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Mo Yi, “…”

Wang Zezhi, “…” 

— Could speaking ill of others behind their backs be a secret summoning technique

Mo Yi paused, turned around, and said with a sincere face, “It’s great that you’re okay!”



Wang Zezhi, “…” Brother, your acting skills are a bit fake.

Song Qi stood at the end of the corridor, his back to the light.

The faint light of the hall behind him gilded the lines of the side of his face with a pale hazy glow.

His figure was tall and slender, his back straight. 

Without saying a word, he walked up close and stood still in front of Mo Yi.


Song Qi softly laughed, raised his hand, and grazed his fingertips across his face.

The ice-cold touch promptly left.

Mo Yi didn’t react for a moment, eyes subconsciously blinking, looking at Song Qi in a slight daze.

Under the light, Song Qi’s expression was difficult to make out.

A pair of light-coloured eyes intently gazed at him.


His voice was normal as usual, “There was blood.”

Mo Yi came to at this moment and followed Song Qi’s movements to look at his unfolded hands, only to see a little dark red speck on his fair and slender fingertips, appearing particularly eye-catching.

Mo Yi suddenly understood, saying, “Oh, thanks a lot.”


After that, he raised his palm which was in good condition and vigorously wiped at the place Song Qi had just touched just now.

The pale skin was instantly stained with a layer of red by his somewhat rough movements. 

Mo Yi looked at Song Qi who was standing in front of him and asked, “Anymore”

“Wait.” Song Qi’s voice was low.

He stretched out his hand to cup Mo Yi’s face, and gently wiped the remaining superficial red bloodstains with the thumb of his right hand, movements careful as if handling a treasure.

Mo Yi was startled at his abrupt movements, blankly staring for a few seconds.

He didn’t have enough time to dodge and was caught.

When he returned to his senses, he already felt his cheek sink into the other man’s ice-cold palm, slender fingers gently holding his lower jaw, unable to break free. 

Song Qi’s face also drew closer, his ice-cold breath softly brushing against Mo Yi’s cheek.

Their breaths intertwined.

Mo Yi’s face couldn’t help becoming hot.

It was as if the other person’s palm was also stained with the warmth of his own face, smoothly ironed to his skin, slightly scalding.

He awkwardly coughed and turned his head, breaking free from Song Qi’s palm and then discreetly took a step backwards. 

The distance between the two instantly increased.

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“…” Qts vlv tf jikjsr tjnf atf liierlbc bo yflcu raeoofv klat vbu obbv 

At this moment, Mo Yi seemed to recall something.

He turned his head to look at Wang Zezhi and said, “Oh, that’s right.

Your forehead …”

Only then did Wang Zezhi remember afterwards that there was still blood on his own forehead from the ceiling that had dripped down earlier.

He smiled, waved his hands and shook his head while taking a step backwards.

“I’ll do it myself.

I have tissues.”

Please don’t let the person next to you emit low pressure ah! The expression in his eyes are terrifying!

I don’t want my face to be wiped at all, thank you! 

Wang Zezhi wanted to cry without tears.

Mo Yi looked at him wanting to speak, but then swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach: Actually … he just wanted to remind Wang Zezhi that when he had bandaged him before, he had put all the paper towels here.

Suddenly, Mo Yi felt that his left hand was lightly touched by an ice-cold thing.

He was startled and looked at his side. 

He saw Song Qi, head bowed, gazing at his forearms with the sleeves cut off with a complicated face.

It was wrapped in thick bandages, bound around his thin and weak arm in a thick circle, dark red bloodstains seeping out.

The pale skin that wasn’t wrapped in bandages was covered in bruises and dried bloody scabs caused by congestion.

“You’re injured”

Mo Yi nodded, not very concerned, and replied, “Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt very much.

It can still move about normally and it probably won’t affect the following movements.”

Song Qi lowered his eyes, moved his lips with some difficulty, and said in a hoarse voice, “…I’m sorry.” 

Even though he knew the other party was a dangerous person whose position was very unclear, seeing his somewhat fragile expression at this moment, Mo Yi couldn’t help but feel softhearted.

He stretched out his hand, a little hesitant, and rubbed the other person’s head, voice unusually soft, “It’s not your fault.”

After speaking, Mo Yi turned to look at Wang Zezhi who was standing on the side, his face returning to its usual calmness and rationality.

“All right.

That’s enough greetings.

The top priority is to find the dead bodies of all the orphans.

We don’t have much time.”

Behind Mo Yi, Wang Zezhi helplessly watched as Song Qi, who had a mysterious and domineering big shot face a moment ago, was now standing in the same place with a stiff face.

His face was becoming red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the tips of his ears were also bright red, so much so that it made him wonder whether the other party was steaming. 

— He wasn’t perhaps secretly replaced with a fake, ba!

— Wang Zezhi kicked over the dog food delivered to him with a cold face.


After Song Qi joined, the speed of the three people significantly increased.

They were extremely efficient from one room to another, breaking open the ceiling overhead, letting the dead bodies above their heads once more see the light of day.

Moreover, they quite quickly discovered that as long as the ceiling in the room was opened, it would slowly become old fashioned and damaged again.

