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The videos Park Moondae was watching were also taken by me, and the phrase that I attached when I deleted my WeTube fancam account was the same.


– I quit to play games.



I didn’t necessarily have to prepare a public announcement; I didn’t want to write down my personal information.


Then, a flash of realization crossed my mind.


‘Maybe that’s why the status window popped up… !’


Did the karma come back to me through a game system because I used playing games as an excuse!


‘…I don’t think I did anything wrong enough to cause a sudden death.’


Isn’t it rather strange to think that there was someone who gave meaning to the fancams I took to this extent


Still…it left a bad aftertaste.


If the weird flashback I saw earlier was really the ‘truth’, I really had stopped breathing for a second and then I woke up.


So, it meant that Park Moondae, who lived in this body before, was really dead.


Isn’t he not the kind of guy who did something wrong enough to die like that


‘I wish someone could help me, but… It’s difficult.’


Surprisingly, people were not interested in others.

Except when it came to cursing out, of course.


Anyway, the process that got me into this body… Honestly, it was practically impossible, but I could see the justification behind it.


‘It was me who Park Moondae had an emotional bond with.’


But since I deleted the account and carried it away, It must have included abnormalities such as sudden death


It didn’t matter whether the person who created this status window did it because they felt sorry for Park Moondae or whether it was some kind of post-death mechanism.


‘This guy must be satisfied with this.’


Thanks to this, the guy you liked who used to film fancams now became an idol with your own body, so you could be filmed on fancams to your heart’s content.


I felt sorry and cool-headed at the same time.

I felt like I would be able to live now that the situation became clear even if it was only half of it.


“These are the seven members of that shareholders have invested in! We look forward to your continued support and investment!”


At the words of the MC shouting from afar, paper petals burst from above.




“You’ve worked hard!”


“Let’s do well~”


The light on the broadcast camera was turned off as passing participants smiled and exchanged handshakes.


It was the ending.


People collapsed one after another, probably because their legs had loosened.


Various groups appeared on the stage, including the crying participants and the passing participants who approached the dropouts and exchanged congratulations and consolation.


And endless waves of cheers and slogans.


I breathed in.


‘Now there are only the activities left…’






Status abnormality: ‘If you don’t get 1st place, you will die’ has occurred!




[‘Win first place or die’]


: If you don’t win first place on the music show within the time limit, you’ll die


Remaining period: D-365


You bastard.


If I meet the bastard who made this system, I won’t let them go.



* * *


The moment when Park Moondae was the most pissed off in his life.


In all kinds of online communities and SNS, posts about Idol Inc’s debut member confirmation were posted.



[Idol Inc debut members (7 members)]: Park Moondae, Cha Eugene, Seon Ahyeon, Kim Raebin, Ryu Chungwoo, Lee Sejin (Keun), and Lee Sejin (Actor) in order of ranking


Debut group name TeSTAR (Testar)



was a hot topic as its rating was renewed again in the final episode despite its sluggish three-hour development.


Thanks to this, both those who watched the broadcast and those who couldn’t or didn’t watch it excitedly left comments.


Of course, there was quite a lot of talk about Park Moondae’s rapid rise and first-place rank.


– Park Moondae won

– Heol

– Uaa, it was awesome at the endㅠㅠ I’m in tears

– Seeing his spirit, he deserved it ㅊㅋㅊㅋ

– Congratulations! I hope it goes wellㅠㅠ

– As expected, the pity act workedㅋ

└I know right.

Isn’t it Park Moondae himself who leaked his draft resident registration ㅋㅋㅋ

└ Are you crazy;;


Most of them were celebrating, but sarcastic words like ‘He won first place by selling family history’ appeared sporadically.

There was even an article that analyzed the situation.



[Reason for Park Moondae winning first place]

: Family history bomb to core fans accumulation of muggle pick.

It’s almost like the universe helped.

Cha Eugene is the type to sweep fans onto the stage.

It seems he’s less liked by the muggles than Park Moondae because he didn’t have an emotional narrative that they liked.

And from the beginning, ‘Cha Eugene is debuting lol’ is due to him being a top-rank

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