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The personality-type questions and answers displayed on the tablet were mainly like this. To explain the situation and choose an action.


Of course, they were all special idol situations.



You have been selected as a performer of TaKon, a world-class K-pop concert presented for global fans in 21 countries.

While practicing with blood and tears, You suddenly have an entirely new idea!

However, there is only one week left until the performance.

What choice will you pick]


For now, let’s ignore the indirect advertisements for their concerts that are blatantly inserted.


If I removed that… The question was whether or not I would want to drop what I was doing and do it all over again with the deadline right around the corner.


“Of course, I wouldn’t..’


Do you think this is some kind of school assignment


If there is only a week left, everything from the stage set to the costumes would have been almost fixed, but now that you have an idea, you want to change everything


‘In the first place, in order to do it all over again… I think it’ll take more than five years.’


This meant that it was an impossible situation.


Even if I wanted to show my desperation, this wasn’t passion, it was arrogance.


[⑤Unfortunately, there’s not much time left.

Let’s finish the preparations we’ve been doing perfectly.]


I chose this option after pretending to think hard about it. And at the same time, I muttered to the camera so that they couldn’t edit it.


“If I was doing it alone, I would want to give it a try… The stage is a comprehensive art, so I think we should consider the situation. I’ll put the good ideas together and write them down right away.“


With this much seasoning, making a weird personality from this would be difficult.

I moved on to the next question.


[2. You have won the Rookie of the Year award at ToneA, the largest music award in Asia. But on the way to the awards ceremony, a member is seriously injured in a car accident.

Fortunately, you only have minor bruises. If you leave right away, you will be able to attend the awards ceremony. What choice will you pick]




Of course, you should fu*cking rest your body.


Right now, one of the passengers is seriously injured, so how can you trust you’re not bruised enough to go to the awards ceremony


However, no matter how I looked at it, the option to go to the award ceremony with determination and hard work would look good.


‘It sucks.’


I chose the neutral answer, suppressing my wiggling eyebrows.


[④ Find out how to deliver my acceptance speech remotely at the hospital.]


“It would be better to go in person, but the aftereffects of the traffic accident may not be immediately apparent.

I think there will be no disruption to my activities if I check my physical condition through checkups.”


Even with an ambiguous explanation attached, it was absurd.


‘Is it going continue like this’


Yeah, it really continued like this.


Surprisingly, all 10 questions and answers assumed similar ridiculous situations.


Only the production team would know what the hell this had to do with my KPOP concept.


I sighed and solved the rest of the problem.


After passing through question 9 about advertising (which secretly mentioned the company’s products), the last question finally appeared.


It was finally over.

I quickly skimmed through question 10.


[10. You appear in , which selects global K-pop idols who will be active worldwide. Through endless efforts, you are finally standing in front of the last gate. An incredible casting call is calling you.

What choice will you pick]




They put this here


As soon as I realized that I was double-tricked, the tablet screen changed.


It started counting down from 3.


‘How can those bastards only give three seconds for the countdown’


I felt their firm determination to pick a surprised participant’s reaction.


In an instant, the number disappeared.

And before I could think of anything else, a phrase popped up right away.


[Choose now!]


At that moment, the front door burst open without warning.






Outside the door stood a familiar face.


Wait, let me correct it.

It was a face one-sidedly familiar to me.


Because… I’d taken a lot of pictures.


“Nice to meet you.”


A member of VTIC opened the door with a smile and came in.




It was the appearance of an unimaginable tycoon.


I bowed my head reflexively.

If my greeting was just a little late, the internet would twist my leg.


(TL note: leg-twisting was a form of punishment/torture in Joseon Dynasty.)


“Ah, I’m enjoying the show.”


“Thank you.”


The VTIC member extended his hand and asked for a handshake.

I reached out and shook his hand as if I was meeting the boss of a business partner.


A cold sweat ran down my back.


‘How the hell did they recruit him’


Even if was successful, they didn’t have an investment stake in VTIC’s management company, so how did they make him appear


Is VTIC hosting an exclusive reality show on Tnet Did they catch advertisements for T1 affiliates


‘…No, that doesn’t matter.’


The important thing was to be careful with my words.

I didn’t know what kind of captured images would go around on SNS if I made a single mistake.


After confirming that the VTIC member was seated, I sat down again. Then I calmly checked the opponent.


‘Was he the leader’


I remembered the fame and the popularity scale, but I didn’t remember much of the other positions.


First of all, I only remembered that the individual indexes were good within that team, and the demand for fancams was good because they danced well.


His stage name was Cheongryeo.


“First, let me introduce myself.

I’m Cheongryeo who plays the role of leader in VTIC.”


It seemed his real name was different, but of course, I didn’t know.


Anyway, he didn’t seem to think that ‘Park Moondae’ wouldn’t know him either.

He just introduced himself once.


“My name is Park Moondae.

I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


I didn’t know what to look forward to, but I greeted him politely.


‘Should I have been more surprised and made a fuss’


I was rather flustered and forgot to react.