It was as if the spell imposed on the room was lifted, restoring it to its former timeline. 

Mo Yi stood in the empty library room and stopped his actions, wiping the thin layer of beaded sweat on his forehead with his non bloodstained wrist, and looked around at the walls which already begun to peel off for a long moment, and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Now, except for the hall, are there still places we haven’t taken care of”

Wang Zezhi thought about it and shook his head.

“No, ba.”

Mo Yi listened to Wang Zezhi words while mentally adding up the remains of the dead body parts found above each room, and then came to a conclusion:

The bones above the hall should be the children’s arms. 

Mo Yi’s eyes slightly lowered, long and black eyelashes hiding the complicated expression in his eyes.

He paused, then took over the conversation, “Let’s go, ba.

Let’s open the secret room in the hall.”

After speaking, he turned and walked out.

Wang Zezhi and Song Qi followed behind him and also walked towards the hall.

After entering the hall, the three worked together to break open the ceiling above their heads.

Dust filled the air, mixed with a fishy and rotten smell, instantly taking over everyone’s senses. 

Even Mo Yi couldn’t help frowning.

He raised his head and looked at Wang Zezhi who was standing on the chair, half of his body stretched forward into the ceiling.

He raised his voice and asked, “Did you find it”

Wang Zezhi’s muffled voice came through overhead, “Yes.

It’s the children’s arms … en, there’s also Sun Xiaoyan’s.”

Mo Yi nodded his head and before he could say anything, he heard a “ka cha” sound from the ceiling, causing a tooth aching sound to burst into the eardrums.

A crack spread across the ceiling, spider-web like gaps cracking open at an extremely quick speed. 

Mo Yi’s heart tightened.

It was not good.

The entire orphanage itself was crudely constructed without regard for quality, and after they opened the ceiling, it returned to its prior timeline, appearing neglected and in despair once more — Their actions very likely destroyed the ceiling’s supporting structure.

Sure enough, the entire ceiling violently shook for a little while, and then it entirely collapsed.

Mo Yi subconsciously raised his arm to protect his head, but was unexpectedly grabbed, and he was pulled aside.

Half of his body instantly fell into an icy embrace.

The smell of mist in a pine forest after the rain lingered on the end of his nose, proper and chilly. 

Mo Yi was taken aback, putting down the arms covering his face, and happened to see Song Qi withdraw and leave.

He coughed, putting a good face on.

“The wound on your arm can’t hold up being hit.”


Mo Yi pursed his lips, thanked him, and looked back at the hall again.

There was a mess on the floor of the hall, the ceiling partitions shattered into small pieces in a great mess on the floor.

All that was left overhead was a black unsteady base of support.

The dust rustled down, bones and flesh mixed with dust fell on the floor — The smell of putrefaction grew stronger. 

Wang Zezhi who was standing on a chair seemed to be stunned and confused as well, but his upper body was already in the ceiling, so he was barely affected.

He slowly raised his head to take a look, then looked down, and finally looked at Mo Yi stiffly, showing an awkward smile.

“… Sorry”

Mo Yi shook his head, “It’s okay.

Originally, this ceiling should have collapsed.”

Just as the words fell, the entire hall began to become old fashioned at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The wall peeled off, the wallpaper wrinkling, and the foul smell almost turned into an entity.

Mo Yi turned his head to look behind him, only to see that the corridor and the rooms deeper into the corridor seemed to have changed in the same way. 

It was different from the appearance of the room when they first entered the copy.

At that time, although the entire house was old, every object was well preserved and undamaged — It didn’t at all look like a house from centuries ago.

And now … The whole building was rapidly falling into despair.

As if … It was pulled back to the real timeline.

Several “ka” sounds and the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground sounded deep in the corridor — Presumably the ceilings in the other rooms also began to fall. 

The foul smell became stronger.

Mo Yi took a few steps forward, examining the bones on the floor, and his gaze couldn’t help but pause — Among the arm bones on the floor, a pair of arms was tightly hugging a dust covered rabbit doll.

He was stunned, and once more stepped forward, searching among the bones on the ground:

There was no teddy bear. 

Mo Yi’s brows tightly knit, and there was no trace of blood on his pursed lips.

He crouched down, not avoiding the dirt on the floor, and began to count each and every hand bone on the floor.

After counting, Mo Yi was stunned for several seconds, then he turned and rushed into the other rooms, carefully counting the bones scattered on the floor.

This room had skulls.

It was difficult to make a mistake counting. 

After Mo Yi finished counting, he went around the room, his eyes a little blank.

At this moment, a familiar mechanical female voice sounded in his ear, calling back Mo Yi’s consciousness, “Congratulations to Player Mo Yi.

You have completed the side mission: Liberate.

The mission award has already been sent to your account.  Please collect it at the end of the game.”


Mo Yi abruptly raised his head, dark, heavy eyes staring out the window:

There was 1 hour left until the end of the game. 

The side mission had been completed.

His lips pursed.

He turned and walked into the hall, silently saying in his mind:

Among these bones, two corpses were missing.

To be precise, it was the corpse of a pair of brothers. 

They owned a teddy bear.



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