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Mo Yi recognized his face.

This was the man who broke down before the game began.

His features was filled with fear and pain and then solidified by death forever, as pale and distorted as a semi-melted wax figure and a pair of dim eyes stared in horror into the distance, as if they were two gray glass beads.

Mo Yi stepped back, resisting the discomfort in his stomach and lowered his voice and said to Jiang Yuanbai, “Let’s go, we should go upstairs.”

Jiang Yuanbai also looked and nodded, then he trot towards the stairway with Mo Yi.

The dark staircase entrance was in front of them.

Only a faint ceiling light flickered hardly, almost no effect of lighting, but added a bit of weirdness.

The blood smell was even heavier.

Mo Yi turned on the flashlight and took a photo of it and saw that the bright red blood was slowly flowing down the stairs, converging into a pool of blood, and gradually expanding.

Jiang Yuanbai was preparing to go up the stairs but his arms were suddenly clasped tightly.

He turned his head in surprise, only to see Mo Yi’s face was pale but his eyes were very bright and he was staring at the blood in front of him.

He said “don’t go.”

Jiang Yuanbai had previously seen Mo Yi’s precise and terrifying insight and now hearing him say this, he couldn’t help but feel afraid to take a half step forward.

Mo Yi’s hand tightened and his breathing was a little fast: “Shen Lei and others separated from us for almost half an hour.

Theoretically, they should have reached the third floor, but after someone died, the blood came down from the stairway.“

Then there is only one possibility: Shen Lei and they were trapped in this stairway for almost half an hour!

Jiang Yuanbai’s whole body felt cold and he couldn’t help taking a half-step back.

The stairway in front of him looked like a huge mouth that could swallow everything, just getting close made him uncomfortable.

Mo Yi let go of his hand, curled his fingers against his lips and muttered in a low voice,

“Someone encountered a ghost in the toilet on the first floor, but did not encounter a spiritual event that will hurt people in the second floor.

It will never be so easy to let people go to the upper floor.

After finishing, he raised his head, frowned and looked around sharply.

Suddenly, Mo Yi froze, turned to Jiang Yuanbai, and asked: “There should be a total of five classes on each floor, right”

Jiang Yuanbai nodded blankly.

“I remember, on the first floor, the stairway was in the middle of class 3 and class 4, we have just passed through three classes, it means the opposite side should be class 4 and class 5”

Jiang Yuan Bai surprised a moment, looked up, he saw that on the side of the stairway there are a total of three classes.

He was so cold that he turned his head and looked back, only to see that the door number in the classroom behind him had become a conspicuous “four.”

Jiang Yuanbai swallowed, but as his throat was still dry, the simple swallowing made him feel sore throat.

At this moment, Mo Yi turned his head, stared at Jiang Yuanbai tightly, and asked: “Axe! Has the axe been brought”

Jiang Yuanbai was frightened and nodded.

He has no merit in solving puzzles, but fortunately he likes to work out and has a lot of strength.

He just saw a fire axe lying on the ground while running.

Just thinking it might be useful, he picked it up and brought it.

Mo Yi’s eyes brightened and he whispered something in Jiang Yuanbai’s ear.

“… Are you sure” Jiang Yuanbai looked blank.

Mo Yi nodded.

“Okay.” Although Jiang Yuanbai didn’t know what he meant, he shrugged his shoulders, raised his axe, and slashed the photos hanging on the wall opposite the stairs!

The sharp axe struck through the air and “stabbed” on the yellowed photo! A sharp and miserable cry sounded, loud enough break the eardrum.

The entire wall was shaking violently and the photos twisted and raised, as if there was something wanting to escape through the frame.

Jiang Yuanbai clenched his teeth, his gums were about to bleed and the taste of rust was also tasted in his mouth.

He squeezed the axe handle with his palm, slowly exerting strength, the blade of the axe fell deeper and the dark red smelly blood split along the axe.

It slipped down, leaving dirty traces on the white walls.

The photo was completely cut open, the split photo frame fell to the ground, the screams disappeared and the corridor was restored to its calm.

