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But … there seems to be something wrong.

Mo Yi frowned and acutely sensed a sense of contradiction.

The speed of this mist changes too fast! If you look at this speed, it will occupy the whole building in next interval.

The whole process will take less than 3 hours, but they need to survive for five hours!

-This is a dead end where it is impossible to survive.

A chill climbed on Mo Yi’s back and he could not help looking up at the corridor window.

The window twisted by steel bars framed the boundless darkness outside.

In the darkness, the dangling countdown flashed a faint blue light, the seconds passed silently, but at the moment in Mo Yi’s eyes, it seemed to be a desperate death that looked down at them with a ruthless malice from the air.

Jiang Yuanbai on the side noticed that he was not right, came over and asked: “What’s wrong Why is your face so bad”

Mo Yi was pulled back from his thoughts by his voice, froze for a second, then seemed to remember something and a light of hope appeared in his dark eyes.

Yes! Jiang Yuanbai and Shen Lei have all survived the previous escape game! Since it is possible to survive, it means that this game will definitely leave them a way!

But … in the current situation, whether it is staying or going down, as long as the bell rings, the thick fog will start to spread and they will have only one dead end.

——So, will the teacher’s office on the fourth floor be the turning point in this dead end

Mo Yi turned his head to look at Jiang Yuanbai, his face pale but his eyes was astonishing bright:

“We must go upstairs as soon as possible.”

Just then, the bell rang.

As the bell rang, the entire corridor changed at a rate visible to the naked eye and eventually returned to its original state.

“And in these 45 minutes, we must think of the way to go upstairs.” Mo Yi added.

Jiang Yuanbai also realized at this moment, the speed of the mist made their survival almost impossible and the blood on his face faded away in a flash.

He held Mo Yi’s arm anxiously, his voice trembling and said, “What are you waiting for, we will now …”

Seeing Mo Yi looking at him like mental retarded patient seemed to pour cold water on him, causing him to swallow back the words.

“The ghosts on each floor will prevent us from going up.

Now going to the stairway will only result in death.”

Jiang Yuanbai also calmed down at this moment, scratching his head embarrassingly and asked humbly, “What shall we do next”

“Look for clues.” Mo Yi raised the notebook and document in his hand and smiled: “Since every ghost is related to Zhao Qiulan’s complaint, as long as we figure out what her complaint is, we can know the ghost’s way of killing.

—— Only in this way can they be prepared when we go upstairs.

Jiang Yuanbai’s face was a little heavy, and he nodded slowly.

According to the experience of the previous two floors, as long as you don’t die, you will eventually disturb the location of those ghosts-such as Li Yunya who gone to the toilet and Shen Lei and others who entered the photo illusion.

And on this third floor, which is completely unfamiliar, it is possible to encounter danger at every step.

The third class classroom is a special existence: since it will appear on every floor, if there is any problem there, they would have been killed on the first floor.

What’s more, there may be new clues to be found here.

After making up his mind, Mo Yi pushed open the door of the classroom, sat on the floor at the back of the classroom, reopened the notebook, and read where he left off last time.

The rest of the content is very little, the gap between the date is getting longer and longer, the number of pages that are torn increased, and the writing has become more scribbled, the only constant is the sentence “Today will be a good day.”

One of them caught Mo Yi’s attention: “September 1, 1994: I was welcomed by my classmates, they …” followed by a large section of blackened writing, and the final conclusion was four crooked small characters: ” Today will be.

” Then it stopped abruptly.

This sentence is not finished … why

Mo Yi was a little puzzled, and simply handed the notebook to Jiang Yuanbai, and opened the file folder.

The file is very thin and is obviously Zhao Qiulan’s personal file.

Mo Yi stared deeply at the photo above the file for a few seconds.

It was a short and thin girl, wearing a big, old, dirty shirt, looking lonely and timid, and was facing the camera with a timid smile.

Mo Yi took a deep breath, discarding the emotion that had surged in his heart for a moment, and continued to look down.

The information given above is very little.

Only her enrollment time, cold numbers like test scores.

Mo Yi turned a page, the time of the leave above attracted his attention:

December 21, 1993, seven days off, reason for leave: funeral.

Reply: Leave.

Seven days later, it happened to be the 28th, the day when the father’s name was missing from the notebook.

Mo Yi thought deeply and continued to read.

On January 7th, 1994, there was a new leave.

This time, the leave is longer and takes more than half a month.

The reason for the leave is again funeral.

Combined with the story of Hanako, a clear clue was put together.

The mother killed the father and then came to her daughter’s school to commit suicide.

The innocent child lost both parents in just a few days and also carried the stigma of the murderer’s daughter .

Mo Yi turned to the next page, and was instantly taken aback by the dense red letters on it, all of which were marked as over and under, and there were crimes such as fighting, theft, cheating, etc.

Could it be that this little girl became a bad girl after losing her parents But the next second, Mo Yi dispelled the idea.

Because after each punishment, there will always be several same names.

