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Most importantly, he was no match for Ye Xuan, much less the Xuanyin sects patriarch.

The old king looked at the bloodstones in his hand, and his gaze gradually turned cold.

He had already come to a conclusion as to how the Xuanyin sects patriarch had reached the peak of the core formation realm.

“Elder… Elder Ye Xuan!”

The old king glanced at Ye Xuan and said cautiously.

Although he had wanted to stop Ye Xuan earlier, he gave up decisively when he saw the overbearing sword qi the other party had released.

Since the two had not completely fallen out, there was still a chance for reconciliation.

“Whats the matter”

Ye Xuan was completely focused on collecting the heavenly treasures.

Were it not for the fact that the other party had some status as the old king of the Great Qian Dynasty, he would not have bothered with him.

The old king did not display the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.

Instead, he asked in a serious tone, “Elder Ye, has the Xuanyin sects patriarch reached the peak of the core formation realm”


Ye Xuan turned his head to look at the old king and replied indifferently.

Hearing this, the old king was shocked.

Now he was finally sure that the Xuanyin sect was secretly collecting the qi and blood essence, and had not hesitated to slaughter ordinary people for this purpose.

It was likely that the patriarch of the Xuanyin sect had broken through by relying on the qi and blood essence collected from these ordinary people.

How many people had they killed in order to collect enough qi and blood essence for the patriarch to break through

Thinking this, the old kings eyes turned cold.

The Xuanyin sect truly deserved to die!

Ye Xuans answer also dispelled the last bit of doubt in the old kings heart.

Ye Xuan had indeed killed all the top experts of the Xuanyin sect by himself.

While rejoicing, the old king was also slightly relieved.

Fortunately, he had not stopped Ye Xuan earlier, otherwise, he might have followed in the footsteps of the Xuanyin sects patriarch.

Suddenly, the old king recalled something, and his expression changed drastically.

Not good! The Qian Gate!

The grand elder of the Qian Gate had already gone over to the Qingyun sect.

It was over!

If he really harmed the cultivators of the Qingyun sect, what should he do

The old king became extremely anxious!

If the grand elder really attacked the Qingyun sect, then the Qian Gate and the Great Qian royal family would be doomed.

“Elder Ye!” The old king quickly looked at Ye Xuan.

“Is there anything else” Hearing this, Ye Xuan immediately showed a trace of impatience.

“Li… Li Yan has already gone over to the Qingyun sect.

Li Yan is the grand elder of the Qian Gate, and his strength is on the same level as mine!” the old king said anxiously.

If Li Yan really attacked the Qingyun sect, then they would become Ye Xuans enemies.

Moreover, Li Yan was not aware of Ye Xuans strength.

“Oh You guys responded quite quickly!”

“But it doesnt matter.

If he really dares to make a move against the Qingyun sect, he definitely wont be able to leave alive!” Ye Xuan said indifferently.

He then continued to plunder the heavenly treasures.

Hearing this, the old king was shocked, but did not doubt Ye Xuans words.

Although he did not know what Ye Xuan had left behind in the Qingyun sect, for the other party to be so confident that it would bury Li Yan there forever, he knew that it had to be some sort of extremely powerful trump card.

What should he do His cultivation level was more or less the same as Li Yans.

Other than the ancestor, who had half a foot into the unity realm, he and Li Yan were the strongest experts of the Great Qian Dynasty.

As such, Li Yan was very confident in his own strength.

Moreover, his thought process was not much different from the old kings.

He also thought that the strength of Ye Xuan and the Xuanyin sects patriarch was misreported.

The old king was quite lucky.

He had already confirmed Ye Xuans strength before doing anything stupid and no longer dared to offend him.

In comparison, Li Yan knew nothing.

He had no way of knowing whether Li Yan would attack the Qingyun sect.

Although Li Yan would not destroy the Qingyun sect, he did not know whether he would heavily punish or kill a few elders.

If Li Yan really attacked the Qingyun sect, there would be no turning back!

Ye Xuans strength was so terrifying.

If he attacked, even if the Great Qian royal family and the Qian Gate joined hands, they would not be able to withstand it.

Li Yan, you had better not be rash!

‘Wait! Dont I have the scrying orb How could I forget about this treasure

However, the Qingyun sect and the Xuanyin sect were far apart, and beyond the range of the scrying orb.

“Elder Ye Xuan, I have something to do, so Ill be leaving first!”

The old king left quickly after saying that.

He turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Ye Xuan did ot pay too much attention to it.

Instead, he continued busying himself by looting heavenly treasures.

The Xuanyin sect was the second-ranked sect in the Great Qian Dynasty.

As such, they had an abundance of heavenly treasures.

There were high, middle, and low-grade spiritual artifacts, as well as some rare spiritual artifacts and the like…

Whatever Ye Xuan felt might be even slightly useful, he stuff directly into the systems storage space.

For example, essence condensation pills, body refining pills, black poison pills, purple spirit pills, soul-returning pills, spring return herb, heart fog herb, red lotus flower…

Although these things were not of much use to Ye Xuan, he had the system as a cheat.

By giving these things to his disciples, he could receive rewards that might be useful to him.

Moreover, the Moon Demon mystic realm would open soon, which might give him the opportunity to take in new disciples.

Every new disciple he took in would be another source of system rewards.

Of course, not all the heavenly treasures that he collected from the Xuanyin sect had to be given to his disciples.

He could also give them to the Qingyun sect to increase the strength of the sect.

Ye Xuan was not an ungrateful person.

When he had been severely injured, the Qingyun sect had resolutely chosen to stand by his side.

Naturally, he would not forget this favor.

Moreover, there were many heavenly treasures, and plenty to go around.

Most were not even useful for his disciples though, much less himself.

“Its a pity.

Given the status of the Xuanyin sect, their treasury should have been even more abundant.

Their resources were probably consumed by that old thing.

Despite that, it took him hundreds of years to reach the peak of the core formation realm.

What a waste!”

“So many heavenly treasures were wasted by that guy!”

After collecting all the heavenly treasures, Ye Xuan could not help but display a pained expression.

Although his storage ring was already full of heavenly treasures, he was still not satisfied.

When he thought of the heavenly treasures that were wasted on Ming He, he felt frustrated.

Of course, he did not feel that it was too much of a loss.

After all, the storage rings of the core formation realm elders he had killed yesterday were all in his hands.


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