Jiang Yuanbai gasped in a big mouth of air, while panting, he said, “…..how do you know”

Mo Yi was uncomfortable, his head buzzed, and it took a lot of effort to stop the dizziness.

After hearing Jiang Yuanbai’s question, it took a moment to find his own voice: “…… a guess.”

“It seems that I was right, each layer will have a supernatural event, on first floor is the little girl holding the ball and in the second floor”.

He stretched out his fingers and pointed on the ground.

The inside had been completely unrecognizable by the smelly blood, and he could not see the specific content”.

In this floor the photo must have a problem from the start.

That photo would show the way.

Jiang Yuanbai suddenly realized.

Mo Yi looked up at the surrounding area, the corridor in front of him had been restored and two classrooms were in front of the stairwell.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and continued: “Besides the picture, the corridor also made me confirm this guess.

Jiang Yuanbai:” … Brother Mo, are you really here for the first time “

This intuition is too terrible, right

Mo Yi was about to say something but suddenly glanced out of the window inadvertently.

He immediately stood up and looked dignified: “Come on, we don’t have much time.”

Jiang Yuanbai looked at the window and saw that the number had become 3:21.

One more minute!

The two stopped talking and hurried into the stairway.

This time the stairs were extraordinarily long, the steps were sticky and the feeling of stepping on them was disgusting.

But now they can’t care about it, they rush forward with the fastest speed.

At last! the third floor!

Before they could step up the last step, they just heard the familiar metal bell ringing, monotonous and harsh, but terrifying.

The entire building began to deform at a speed visible to the naked eye, elongated, and the third floor, which was just around the corner, became distant again at this moment, and the ground beneath became soft and sticky.

As Mo Yi ran, he looked behind him and saw a large amount of blood coming out from the photo frame hanging at the end of the stairs and a mouth with sharp white teeth chewing two legs—probably the lower body of the corpse in the classroom.

It swallowed the flesh in his mouth within a few seconds, then stretched its neck to meet Mo Yi and Jiang Yuanbai.

“Jump!” Mo Yi shouted sharply.

The two of them jumped towards the end of the stairs with all their strength and then rolled and crashed into the corridor on the third floor.

The mouth continued to stretch forward, but at the end of the stairs it seemed to hit an invisible barrier, then slowly retracted back.

Mo Yi felt dark in front of his eyes and his head was dizzy.

At the moment of life and death, he almost consumed all the energy in his body.

He shook his hands and leaned against the wall.

The back was sticky with sweat and it was very uncomfortable.

Decided, after returning, he will be a life member of the gym.

He thought, while panting against the wall, due to the exercise now, the joints of Mo Yi’s whole body were clamoring of soreness.

He put his head on the cold wall and took a long breath.

The twisted hallway was silent and dark and the turquoise wall skin looked like dead skin under the faint light, exuding a decaying breath of death.

The hallway was quiet and scary and only two rapid breathing sounds could be heard in their ears.

They sit in the dark for a while, suddenly, as if thinking of something Jiang Yuanbai turned to see Mo Yi and hesitantly spoke up:

“Brother Mo, what occupation do you have outside the game”

In the end, what occupation can train people like Mo Yi

As the contact between the two people deepened, Jiang Yuanbai’s surprise and doubts became more and more serious.

That amazing reasoning ability, exceptionally accurate judgment, and calmness beyond ordinary people-in addition to weak physical strength, it is really scary.

——And this is his first time in this game!

Jiang Yuanbai finally couldn’t help asking.

Mo Yi lowered his eyes, his eyelashes moved slightly, and darkness covered most of his face, concealing his expression.

Jiang Yuanbai heard him say,

“Stay at home, no job.”

Jiang Yuanbai: “… ” I believe you!

At this moment, Mo Yi suddenly straightened up!

Jiang Yuanbai, who was still struggling, was taken aback by his actions, and hurriedly asked,

“What’s wrong”

Mo Yi didn’t answer, but stared at the ground in front of him, his face solemn.

On the floor the notebooks found in the classroom and the documents found in the archive room were scattered randomly on the ground due to his rushing action upstairs.

That notebook is open, facing up.

Through the faint light, Mo Yi could see that on the blank pages before, fine writing appeared at this moment.


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