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Mo Yi’s breathing slightly halted.

His eyes were closely fixed on the opened piece of paper, and the faint light passing through the crack of the door and the frame printed a distinct trace of light on the slip of paper, illuminating the handwriting on it. 

From “Find Me” to “Find Us” …

Mo Yi’s thoughts were a little chaotic.

Too many thoughts seemed to be tangled together in a tremendous muddle, unable to make sense of it.



An unknown “zhi zi” sound came from outside the door, seeming particularly clear inside the deathly silent enclosed space.

It should be the other person involved who was opening the door. 

This sound instantly brought Mo Yi back to his senses.

His heart began to violently beat, and he subconsciously letting out a soft breath.


From the details observed in the infirmary just now, this doctor probably had mysophobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Therefore, just now, Mo Yi was very cautious in the infirmary, trying not to touch and destroy the original layout inside as much as possible.

However, … he returned too suddenly.


But … in such a hurried and tense situation, Mo Yi didn’t know if he had made a mistake.

It was extremely quiet outside the door.

The sound of his own rapid heartbeat was in his ears, sharply contracting, beating rhythmically.

The surging blood pounded against the walls of his blood vessels in rhythm with the beating of his heart, especially loud and clear within the deadly silent surroundings.


A soft “pop” sound cut through the silence, and the light passing through the door crack became brighter. 

— He had turned on the light in the infirmary.

Mo Yi held his breath.

Across the door, a gloomy and cold slimy voice rang out, hissing like a poisonous snake in the darkness, “Someone has been here.”

It was as if his heart had been brutally squeezed, and alarm bells went off in his brain — 

From head to toe, his blood was instantly ice-cold.

Oh no.

If this continued, they would definitely be turtles caught in a jar —!

Mo Yi’s thoughts were like electricity, rapidly sweeping around the entire dim room, gaze freezing on a chair by the door, and instantly had a plan in mind. 

A series of inferences took shape in his mind in a flash, with a difference of no more than milliseconds in between.

Under overwhelming pressure, Mo Yi instead became unusually cool headed.

He lowered his voice and quickly spat out a word in Wang Zezhi’s ear who was crouching at the side, “Run.”


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After saying that, he abruptly stood up, pulling out the chair and ran out!

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Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mo Yi took a sudden big step forward, pulling hard on the infirmary door without warning, and closed the door with a “bang.”

Then, smoothly wedged the back of the chair he was holding to the door handle.

From inside the door came a twisting “click” sound in afterthought. 

Wang Zezhi, who was following Mo Yi, was dumbfounded.

“…” Was there such an operation

A loud bang exploded in the corridor—a gunshot.

In the wake of the gunshot, sawdust sprayed.

Instantly, a semi large debris blasted hole appeared on the door.

The metallic clatter of bullets being reloaded rang out. 

Mo Yi’s voice was like an alarm bell, pulling Wang Zezhi back from his stupor, “What are you doing in a daze Run!”

Wang Zezhi came back to his senses, turning around to keep pace with Mo Yi’s figure up ahead from behind.

The two ran out the door as quickly as possible.

The close and numerous small beds were practically a hindrance to them, impervious to the wind, blocking them.

The two stumbled across the room which was filled with beds with hardly any gaps between them.

Even if the iron corners of the bed hit their knees, it could not slow them down. 

Behind them was another large gunshot, and the sound of a door splintering.

Mo Yi’s chest was tight and he couldn’t help but accelerate his pace.

The sound of rapid and heavy footsteps followed closely behind!

The two had by now crossed to the far end of the room and were about to cross through the wooden door that separated the two rooms. 

Mo Yi slightly tilted his head, and from his peripherals, caught a glimpse of the figure behind him unexpectedly stopping — His heart suddenly trembled.

Quickly turning around to pull Wang Zezhi inside, he slammed the door shut with the other hand.

At almost the same moment, gunfire sounded.


The shotgun bullet hit the not so sturdy wooden door, wooden chips exploding, among which several thin pieces cruelly plunged into Mo Yi’s arm.

Mo Yi gritted his teeth, bearing the pain.

The palm of his hand, which had been injured before, was now shaking so much that he could hardly hold it steady.

The pain was so intense that he stopped breathing for a split second. 

Fortunately, the distance was not as close as before, otherwise the wooden door would also be blasted open.

Mo Yi made a prompt decision, reaching over to pull the small bed aside.

The iron legs of the bed made an ear-piercing sound on the ground.

Wang Zezhi clearly saw the wound on his hand, and also hurriedly lent a hand.

The two cooperated, blocking the wooden door with the bed, then ran to the staircase together.

Gunshots came from behind again.

Mo Yi and Wang Zezhi couldn’t handle it anymore, and desperately climbed up the stairs. 

With a soft “eek” sound, the iron door overhead was forcefully pushed open.

A dim glimmer of light filtered in from the corridor.

The bright light, similar to a dose of cardiac stimulant, instantly poured into the two men’s hearts.

Behind them came the sound of the door being blown open again and the “eek” sound of the iron bed being pushed — heavy footsteps once again gave chase.

Mo Yi and Wang Zezhi made a push for it, climbing up. 

