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On the Internet, rumors of Park Moondae were quickly corrected.


Thanks to the explanation of the person directly involved, few people unnecessarily criticized it.


However, only the persistent sarcasm of the haters, who were unable to take out their anger on ‘Park Moondae who deserved getting cursed’, remained.


-I don’t know if the impression has changed, but it looks like he got plastic surgery, blargh, the delusional loser acted as if he had become somethingㅋㅋ Fantastic ass-kickingㅎㅎ

– On the show, he pretended to be tough and acted ‘my way’ but he’s just a loser.

That or being the thief of the sanitary pad isn’t at all a lie

– Yes, it doesn’t change the fact that Park Moondae is a dropout.

I don’t suck adults who can’t even graduate from high school


After all, the final was just right around the corner, and fans were enraged to see people rushing to damage his image in any way possible.


– It’s the end of humanity…

– Moondae doesn’t do anything wrong, so why do psychopaths keep sticking around

– He has to debut no matter what… I don’t think I can live if Moondae can’t debut, it’s so unfair

-I’m getting all the PDFs.

I’m just waiting for Moondae’s agency to be established


It was at this time that Gold 1’s, Ha Iljoon’s article was posted.


As soon as Ha Iljoon was eliminated, he opened an SNS and posted his impression of participating in the program and his practice diary.




[The final round is coming up! I will watch it live too!]

) I’m rooting for October 31’s hyungs and dongsaengs.

Especially #Moondae! During the grade evaluation, he practiced without sleeping for a week, so he was a legend among us Fighting!


#WatchLive #HaIljoon #Traveler




After seeing Moondae recovering from being beaten up, Ha Iljoon mentioned him partly because he felt sorry and partly to make it hot news, but the content was the problem.


No one knew that Park Moondae stayed up all night during the grade evaluation.


At the same time, because Park Moondae was mentioned a lot on the internet, this SNS post turned into a great aggro.


– Go to sleep for real;;;;

– He must be crazy, a week my ass…

– He must be exaggerating

– ㅇㅇ I didn’t sleep properly and worked hard~ isn’t that what it is

– He said it was a legend among traineesㅋㅋ Do you have to exaggerate like that


In the end, Ha Iljoon replied to various questions on SNS.


– I’m always rooting for you, Ha Iljoon! About the participant Park Moondae you mentioned, did he really not sleep for a week

└Ha Iljoon: Yes! We were in the same room.

Moondae always came in briefly at night, ate snacks, and left~ I think he started sleeping right before the grade evaluation He’s taking care of his conditionㅋㅋ


And Park Moondae’s fans fell into a state of shock.


– Our child is that serious

– Hey what should I do… I thought Moondae’s skills were improving because he was a geniusㅠㅠ But he didn’t sleep Why didn’t it come out on the show

– In his portions, they always gave him characters like, ‘Why are you good at this when you only came out for fun’ㅋㅋㅋ Sigh…

– If you think about it, it is impossible for a person without passion to come up with an idea every time and grow

– I would have clenched my teeth ahㅠㅠ I’m really glad I know now, thank you, Iljoonㅠㅠ


After the shock disappeared, each community burned with a sense of mission to make Park Moondae debut.

Many fans posted sales articles and became more enthusiastic about promoting stocks.


And some fans had begun to look into third-party accusations against the haters through their own lawyers.


– I can’t stand it anymore.

– Let’s set the mood by posting that we’re going to file a complaint!


Originally, no matter how fast they progressed, they couldn’t produce results in the final, so they would start once the agency was formed, but some fans who were on fire couldn’t stand the bull** about Park Moondae any longer.


So starting with the purpose of warning the haters, they discovered something unexpected.


– What’s this


While identifying the haters, they found their group chat.


And it was revealed that some of them broke into Park Moondae’s house.


They were taken to the police without particular results but were soon released, and there was only one thing they could take in the process.


It was a draft of Park Moondae’s resident registration.


Of course, Park Moondae had already cut up the draft and put it in the recycling box.


He would never have dreamed that crazy people would break into his apartment and pick up the shredded rough draft even if they had to search through the trash can.


Based on the draft, they dug up the fact that Moondae was a dropout along with the school he attended and posted it on the Internet.


The fact that Moondae was an orphan was not disclosed ‘because there’s room for sympathy’, but in their group chat, there were a lot of insults that made fun of it.


– These crazy things are real…

– How can people live like this


Fans who were proceeding with the accusation were angry, but naturally, they tried to proceed quietly without disclosing this fact.


But, as was always the case when the majority dealt with this sort of thing, it leaked.




[(No.1!) Orphan Park Moondae (1373)]

: It is said that sasaengs broke into Park Moondae’s apartment and found a draft of his resident registration. Both parents are dead.

No siblings.

[Screenshooted photo of the group chat] [Photo of the taped draft]




Of course, there were many people who criticized the post, but the number of views did not lie.


Shortly thereafter, articles began to appear.


[Participant of Park Moondae overcame the sadness of losing his family and challenged the audition.]


Although the articles were taken down a few hours later after facing enormous criticism, it couldn’t help what was already known.


But this led to an unexpected effect.


Anyone who insulted Park Moondae right now would become trash.


In addition, the tragic past of audition participants had become a natural selling point for those who were sensitive.


