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The bright light from the flashlight swayed in the hallway, appearing spooky in the thick darkness.

The footsteps on the empty corridor sounded heavy and even though the classrooms were brightly lit, it still couldn’t stop the maliciousness from leaking out from inside.

Mo Yi kept pace and stepped into the area without light.

The palm of the hand holding the flashlight was sweating a little, but his steps were unexpectedly calm.

The sound of “Zi Zi” came from the lamp behind.

Mo Yi stopped suddenly.

Jiang Yuanbai, who was walking behind him, almost bumped into his back.

He asked in a low voice: “… what’s wrong”

Mo Yi shook his flashlight and motioned for him to come and see .

Jiang Yuanbai stepped forward from behind him, looked at the place where the light of the flashlight shown and stopped.

The corridor in front was plain, except that there was no light, it was almost identical to the other end of the corridor which they came from.

There is nothing scary as he imagination!

He scratched his head slightly, walked forward and placed his palms on the wall at the end of the corridor.

The wet and cold touch spread across the skin.

Jiang Yuanbai was a little confused and whispered: “… Nothing is strange.

Is there anything wrong with them

At this moment, hearing a loud sound of a broken glass behind him, Jiang Yuanbai was shocked and before he looked back, he only heard Mo Yi’s voice ringing in his ear: “Move away.”

Jiang Yuan consciously stepped aside.

A gust of wind rubbed at him, and saw Mo Yi holding a fire axe and smashing it into the wall.

After smashing twice, then there was a bang from inside the wall and then cracks formed.

From the perspective of Jiang Yuanbai’s standing, he can see the metal reflection of the iron gate behind the wall.

“Oh my God, how do you know …” He turned around in surprise and looked at Mo Yi, but the rest of the words were stuck in his throat.

He saw Mo Yi holding the wall looking half-dead, holding axe in one hand, bending over and panting, as if the action just consumed all his physical strength.


It took Jiang Yuanbai lot of effort to make himself not to laugh.

He coughed a few times, reached out and took the axe in Mo Yi’s hand, holding back the smile in his voice: “Ok, let me do it.”

Mo Yika nodded weakly.

Jiang Yuanbai took the axe and smashed it at the place where Mo Yi had just started.

The bricks were not very firm.

After a while, a large piece was broken.

He smashed and said: “Brother Mo, you really need to exercise well.”

Mo Yi: “… Can you just smash the wall.”

If he can go out this time, he must get a fitness card for a year.

Jiang Yuanbai progressed very quickly.

Within a few minutes, a gap had been opened on the wall that could accommodate two people.

He tried to reach out and pushed the door.

There was almost no resistance.

The iron door quietly opened in the dark, exposing a black passage.

Mo Yi also moved forward at this moment.

He turned on the flashlight, nodded at Jiang Yuan and the two walked in together.

The cold, moist air rushed towards them and Mo Yi could not help but cough.

The smell was like condensing a few months of rain in a room.

The smell in the entire corridor seemed to emanate from here.

The flashlight’s light flickered a bit.

Mo Yi’s gazed around and can not help showing a hint of surprise.

In the small room, there were several dusty shelves lined with old yellowed paper sheets piled up into mountains and the smell of decaying paper exuded from it, making it almost impossible to breathe.

It looks like it should be an abandoned archive room.

So why is it blocked And the extreme method of building into a wall

Mo Yi cautiously took a few steps and each step raised a long pile of dust.

He turned to Jiang Yuanbai and said, “Let’s separate and see what useful information we can find.

We must be fast, there is not much time left.”

Jiang Yuanbai obviously thought of the 45 minute time limit and he nodded solemnly, then flipped the flashlight out of his bag and walked to the other end of the archive room.

Mo Yi went in the opposite direction and walked through the files on the bookshelf.

Perhaps because it is too wet, most of the paper files here are rotten and stuck together and only some vague writing can barely be distinguished.

Mo Yi fell into a dilemma and looked at the material in front of him.

He frowned and looked up to the side.

At this moment, Mo Yi’s eyes fell on the side of the shelf and stopped.

A small piece of iron was nailed to the side of the shelf.

Although it was rusted, the handwriting on it was still recognizable.

Mo Yi looked closely and found that it read: 93.

An idea hit him.

Mo Yi felt a little cold and excited at the same time and his violent heartbeat can be heard outside in the silence.

He walked out of the gap between the shelves, walked quickly, and looked at the small iron pieces nailed in front of each shelf: from 89, 90 to 95.

This archive room should be closed after year 95.

Mo Yi remembered the graduation photo he saw on the first floor and the date on it was exactly 1995.

And since the classrooms on each floor are the same, could it be that the entire school has been froze on the same time, that is, the graduates of 1995 left, and the second group of students never entered.

Mo Yi held his breath.

And year of start the high school of the senior year in 1995 happened to be 93! He finally figured out another word in the prompt before the game started! Nine three three, Yan is not enough.

If he guessed right, Class 933 refers to Class 3 of Class 93!

——The classroom where the corpses appeared was exactly class three.

Blood rushed to his heart and Mo Yi rushed to the shelf of the document with “year 93”.

Sure enough, in the bottom of that shelf, under countless rotten pages, quietly hid an intact folder.

As if not affected by years and moisture, the page is white and brand new.

Suddenly, a scream was heard.

It came from the corridor!

Mo Yi didn’t hesitate, hurriedly reached out to grab the folder and ran out.

After walking outside the archive room, the scream had disappeared and the school was quiet.

Mo Yi looked up out of the window: 3:32.

There are 12 minutes for the bell to ring.

Jiang Yuanbai ran out behind him, panicked: “What’s wrong What happened”

Before Mo Yi answered, he looked up and sniffed, frowning: “Don’t you think the blood smell is a lot heavier ”

Mo Yi also felt the blood smell in the air has become much heavier, as he cared more about the time he didn’t find it until now.

He walked quickly to the classroom door of Class 3 and looked inside.

Sure enough, there was an extra body.

It was a man, sitting directly in front of the podium, staring at Mo Yi with gray eyes, without knowing why, he looked very short.

Mo Yi looked down at the table, and could not help but take a breath:

There is no waist below.

It’s all gone.

His blood flowed down the legs of the chair and the pool of blood expanded rapidly.

His hands were still below his waist, and he held them half-emptily, as if trying to stop his body from breaking.


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