Either participating in the fight, or reporting, the total number of people’s names in the dozens of punishments is astonishingly high.

And at the bottom of this page, there is a bolder punishment: September 1, 1994, first-level punishment, dropout warning, reason: the spread of obscene materials.

——September 1st, the most abnormal date in the notebook, that even “Today will be a beautiful day” was not written completely.

Mo Yi’s eyes cooled, and he reached for a yellowed picture in the file: the thin girl’s clothes were scattered, and the body was curling like she was sobbing, and the broken shirt couldn’t block the green bruises on the body.

The marks of the beating were printed on her skin, and several hands extended from outside the camera, firmly holding her limbs so that she would not resist.

Mo Yi’s eyes deepened, and his face looked cold in the light.

He now knows why, on the second floor, the photos become the ghosts that dominate their lives.

Mo Yi reached out and was about to turn the next page.

But he only heard Jiang Yuanbai next to him shout: “Hey! Look at what I found.”

Mo Yi looked up and saw him excitedly picking up a piece of paper that fell beside him, saying: “Just now I shook the notebook, and it turned out that this one came out of it!”

Jiang Yuanbai looked at the piece of paper, and the expression that was still excited became a little lost, and said with a puzzled face: “What … I got happy for nothing.” After he said it, he smiled, “However, It turns out that little girls of any age will like this kind of thing.

Mo Yi jumped up and looked up at the crumpled piece of paper.

It is actually a magazine cover.

After being cut neatly, it was carefully folded.

The pattern on it looks extremely rough, and the color is very dazzling, but the row of titles in the lower left corner is firm, attracting Mo Yi’s eyes:

“Amazing: Seven incredible.”

When he saw the small print below, his thoughts flashed through his mind like a tide!

All the clues were clenched together precisely in my mind.

Mo Yi’s breath was a little quick, and his eyes were astonishing bright.

He seemed to hear his blood surging against the blood vessels, striking the eardrum rhythmically.

He was excited for a long time.

Mo Yi took a deep breath and held out his finger to show Jiang Yuanbai.

Jiang Yuanbai looked and saw the small print under the heading:

“Moving photos, the thirteenth staircase, the sound of a racket in an unmanned gymnasium … The mirror at night, and the flowers in the toilet.

What are the reasons for the Seven incredibles ”

Jiang Yuanbai also suddenly realized:” So … that Seven One Two, in fact, is the order of the Seven incredibles ”

Mo Yi restrained his breath and nodded, his voice a little unstable:

“It should be.

Jiang Yuanbai ’s voice was excited:“ Then we know what is on the third floor! The second incredible! The thirteenth staircase! ”

The thirteenth staircase’s rumor is that it is said that when the stairs are taken at night, if someone counted the number of stairs they will fall into a different dimension when it reaches the thirteenth number.

Although somehow, he always feel strange in his heart.

There seems to be a sense of incongruity.

Mo Yi looked up at the window.

They are running out of time.

After 15 minutes, the bell will ring again, and before that if they have not reached the fourth floor, there is only a dead end.

He shook his head as if he wanted to get rid of the weird feelings in his head, and then took the notebooks and files and stood up.

Although he was eager, but he did not show it in his face, he quickly said to Jiang Yuanbai: “Let’s just try it.”

When he reached the stairway, Jiang Yuanbai stopped suddenly.

“If you don’t know it’s okay,  you won’t count the steps, but now you have to tell yourself not to count the steps … you can’t control it!” He collapsed.

Mo Yi thought for a while: “How about singing two tigers”

“…” Jiang Yuanbai felt unbelievable: “Are you serious”

Mo Yi nodded sincerely: “Yes, it will be distracting ”

After saying that, he sang two tigers aloud while he started to climb the stairs.

Jiang Yuanbai stood blankly and looked at his back.

After a while Mo Yi’s voice came up from the above: “Look, I’m up.”

… Should he tell Mo Yi that his two tigers was out of tune

Jiang Yuanbai thought hard for a second.

Then decided to hide this secret.

In the end, he still believed in Mo Yi’s theory, sang two tigers, climbed up while singing, and reached the fourth floor safely.

However, although it was safe, it never went smoothly.

Jiang Yuanbai squatted down and took a deep breath, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his back.

Sure enough, the ghosts here didn’t want them to go upstairs.

In the process of climbing the stairs just now, he heard someone whispering in his ear and counting slowly, as if tempting him to follow the count in his mind, thanks to his brain being tuned by the brainwashing of two tigers, he didn’t follow the count.

Jiang Yuanbai was thankful, looking up to thank Mo Yi.

But he saw this calm and excessive man along the way, had an uncommon expression of surprise, his eyes staring tightly in front of him.

Jiang Yuanbai followed his sight, and was stunned.

The stairway was blocked by a solid wall.

No gaps were exposed.

Jiang Yuan panicked, lifted the fire axe and hacked over, but the sharp axe slipped on the wall, leaving no trace of it.

The atmosphere of despair slowly struck.

——There is no fourth floor at all.


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