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As this spiritual pressure swept out, some of the weaker cultivators were crushed to death on the spot.


However, just as the elders were about to give up, an angry roar suddenly rang out in the air.

Moments later, an old man dressed in a golden robe suddenly appeared.

His body exuded a powerful aura.

“Its the old king!”

Seeing this, the elders revealed hopeful and relieved expressions.

The old king of the Great Qian Dynasty!

With him around, Ye Xuan would not dare to make a move!


Ye Xuan smiled coldly, but his hands did not stop moving at all.

What kind of joke was this Even if the current king came today, he would not be able to stop him!


The resplendent blood-red sword qi burst forth and filled the sky.

All the elders could see was the blood-red sword qi hurricane!


The elders were swallowed by the sword qi hurricane in an instant.

At the same time, the three peaks belonging to the Xuanyin sect, as well as countless cultivators, were also swallowed by the sword qi hurricane.

Their bodies were cut into countless pieces by the sword qi!

The mountains cracked and were turned into dust in an instant!

When the attack dissipated, a trench that was hundreds of meters deep had appeared where the sect once stood.

The mountain peaks had also been leveled.

This was because Ye Xuan had deliberately controlled his power.

If he had fully unleashed his power, the Xuanyin sect would not be the only thing annihilated.

Everything within thousands of kilometers would have been turned into dust in an instant.

Although Ye Xuan showed no mercy to the members of the Xuanyin sect, there were still many treasures hidden in their vaults.

This could not be wasted.


At this moment, the old king arrived.

He hovered in the air, and his gaze was fixed on the trench below him.

He had an ugly expression on his face, which displayed both shock and anger, and a tinge of fear.

“Ye! Xuan!”

From that sword strike, he had already sensed Ye Xuans cultivation level.

Peak of the core formation realm!

He was not unfamiliar with Ye Xuan!

The strongest genius in the past thousand years of the Qingyun sect, and the strongest genius of the younger generation of the Great Qian Dynasty who had entered the core formation realm at the age of 20!

However, how had this guy reached the peak of the core formation realm this quickly

It was absolutely absurd!

Although his heart was filled with shock, the truth was standing right in front of him, and there was no room for him to deny it.

He had received the information from the scrying orb, which had rendered him speechless and shocked, but he quickly calmed down.

After careful analysis, he believed that there had to have been some sort of mistake in the process of transmitting the information.

The transmitted message did not say that Ye Xuan had reached the peak of the core formation realm, but it did say that Ye Xuan had killed the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect with a single sword strike!

The cultivation level of the sect leader of the Xuanyin sect had reached the advanced stage of the golden core realm.

As such, there was only one possible conclusion if Ye Xuan had been able to kill the other party so easily, which was that…

Ye Xuan had reached the peak of the core formation realm!

However, that would mean that he and Patriarch Ming He were clearly at the same cultivation level.

How was Ye Xuan to kill the latter

It was precisely because of this uncertainty that those who transmitted the information did not dare to offer any speculations regarding Ye Xuans cultivation level.

The old king had felt that the information transmitted was misleading.

However, he was now petrified, as if struck by lightning.

Ye Xuan really was a peak core formation realm expert!

He vaguely remembered that a few months ago, he had been shocked to hear the news of Ye Xuan reaching the middle stage of the Xudan realm.

Moreover, back then, he had requested an investigation into Ye Xuans background and achievements.

After reading the report, he made a prediction.

He predicted that it was very likely that Ye Xuan would reach the true core realm at around 25, and the golden core realm at around 40.

However, reality had shattered his prediction.

Within less than a year, Ye Xuan had reached the peak of the core formation realm.

How did this guy do it

Could it be that this guy had been faking his cultivation level this entire time Was he forced to reveal his true strength because the Qingyun sect was facing disaster and destruction

Still, that did not change the fact that there was a 20-year-old peak core formation realm cultivation standing in front of him!

Disregarding the Great Qian dynasty, even the entire Nanzhou Region did not have a cultivator as monstrously talented as Ye Xuan!

Although the Great Qian Dynastys ranking was insignificant in the Nanzhou Region, it did not mean that they were not well-informed.

They had a good understanding of the top-ranked empires, super sects and major families! Even so, none of these forces had cultivators who reached the peak of the core formation realm at the age of 20.


At the thought of this, the old king had to take deep breaths to calm himself down.

Then he turned to Ye Xuan.

“Ye Xuan, why didnt you listen to me”

If Ye Xuan had only been at the middle stage of the Xudan realm, he would have slapped him to death long ago.

How could a kings dignity be challenged like this

“You dare to order me around”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the old king expressionlessly.

Seeing this, the old kings facial expression changed.

‘This Ye Xuan is too arrogant.

I am, after all, the old king of the Great Qian Dynasty!

“As a cultivator of the Great Qian Dynasty, you should know that the Great Qian royal family has established an iron rule that the top ten sects are not allowed to destroy each other.

No matter what the reason is, a top-ranked sect cannot be destroyed

“Otherwise… you will face the wrath of the entire royal family!”

The old kings gaze fell on Ye Xuan.

He was already trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart.

Despite how angry he sounded, he did not want to offend such a monstrous and terrifying genius.

After all, Ye Xuan was in the same cultivation realm as him.

Even if he was slightly stronger than Ye Xuan, it would be difficult to kill him.

Moreover, with Ye Xuans terrifying talent, it would not take long for him to completely surpass him.

At that time, the Great Qian royal family would face Ye Xuans terrifying fury.

This was not a price he could pay!


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