– How could it have been easy for a young person to take on such a challenge when his parents were gone Park Moondae, I hope you do your best and win

– It’s so touching how he can look so determined on the show, even his parents in heaven would be proud

– Participant Park Moondae, cheer up~ㅠㅠ You’re such a good singer, fighting!


Of course, just like every other information, when this atmosphere calmed down, the fact that Park Moondae was an orphan could be used as a tool of ridicule.


But not now.


Thanks to this, Park Moondae faced the final match while receiving enormous support and sympathy from public opinion.

It was thanks to the fact that he got the ‘desperate image and narrative’ that he wanted.


* * *


What’s going on here


On the Internet, which I looked into for the first time in a long time, crazy things were happening one after another.


‘It’s all exposed.’


The four trespassers seemed to be out of their minds, but I didn’t know they’d go through the trash can and put the torn paper together.


And I never thought it would be leaked and made the entire nation know that I was an orphan.


I was curious about why things turned out like this, but more than that, I felt cool-headed.


‘Well… I don’t have a family.

I don’t care if others know.’


I already said this when I was cast for the audition program, but it was known too late because the production team hadn’t even mentioned it.


The problem was that the timing when this was revealed was intertwined and the momentum was unusual.


‘I’m going to debut…’


No, not just debuting… Can I become number 1




This… wasn’t good.

Debut was good, but not in first place.


‘There are landmines there.’


I let go of the computer first, feeling like I was breaking into cold sweats.


I borrowed it as an excuse to edit stage lyrics and searched it up. but I didn’t expect to find out so much.


“Hyung, are you okay”


Kim Raebin, who was browsing next to me, grasped the situation and asked.

I guess he was fine with me turning out to be an orphan.



I already said it in the interview, but it didn’t come out.”


I nodded.

Kim Raebin looked relieved.

then his eyes flashed as if he suddenly thought of an idea.


“Hyung, then why don’t you use this momentum to reveal your memory loss”




This guy also heard the situation on the morning when the affair was being sorted out, so he knew about the memory loss.

But apart from that, what kind of nonsense is that


“If it’s revealed to the current public opinion, malicious comments about hyung will be blocked at its roots! And obviously, the votes will increase…”






If I got more votes and won first place, I would receive a minefield as a prize.


I couldn’t say that, so I just made an excuse.


“There’s no evidence.

It’ll only make the atmosphere weird.”


“Ah, if you post the written diagnosis…”


“I don’t have something like that.”


“…You lost your memory, but you didn’t go to the hospital…”


“My body is fine, and I don’t have money for that.”



With a face that turned into stone, Kim Raebin murmured quietly.




It’s fine if you know.


Kim Raebin and I came out of the computer room. The camera immediately followed.


“Did you find the words properly”


“Yeah, it’s the right meaning.”


Small applause erupted in the practice room when I said that there was no correction. Even though they clearly knew that I went there for the purpose of secretly looking into the Internet, they acted like that because they were mindful of the broadcasting.


“Now, tomorrow is the final… Leader-nim, can you say something”




“Let’s take turns.”


I hurriedly interrupted.  The giggling team members cleared their throats and started talking about their own impressions.


They looked happy.


Gold 2, who was almost eliminated, unexpectedly hadn’t given up.

Perhaps the fact that the number of debuts hadn’t been announced yet gave him hope.


There was only one person on the team who looked sullen.


‘Lee Sejin.’


Lee Sejin, the former child actor.


He followed along with the practice, but the reaction and the portion of the broadcast were not good.


Still, he didn’t protest much in the team practice.

He was just not very sociable and looked like he didn’t want to do this.


‘If wish I could get someone else.’


Because it looked like I was going to debut, I sat down measuring who I was going to debut with.

I sighed and threw away my thoughts.


‘Let’s just take care of myself.’


“Hn! Lastly, Leader Park Moondae hyung-nim~ Please say something.”


“…Let’s show everything we’ve prepared so that we won’t have any regrets.”




They responded well to the last comment even though it was a cliche remark.

I shrugged and sat on the floor of the practice room.


Unexpectedly, the tension went up.


‘It will be over tomorrow.’


A nearly guaranteed chance to delete the status anomaly.


“Then, let’s practice again!”


The final was just around the corner.


* * *


The last filming of was held at the concert hall of a famous university.


Since it was broadcasted live, the hall, which accommodated nearly 3,000 spectators to boost the excitement, was already filled with sticky heat.


Thousands of people were waiting for the broadcast to begin, each holding a sign or a slogan for the participants they were rooting for.


MCs and judges entered one after another and settled down.

In response to the cheers from the audience, several judges gave light greetings in return.


And at the time of the broadcast.


The broadcast started without delay.


“ Thank you to everyone who has been with us on the long journey of the last 12 episodes!”


In the huge concert hall where the lights were turned off, Youngrin’s voice rang everywhere


“What’s left is one decision to form a group! Shareholders, have you made up your mind”


Screams of ‘Yes!’ echoed here and there.

And it was mixed with painful ‘no’.


“Then let me introduce the participants.

…Do you have their stocks”





Lights came on on the stage with overflowing cheers and screams.


In the midst of the lights soaring in all directions, participants ride on stage equipment to come up on the stage.


“Invest now!”


That was how episode 13 began.


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