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Mo Yi’s throat trembled and constricted, his back wet with sweat, and he could only hear the rapid clamouring of his agitated heart.

At this moment, he really felt death approaching. 

Suddenly, like an iron hoop, an ice-cold hand firmly gripped Mo Yi’s burning aching wrist, and then pulled hard!

Mo Yi only felt the rope around his neck loosening, immediately falling down weightlessly.



His wrist was firmly grasped with great strength, and he was pulled aside!

Mo Yi felt his nose hit something hard, and his arm hurt from the ice-cold palm wrapped around it.

He was tightly guarded in an embrace – then he shamefully tumbled on the ground several times, and then stopped. 

He began to lift his head, dazed.


His nose was red from the collision, a few physiological tears leaked from the corners of his eyes, and he looked at the person who was pressed under his body in a daze.

Mo Yi was stunned for a while before reacting.

“…Song Qi”

He merely saw that the other party was treated as a meat pad by himself, and he was firmly pressed under him during the tumble.


The two men’s faces were extremely close, their breaths intertwined.

Song Qi’s breath hovered on the tip of his nose, enveloping him…like mist in a pine forest after the rain.

The atmosphere was silent, and the heartbeat of the other party could almost be heard.


At this moment, Mo Yi cleared his throat in embarrassment, breaking the current atmosphere.

He propped himself up with his elbows.

increasing the distance between the two.

“Sorry, did you bump into anything” 

Song Qi was silent for a while.


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Seeing that he hadn’t injured the other party, Mo Yi sighed in relief and got up from the ground, and then stretched out a hand to pull Song Qi up.

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Only then did he notice the sharp burning pain on his palm.

Song Qi, who was standing on the side, suddenly reached out and lifted his right hand.

Even though his actions were gentle and cautious, Mo Yi still subconsciously drew in a cold breath.

Under the dim light, the view of his index finger and right finger bent in a strange backwards arc was visible.

His thumb looked dislocated and his thin wrist was swollen, the bright red finger marks standing out in relief. 

It was so wretched that people could hardly bear to look straight at it.

Song Qi’s hand trembled slightly.

He pursed his lips and began to raise his head.

his complexion a little pale.

The light-coloured pupils attentively gazed at him with guilt, making Mo Yi somewhat uncomfortable.


Contrary to expectations, Mo Yi actually didn’t mind, and gave a relaxed shrug and said, “It’s okay.

Compared to the information I obtained, this injury is worth it.”

After he finished speaking, he paused, and raised his eyes to look at Song Qi.

His dark eyes were astonishingly bright.

“I know how that man died.” 

Just then, a scream tore through the silence once more, reverberating throughout the entire building.

“Ah——!!! Help!!!”

Mo Yi and Song Qi looked at each other and ran to the source of the sound together.

As soon as they arrived at the hall, they saw a man dangling from the beam near the door.

Unlike the previous victim, this time the deceased obviously went through a fierce fight.

His five fingers were bent outwards, dripping with glaring blood as it trickled downwards, gathering into a pool of blood on the ground. 

His neck was rotated 180 degrees, ghastly white bones protruding from the edges of the badly mangled skin and flesh.

His head was dangling at an impossible angle, and his facial expression could not be seen clearly.

Several newcomers had almost reached the tipping point of collapse and panicked talking and weeping broke out in the crowd.

Zhao Yicheng had rushed over in a hurry.

The second he arrived, a woman dashed out from the crowd, teary eyed, and tightly gripped Zhao Yicheng’s arm, her bright red nails deeply embedding into his arm.

She was crying, tears overflowing while incomprehensibly shouting, “… I didn’t know.

I didn’t mean …” 

Zhao Yicheng discreetly frowned and pulled off the hand holding his arm, and asked, “You say it clearly.

What’s wrong”

The woman was crying and hesitantly explained.

It took a long time to figure out what she was talking about.

It turned out that she and a senior player were a team.

The two took a key to the library, but when she was at the door, she was timid and did not dare to go in, so the senior went in alone to find clues.

Not long after, she heard the strange laughter of a child coming from inside.

She was frightened for a while, turned around, and ran away. 

When she arrived at the hall, she saw the corpse of her teammate.

The atmosphere was a little heavy for a while, and only the woman’s sobbing could be heard in the silent and spacious hall.

This was why he emphasized before that it was best not to act alone, Mo Yi thought with regret.

Suddenly, he seemed to recall something, and he abruptly stepped forward half a step, staring at the woman with complicated dark eyes, his tone urgent as he asked, “Have you seen a teddy bear” 

The woman seemed to jump in fright by him.

She raised her head to look at him with teary eyes, racked her brains for a moment, and replied, “Yes … it seemed like he mentioned a teddy bear or something before, and asked me if I saw it.

I thought he was seeing things and didn’t really think much of it.”

Mo Yi’s lips tightened, thoughts jumbled.


Zhao Yicheng looked sharply at Mo Yi and asked, “What’s wrong Did you find something”

Mo Yi was roused from his train of thoughts by his words, and then nodded, feeling somewhat complexed. 

He briefly recounted what he had experienced in the Dean’s Room, then paused, and said, “I know the cause of the death of these two people, in other words – one of the rules of this copy.”

Mo Yi’s words shook the heavens, and everyone couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Then, as if seeing the hope of survival, looked at him with bright eyes.

Mo Yi took a deep breath and said, “I saw the schedule of the entire orphanage behind the cabinet in the Dean’s Room.

Every hour, the orphans must act according to this schedule.

Once the rules are violated, they will receive punishment.”

Sun Xiaoyan, who was standing next to Zhao Yicheng, was slightly stunned, and subconsciously uttered a sentence: “Good children, good children, don’t break rules…” 

The woman’s voice softly whispered the seemingly innocent nursery rhyme, and the eeriness made the backs of everyone present cold.

Mo Yi gave her a deep glance, and then nodded.

“Yes, the prompt should refer to this, and the clock in the dining room is to show us the time on the timetable.”

Someone on the side asked eagerly, “Then, do you remember the specific details”

Mo Yi lowered his eyes, concealing the shallow arrogance deep within – even if there were hundreds of lines of seemingly irregular code, it was not in the least bit difficult for him, much less only a few lines of rules 

He smiled.


In the next second, Mo Yi seemed to think of something.

He raised his eyes and looked at the crowd.

The light in the depths of his eyes was hard to behold.

“However, what I am worried about now is not this anymore.”

When Zhao Yicheng heard the words, he stepped forward anxiously and asked, “Then…don’t tell me that there’s something else”

“Since we have to follow the timetable, does that mean…” Mo Yi glanced at him indifferently and continued, “In this copy, do we actually assume that we are one of the orphans in this orphanage” 

The Author has Something to Say:


Steel Straight Man.

Yi (at a loss): “Isn’t it normal to ask if you bumped into anything”



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