The iron door fell with a “bang”, causing the metal to reverberate, cutting off the sounds of pursuit underground.

There was a vicious pounding sound coming through the iron door, clanging and banging.

The iron door quivered alongside the pounding, stirring up layers and layers of accumulated dust.

Together, the two of them pressed against the still shaking iron door, exerting the full weight of their bodies on it.

Two minutes later, it seemed that the person below realized that their efforts were useless and stopped shaking and attacking the iron door. 

Mo Yi let out a long breath and following his strength, sat down on the iron door.

A feeling of soreness and pain instantly spread, engulfing his senses like a flood, practically making him uncontrollably shudder.

“Down there just now, thank you.”

Wang Zezhi, half grateful and half worried, looked at him, somewhat guiltily asking, “How is your injury”

Mo Yi shook his head with some difficulty, took a few deep breaths, and tried hard to calm himself down. 

Wang Zezhi looked at the place where he was injured: The sleeves under Mo Yi’s arms were quickly dyed all red with blood.

His heart couldn’t help but tighten, and the rising guilt was difficult to hide.


Wang Zezhi rummaged through his backpack, found a bottle of painkillers, poured two in the palm of his hand, and handed it to Mo Yi.

“Eating it will make you feel better.”

Mo Yi swallowed the pills.

Although his complexion was still deathly pale, he seemed to have relaxed a bit. 

Wang Zezhi held up his wounded arm, took out his pocketknife, and cut his sleeves open, revealing the bruised and badly mangled arm.

He wrinkled his brows and repeatedly warned, “I’ll help you pick out the wood chips and treat the wound, otherwise it’d be difficult to move later … Only, regular painkillers aren’t strong enough to make a person’s nerves ignore this type of pain.

You can only try to bear it.”

Mo Yi’s face was deadly pale and nodded.

Ten minutes later, Wang Zezhi wrapped the remaining bandages around his arm, finally ending the painful treatment.

Mo Yi panted heavily, clothes already drenched with sweat, face deadly pale, eyes all the more black and calm and lucid as always. 

Fortunately, his tolerance for pain was not low, and if an ordinary person was placed here, perhaps they would have fainted from the pain.

Mo Yi tried to move his arm, turning his head towards Wang Zezhi and said, “I’m worried he’ll come out.

You help drag something heavy to hold down the iron door.

I’ll sit here and hold it down first.”

Wang Zezhi nodded, and warned, a bit uneasy, “If anything’s wrong, loudly shout right away.”

Mo Yi smiled and nodded. 

Wang Zezhi’s silhouette was gradually swallowed by the dim lights in the corridor.

Mo Yi moved his shoulder.

Due to the pain and sweat drenched clothes, the currently gloomy and cold corridor seemed chilling to the bone, causing him to involuntarily curl up, shivering.

At this moment, the iron door under him shook again!

Mo Yi quickly stabilized his figure, supported his own body with both hands, and used gravity to press down on the shaking iron door beneath him.

However, the body weight wasn’t enough.

Mo Yi felt that he was being slowly lifted up while he was struggling … lifted up … 

Lifted up …

Mo Yi, with an embarrassed face, loosened his throat and shouted, “Wang Zezhi! Help!”

—This time, he not only wanted to exercise, but to also gain weight!

Wang Zezhi sprinted over, helping him press down the iron door.

Then, he raised something in his hand and shook it at him: It was a big lock.

Shockingly, it was the same lock that should have been on the iron door when the timeline hadn’t gone back in time. 

With sharp eyes and agile fingers, he pressed on the still shaking iron door, then fastened the lock, twisting the key, and locked the iron door.

The metal lock fell heavily on the iron door with a heavy thud.


The two released their hands, retreated back a few steps, watching as the iron door once again become quiet, and then let out a deep breath.

Mo Yi withdrew back a step and detected that something under his foot felt wrong.

He bowed his head and looked, only to see that his foot had stepped on a piece of paper. 

He bent down and picked up the note, only to see that it still read: “FIND US”

Mo Yi smoothly turned the note over.

He couldn’t help but tremble from head to toe.

The note also had writing on the back, which read:


In a flash of lightning, Mo Yi’s mind instantly flashed with a thought — Just now, in the hall! The chuckle that came from the air when Sun Xiaoyan was tortured to death leapt into his mind again. 

Mo Yi abruptly raised his head, words extremely fast, and quickly said, “The sinister hand behind the scenes decided to kill the children to cover up the evidence, right ba”

Wang Zezhi was a little dazed by his sudden question, thought about it, and nodded.

Mo Yi continued to speak, “In that case, wouldn’t a simple execution be faster and simpler Why take the orphans to a room in the basement to torture to death”

Wang Zezhi was stunned, eyes flashing with a look of contemplation. 

Yes… he hadn’t thought of this problem before.

“Remember that document that was just signed today” Mo Yi’s lips pursed, bright eyes flickering under the dim lights, and continued, “Perhaps, the real Dean wanted to make a final profit before disbanding, or to please some people who had given him protection — So he put on a performance for rich people who have a particular fetish.”

A massacre performance.


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