“I saw it on TV, but you really are a calm person.”


“…I was so surprised that I stiffened.”


“Haha, is that so”


Does that mean you don’t believe me right now


Cheongryeo laughed just enough to lighten the mood and went straight to the point.


“The reason why I came to meet participant Park Moondae today is… It’s to deliver a casting call from LeTi, as a member of VTIC.”


I expected that remark to come out.

But I couldn’t help but think.


‘Is the production crew crazy’


With LeTi’s current worth, even a single-digit rank participant would be able to escape.


Of course, there was no guarantee that I would be able to debut as the next male idol just by entering there. The trainees that the agency already had couldn’t be just one or two.


However, the current status of VTIC was so high that it was perfect for children around the age of 20 to chase it.

A VTIC member even came here.


‘Even those who already have an agency would close their eyes and sign it.’


Cheongryeo continued saying words that sounded like they had been prepared in advance.


“Of course, it’s not an offer for all participants.

Do you remember the questions and answers you solved earlier




“In the 9 situational questions and answers, Park Moondae is the participant with the highest response rate with our VTIC members.”


Cheongryeo lightly clapped his palms.


“You can say that you share a similar talent image with the artists of our LeTi agency.”


“…Thank you.”


Then it meant that people from different agencies went into different rooms and were conducting casting calls.


‘Picking the cuts for the trailer will be easy.’


Seeing that even VTIC came out, they must have raked all the famous agencies that were close to Tnet, viewers would be having so much fun.


“First of all, I’ll tell you the benefits of choosing LeTi agency.”


The words that followed were obvious.

It was a rough recitation of their welfare, achievements, and vision.


‘Is it to take care of the agency’s image’


It was amazing that he memorized it. As a leader, he must have already comprehended it for external use.


Anyway, I nodded my head sincerely and made an exclamation as if I were listening to a very impressive story.


Cheongryeo finished the story at the right level and added humor as if he had prepared it.


“And as participant Park Moondae already knows, LeTi is also the agency of senior MallangDalkom.

Well… Wouldn’t there be a chance to dance to together”


“Haha… Yes.”


I don’t think this damn haunting popcorn will ever go away.


In any case, maybe he thought I was tempted, Cheongryeo smiled brightly.


“Well, then.”


Papers and pens came up on the desk.


It was a contract.

Looking at the stamp and the form, it seemed real.




Do you need to be this serious with the directing I skimmed through the contract nervously.


“Park Moondae, will you respond to the casting call of LeTi, VTIC’s agency”




Let’s think.


I was in the first group with 10 people.

There were 30 people left.

3 groups.


‘Then at least two more people will receive casting calls from LeTi.’


What if there are more than two VTIC members here


Then up to six people, including me, would receive this casting call.


Let’s say one more person other than me said okay.


LeTi was not a fool, if two or more people escaped and went to that agency, there was a high probability that they would tie them together once or twice to promote them.


wasn’t just successful, it was almost a syndrome now.


‘The agency can’t just throw away this fame.’


So if I didn’t want to continue to be an idol with the body of ‘Park Moondae’ this might be a better option.


Because there was a high probability that I would only be active for a year and then fade away.


‘After that, I’ll find clues to return to my original body… I can look for a new career path.’


If I stopped my activities, I would soon be forgotten.

There were dozens of new idol groups that make their debut every year.


I lifted the pen over the contract.




Then, I quietly put down the pen and bowed deeply.


“I’m sorry… I want to keep trying.”




Cheongryeo responded as if it were a pity. His fan service was good on the stage, but he also had a good personality in front of the camera.


“It’s a shame.

Participant Park Moondae, I thought you would do well at LeTi.”


“You’re flattering me.”


I bowed politely once again.


“Is there a reason”


Why did I refuse


First of all… It was because I would be in big trouble if I were the only one who said okay.


They wouldn’t let me do solo activities.


Even VTIC only did unit activities at best.

They probably thought solo activities cut down the group’s lifespan.


And… Before I came into this body, three years later, LeTi’s rookie male idol never made their debut.


In other words, my sudden death would be confirmed.


‘Absolutely not.’


Waiting to debut at LeTi was crazy, I’d rather leave the program.

I was getting cold feet.


But I couldn’t say it like that, so I had to answer using another reason.


“Well, there’s an investment cost.”




“There are people who have bought stocks for my debut so far, so I want to return that investment.”


That’s right.


‘…If I am going to be an idol, it’s better to do it properly.’


When I made my debut in , I would sign a five-year contract with a T1 label affiliate.


Then at least Park Moondae would be active enough to satisfy those who spent money and time on his debut.


…Well, it was from my standpoint.

It wasn’t like I had any other dream or vision.


What people like… I enjoyed it too.


‘Is it unexpectedly suitable for me’


The stage was fun, too.


“I’m going to try harder to make my debut here.”


This much answer should be fine.


VTIC came out of nowhere, so I couldn’t find the right time to show my desperation, but I wouldn’t throw it away.


Cheongryeo listened to my answer and nodded.


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