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The teddy bear sat quietly at the junction of the corridor and the hall, breaking up the darkness and light behind its body.

Although the dark brown fur was a bit old, it was still clean and soft, it’s four limbs intact — like the whole orphanage, the timeline on its body seemed to have returned to 1919. 

Mo Yi stared at it, still not having come to.

At this moment, Wang Zezhi’s voice was by his ear, “What’s wrong”

His voice slightly distracted Mo Yi.

When he looked at the corridor again, that teddy bear that came and went like a shadow had disappeared like last time.



The piece of paper laying in the pool of blood seemed to have lost the magic power attached to it just now.

It was soaked, eroded by the bright red blood.

The handwriting on it was slowly swallowed by the blood.

In a matter of seconds, it became an ordinary piece of paper that had fallen into the blood.

Mo Yi’s brows furrowed, eyes a bit heavy. 

Why was it “Find Me” again He followed the teddy bear’s clues, finding the identities of the two brothers underground.

Didn’t that count as finding them


What did this repeated prompt mean

Wang Zezhi walked to his side at this moment and looked at him with some doubt, once again asking, “What’s the matter Why did you stop suddenly”

Mo Yi returned to his senses and took another profound look at the piece of paper that had been immersed in the pool of blood, and slowly shook his head, saying, “It’s nothing.”


After speaking, he curbed his mind, lifting his eyes to look at the four corridors in front of him — A dragging trail of blood extended into one of the corridors and was gradually swallowed by the dense darkness.

The executioner should have dragged the corpse in that direction.

Mo Yi turned around and walked inside another corridor.


He stepped into the deep corridor, the light dimming in an instant.

The wall lamps emitted weak rays of light, illuminating the decorative design on the dark green wallpaper, the colour restored to brand new, the wallpaper stuck high up to the ceiling.

It gave a person an invisible feeling of oppressiveness. 

Worn down by years of not being repaired, the floorboards under their feet made a “zhi zhi” sound.

While walking, Mo Yi mentally sorted out the clues that had appeared.

Presently, the timeline of the entire orphanage had rewinded to March 11, 1919.

And on this day, more than 300 orphans in the orphanage were massacred — Now, if the massacre was to be repeated, then one party was the perpetrator and one party was the victim.

However, the dead obviously couldn’t once again be alive in the orphanage. 

In that case, someone must be found to reenact the roles of the perpetrator and the victim.

The newcomer who had troubled him before was obviously selected by the orphanage as the perpetrator — That was why he had scratched his own face to have the same markings as the man in the photo.

Then, they — As the default members of the orphanage, were naturally placed in the role of the victim.

So … was this arrangement random or selective 

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Mo Yi’s eyes slightly narrowed, subconsciously cracking his knuckles lightly.

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Zbgfbnfg, la kjr fnlvfcais rlucfv bc atf rjwf vjs — Ktfc, atf akb wfjir atja revvfcis uba yfaafg rffwfv ab tjnf j mifjg fzqijcjalbc.


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Ktf oibbg ecvfg atflg offa cb ibcufg wjvf j vlragjmalcu mgfjxlcu rbecv jcv tjv lcrafjv yfmbwf delfa jcv raegvs. 

Mo Yi’s footsteps stopped.

He then crouched down, taking advantage of the dim lights in the corridor to fumble about the ground.

At last, he touched the crack in the ground, then forcefully lifted it.

The carpet was lifted up by him, revealing an iron door, suffused with cold light.

Wang Zezhi somewhat hesitantly asked, “Is this the entrance to the basement”

Mo Yi’s lips pursed, and he nodded, eyes still on the iron door — The broken lock on the iron door that was there the last time he came was gone. 

Wang Zezhi squatted down and reached out to help lift up the iron door.

Damp, cold, and gloomy air blew against their faces.

The long, narrow staircase below was exposed as the iron door was lifted open.

— At the end of the stairs was a glimmer of light passing through.

Mo Yi walked down a few steps, then leaned out half of his body, pulling the carpet over, trying to find a good angle, and then carefully covered the iron door again.

This way, they could pull the iron door at the top of the stairs underground, the carpet immediately concealing the iron door again. 

After completing this task, Mo Yi took a deep breath, settling down his state of mind, and took the lead to walk down the stairs.

Wang Zezhi followed closely behind.

After going underground, what entered their eyes was really bright: The damp, exposed rock wall was sturdy and tall, supporting an entire expansive space.

The small beds below were neatly and tidily set up.

The bed sheets were yellowed, shabby and wrinkled, but unlike last time coming here, it wasn’t as dusty and filthy.

It had also gone back to the previous timeline here. 

Mo Yi waved at Wang Zezhi who was looking around with a surprised face, and then strode across the room, walking towards a wooden door.

Pushing open the door, a clean wall came into view, and the tidy beds were densely packed, almost identical to the previous room.

The horrible sight of the bloodstains left behind by the previous massacre had already completely vanished, the whole room appearing undisturbed and tidy.

Mo Yi turned his head, looking around the entire room, eyes stopping on one side of the room.

As if to strengthen his resolve, he took a deep breath, then lifted his legs, walking towards that direction. 

