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Then everyone woke up from the daze and ran up desperately.

The steps in the corridor are twisted into a weird angle and it is easy to fall even with sufficient lighting, not to mention in the dark and when they areflustered–only a breaking sound was heard from behind and then there was a scream:

“Ahhhh ! My feet! Help! Don’t leave me!” Mo Yi took a step, wanting to turn around, but only to hear a weird and fuzzy voice coming from below.

It sounded like a little girl’s soft laughter, which sounded sweet and content, as if she finally got her favorite toy.

Immediately afterwards, the man’s voice was like a tape that had been interrupted for a while and then it disappeared.

Those screams, begs, and calls for help seemed to be swallowed up by darkness, all disappeared without a trace.

The crowds climbed up one after another.

In addition to the joy and relief from escaping from the danger, they also carried heavy fear that was difficult to hide.

Mo Yi raised his eyes and glanced around, counting silently in his heart.

There were originally 11 members, but now there are only 8 left.

And now it’s just that they have escaped the first floor.

Everyone’s face was overshadowed by fear.

Just then, the metal bell rang again, the monotonous and harsh sound rang through the corridor.

As the bell stopped, the whole school seemed to be changing rapidly.

It’s just a blink of an eye and the sight in front of everyone has become completely different.

Long, empty corridors, white clean walls, quiet classrooms, white lamps flashing above the head and the decaying and cold atmosphere that seems to have remained unchanged, and the humid, moist air.

The distorted scene before seemed to be just a fantasy.

Mo Yi heart tightened, he rushed to the window in the corridor and looked out of the window where outside was so dark that there was no light.

The number became: 4:05.

-Ten minutes have passed since the first bell rang!

Shen Lei, who was on the side, also came along, looking into the sky along Mo Yi’s eyes, and a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes: “… 45 minutes, 10 minutes, in school these two time and space states are probably in According to the rules of one period and time between.”

Mo Yi nodded.

This mode of change reminded him of the famous horror game: Silent Hill, where class time is one world, between class time is another world. It’s just different from the randomness of the world switching in and out of the game.

The switching here is obviously regular.

In that case, there is still 45 minutes before the next switch.

Suddenly, he frowned, seemed to smell a little unusual smell.

It is a strong bloody smell drifting slowly down the corridor, it was almost difficult to ignore.

And there were murmurs of complaints and whispers from the crowd around them: “… did you smell it” “What is this smell …”

Someone boldly took a few steps forward and followed the smell.

The direction in which he walked towards was a classroom.

After looking into the classroom, man’s face turned white in an instant.

“Tap tap tap” he stepped back a few steps, his legs became soft and he fell on his back.

His trembling fingers pointed at the window, but his mouth was too wide to speak, and he could only make a loud “ah ah” sound.

An unknown premonition struck Mo Yi, he slowly moved to the forward with the crowd, and then looked at the classroom window by virtue of his height advantage.

The classroom was still clean and tidy.

Stacked books and uncleaned blackboards looked as if the students had just left.

The only difference is … there are a few more figures in the classroom.

In the second row near the door, a girl sat squarely with her back straight and her hands folded on the table, as if listening to a lecture carefully.

But there was no head on her slender neck.

The cut was neat and flat.

You can see the fractured neck bones and trachea.

A large amount of blood is flowing along the incision.

The placket and the tabletop have been stained with blood, which looks shocking.

In the first row near the window, a man was lying on the table, as if he was asleep secretly during class, but his face facing the door of the classroom was twisted terribly and the eyes on the grey face was bursting, as if he saw something terrible.

His legs stretched out of the desk, his calf was twisted into an unnatural arc.

The white bone pierced the skin, and the blood slowly flowed down the floor along the foot.

The whole classroom was extremely quiet and almost suffocating.

Seeing such a scene, even a person with rich experience like Shen Lei, couldn’t stop his face turning pale.

He swallowed and then took a step forward and pushed open the classroom door.

The bloody smell became thicker with Shen Lei’s action of pushing the door.

Mo Yi only felt that his stomach was tumbling and it took a long time of psychological construction to suppress this disgusting feeling.

One hand patted him on the back, Mo Yi turned his head and saw Jiang Yuanbai looking at him with an anxious look, asking “You okay”, although his own face was not good.

Mo Yi nodded.

Jiang Yuanbai withdrew his hand, and his eyebrows were a little serious: “You are really too thin, your bones poked my hand and it hurts.” 

Mo Yi: “…” Is your focus not right

After Jiang Yuanbai’s interruption, Mo Yi’s state of mind calmed down a lot.

Following the two relatively bold people in front, he walked into the classroom together and the others did not dare to walk near the classroom at all and some just ran up to the side and vomited.

At this point, Shen Lei had checked the corpses roughly.

He turned to look at the people who came into the classroom, and said with a heavy voice, “They are players.”

One was the girl from the toilet and the other was the man who fell on the stairs and the one dragged into the mist was still missing.

But Mo Yi was not particularly surprised. If the fog was really “nameless fog”, it would be unexpected if the man’s body actually appeared here.

An energy-saving lamp above the head made a “sizzling” sound.

The irony smell of blood also became less disgusting after getting used to it.

Mo Yi generally thought so, while walking two steps into the classroom, his eyes inadvertently touched a corner of the wall.

Instantly, his blood seemed to freeze, and his eyes could no longer be moved away.

There were a few big words on the white wall: “208 days from the college entrance examination.”

It was exactly the same classroom as he woke up.

The suspicious point that had escaped from his mind before was immediately caught: Shen Lei said that the map showed that the first floor to the third floor belonged to the three grades of high school, and the classroom left by Mo Yi was the same as the current classroom.

They are located on the first and second floors, but they are obviously classrooms belonging to senior high school!

Mo Yi turned around, searching anxiously in the classroom.

Then he strode toward one of the tables in the classroom, reached for the exercise book on the top of table and opened it.

He froze after seeing it.

In the front page, written with neat handwriting was: “Grade 3, Zhao Qiulan.”


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