very strange.

Shock was mixed with fear.

In addition to fear, there was also a look of relief.

Could it be that something big had taken place at the Qian Gate

Most of them were confused.

Only Wan Shanhai and the others who had witnessed Li Yans continuously changing expressions from close up had some inkling of the truth.

When they thought about Ye Xuans strength, they all came to the conclusion that things had played out in this manner because of Ye Xuan.

Still, no matter what the reason was, at the very least, the crisis of the Qingyun sect had been resolved!


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