Wang Zezhi looked in the direction Mo Yi was facing, only to see that there was a short and sturdy wooden door in that area which was marked in English — “Nurse’s Room.”

He followed behind Mo Yi, very carefully passing through the densely packed small beds in the room, walking towards the front of the wooden door.


Mo Yi’s hand reached out, gripping the ice-cold doorknob.

With a gentle twist, the door slowly opened.

A soft “eee” sound of rust rang out.

The dark, gloomy, and cold odour inside the door permeated, spreading, almost cause one to feel a chill all over. 

Mo Yi’s countenance sank, reaching out to turn on his flashlight, and walked inside the door without hesitation.

Inside this door was a deep corridor.

There were two rooms on each side of the corridor, pitch-dark and wide open, appearing particularly sinister under the faint light of the flashlight.

Mo Yi used the flashlight to wander about the room, illuminating the vague outlines of the objects in the room — One room had four single beds as well as some essential furniture.

It was simple and crude but complete in every detail.

This was probably where the nurses lived. 

Mo Yi’s fingers holding onto the flashlight slightly tightened, and he continued to walk onwards.

At the end of the corridor, there was a room.

The beam of light from the flashlight swept across dirt covered door plate, and on it were clearly engraved letters — “Infirmary.”

Mo Yi imperceptibly breathed out a sigh of relief. 

That was very good.

He didn’t find the wrong place — There were so many people in this orphanage.

Even though it didn’t matter if the orphans lived or died, it was still important to take precautions against a large-scale breakout of an epidemic as well as to ensure the well being of the nursing staff.

However, it was not found on the ground floor, and there was no sign of the infirmary in the basement before.

In that case, it was very likely that it was hidden behind some unopened door.

It now appeared that he was right.

Wang Zezhi took a few steps forward.

Using the flashlight’s bright light, he also recognized the words on the door sign as well.

He asked, slightly unable to make sense of the matter, “What’s wrong Is there anything you need in the infirmary” 

Mo Yi’s head turned to the side, and he replied in a thoughtful manner, “….

To validate a theory of mine.”

After that, he reached out and pushed open the door of the infirmary and took the lead to walk inside.

The medical room was unexpectedly clean and tidy.

The area where the flashlight was illuminating was spotless, and everything was neatly set up.

Bottles and jars were placed on the shelves in order of size, reflecting a cold light under the light of the flashlight.

Mo Yi walked around the back of a table, fished out the remaining dressing bandages he had given to Wang Zezhi a moment ago, and used it to wrap up his palm.

Then, he began to cautiously flip over the things on the table. 

A photo that was turned over and pressed to the bottom caught his attention.

Mo Yi turned it over.

The man in the black and white photo was clearly the man in the previous group photo.

He looked much younger, embracing a petite woman in the crook of his arms who seemed to be his wife.


There was a dark birthmark on half of his face and his smile was very kind.

And in his arms, his wife’s face and limbs were very stiff, fear written on the corners of her brows and eyes.

Mo Yi took a closer look and suddenly found that the man was wearing summer attire, yet every inch of the woman’s skin was closely wrapped up.

Even her hands were covered with gloves as if concealing something. 

Wang Zezhi also leaned over.

He looked at the photo in Mo Yi hand, somewhat surprised, and said, “This, this is the man from the group photo He was a doctor”

Mo Yi’s expression was a little heavy and he nodded.

“When we were upstairs, we didn’t hear Sun Xiaoyan’s screams at all, indicating that her vocal cords were severed at the beginning.

Such a neat and experienced action is impossible without professional skills.”

“So… the sinister hand behind the scenes isn’t him”

The corners of Mo Yi’s lips were pursed, and he gave a soft “um”. 

While putting the photo back in place, he said, “He should be a sadist.

That’s why the orphans and the woman in this photo were so terrified of him.

That’s why the mastermind behind the scenes sent him to kill so many orphans.”

Moreover … they were tortured to death.

Both of their expressions became a little heavy.

Suddenly, within the silence, there was a soft metal sound in the distance, and then heavy footsteps came down the stairs, penetrating the quiet atmosphere, shaking their eardrums. 

Mo Yi was suddenly alarmed — someone had returned.

Within the shortest time, he tried to restore the things on the table to their original state as fast as possible, and then ran outside with Wang Zezhi.

The door of the infirmary closed behind them.

There was no fork in the road.

Once they left, it was inevitable to meet head on. 

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer.

Each step seemed to be pressing on top of a person’s heart.

Mo Yi’s mind was increasingly stretched taught.

Suddenly, his mind stirred, and he reached out his hand to pull Wang Zezhi, turned around and rushed into one of the adjacent closed nurse’s room.

He then closed the door again.

The two lowered their bodies, turned off their flashlights, and lay quietly in the dark.

The footsteps got closer. 

A slight “click” sound was heard, and the light outside came on, shining in through the gap between the door and the frame.

With the faint light, Mo Yi saw that a spread-out piece of paper had been quietly placed in front of him.


It lay in the dust, and on it, in colored, crooked crayons, was written:


The Author has Something to Say:

Song Qi (Pulls out a 40-meter-long knife): Author, tell me why I haven’t made an appearance yet.

Mo Yi (Holding it): Take it easy.

Butchering her with a 2-meter blade is enough.

Here you go.


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