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Random surprise bonus chapter

Mo Yi was shocked. 

He couldn’t refrain from retreating a few steps, and his back bumped into a hard chest.

At the same time, a low voice sounded in his ear, “What’s the matter”



Mo Y couldn’t help but become absent-minded for a second.

Why did he feel … that this tone was a little familiar 

But Mo Yi racked his brains, yet he was unable to recall where had heard this tone from.


He turned his head and looked behind him, only to see Song Qi standing against the light.

The light behind his body blurred his facial features, and he was looking down at him.

Mo Yi, “…”

Although they were about the same height, but … why did he sense that this individual was one or two centimeters taller than him


He blinked, and as if nothing had happened, slightly pulled away from Song Qi.

Afterwards, he turned around and handed him the strange note.

Song Qi gave him a profound look, then reached out his hand to take the note.

Several other players standing on the side also noticed the unusual activity, and without consulting one another, gathered together and came over, craning their necks to look at the note in Song Qi’s hand.


That line of blood red crooked handwriting nearly caused the backs of everyone to become cold, and they subconsciously held their breaths. 


Did that mean … that the unknown thing was going to take action next

The entire atmosphere in the room became silent for a moment.

Only the sounds of some people’s Adam’s apple trembling and rolling could be heard.

A man finally couldn’t bear the atmosphere anymore, slightly falling apart.

He firmly grasped Mo Yi’s lapel.

His bloodshot eyes were protruded, and his black pupils were constricted with violence and fear.

He roared, “What the hell did you do! Do you want to kill us all to be satisfied” 

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Mo Yi was caught off guard and was dragged over.

He subconsciously gripped the other’s wrist with his palms, struggling to break free.

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Zb Tl ktb kjr qehhifv:

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Ktf wjc tbkifv lc qjlc jcv agfwyifv, ifaalcu ub bo Zb Tl’r tjcv, tlr ybvs ecmbcagbiijyis delnfglcu jr tf ofii yjmx rfnfgji rafqr. 

Mo Yi’s sharp eyes saw that not far away, the man’s thick and solid wrist was oddly bent in the opposite direction.

Without warning, a figure stepped forward, blocking his line of sight.


Mo Yi was surprised and raised his head to look at the person in front of him: … Song Qi

Song Qi’s gaze was heavy, and his emotions couldn’t be made out.

He extended both of his hands to help him straighten his collar.

His ice-cold fingertips unconsciously brushed the red marks on Mo Yi’s neck. 

Mo Yi quivered at the ice-cold temperature of his fingers, and he subconsciously lifted his eyes.

But before he could say anything, in the next second, Song Qi had released his hands as if nothing had happened.

He turned to the man who had been impulsive a moment ago.

The man’s eyes were full of fear, and his twisted face was as white as paper due to pain.

Seeing Song Qi walking towards him, he shuddered and retreated, but he couldn’t make up for the length of Song Qi’s long legs.

He held out his hand and gripped the man’s wrist.

Only the distressing “kada” sound of the wrist being put back in its place rang out. 

The man was feverish with pain and sweat dripped down the contours of his face.

Song Qi bowed his head and looked at him with narrowed his eyes.

“I’m sorry.

I always misjudge my strength.”

After that, he paused and unexpectedly let out a low laugh.

“Especially when someone is doing something to my friend.”

The man stammered and his lips trembled.

He merely protected his sore wrist, not daring to say anything more, and lowered his head to conceal the sinister and resentful expression he was casting at Mo Yi. 

The ambience was awkward for a period of time.

Mo Yi cleared his throat.

In order to alleviate the tense mood, he started to talk, “I believe that this note should be a game played by children overseas.

It’s called hangman.

A person is hanging on the gallows, and another person has to go and look for the corpse.

After finding it, the two pictures can be combined to form a complete word.”

He looked down at the crumbled note in his hand.

The blood red twisted writing on it caused one’s heart to feel terrified.

Mo Yi pursed his somewhat dry lips and continued, “However, there are many versions of this game.

According to the prompts given at the start of the game, the rules in this copy may have something to do with hide and seek, but there’s not enough clues at the moment.

We have to wait until we can figure out what the specific rules are.” 

Everyone: … After listening to your explanation, we are even more scared.

A weird silence permeated the air, and the fear of the unknown opened its invisible arms, slowly enshrouding the whole crowd, and quietly devoured the remaining reason in everyone’s heart … No one knew what would happen next.

There was a sudden commotion outside the hall.

It turned out that the few people who had gone out to look for clues had come running back.

The two groups looked at one another, and they both noticed the expression of confusion and fear on each other’s face. 

The person on the other side was holding an extremely familiar looking note.

Mo Yi was stunned.

He quickly stepped forward, reached for the other party’s note, and looked at the note in his hand:


Familiar crooked handwriting, the same drawing of the gallows, and on the surface was written:


The other party was obviously at a loss and stammered, “I … I don’t know where it came from.

I just went back to the room where I woke up.

There was this note on the floor!”

Several other players behind the man also nodded, showing the exact same note in their hands.

Mo Yi’s brows knitted and couldn’t refrain from sinking into contemplation.

At first, he originally was under the impression that this was a one-to-many ghost catching game. 

And so at the beginning of the game, he was momentarily a ghost, but when he found the hanging victim and filled in the complete picture afterwards, “the other party” became a ghost and wanted to catch the next victim.

But now, more people appeared with notes in their hands, and the rules of the game had become more complicated.

— Moreover, what did “MY TURN” mean in the end

There was a faint uneasiness in Mo Yi’s heart. 

All of a sudden, he seemed to think of something.

He was startled, raised his head, and said to everyone, “Everyone, go the room where you woke up and see if you can find the same note!”

Everyone woke up as if from a dream and nodded one after another.

In the next second, they dispersed like birds and beasts.

More than half of the people in the hall were instantly gone.

Mo Yi turned to look at Song Qi who was beside him, and the corners of his lips curved, and said, “Thanks a lot for back there.” 

Although Mo Yi’s appearance was Grade A in attractiveness, he usually had a calm and rational expression most of the time, so he seemed very cold, indifferent, and extremely difficult to approach.

His raised smile now was unexpectedly breathtaking, making it difficult for people to look away for a short while.

“…It wasn’t much.” Song Qi stared blankly for a long time before replying, “No need to care about it.”

He paused, and the side of aggressiveness that had leaked out a short while ago almost completely disappeared.

Song Qi withdrew his slightly twinkling gaze, his jaw taught with a little nervousness, and said in a low voice, “Also … You’re too thin.

That’s not good.” 

After that, he turned around in a hurry and left behind a sentence, “Well, I’ll go check my room too.”

Watching the view of Song Qi’s back as he quickly left, and the slightly reddening ears half covered by his black hair, Mo Yi mulled it over for half the day, and suddenly came to a realization:


The reason why … was he shy

Mo Yi was not in the least carrying any sense of guilt as he thought: This Song Qi did not seem to be very difficult to get along with in that case. 

A few minutes later, everyone came back to the hall one after another.

Everyone seemed to be frightened out of their minds, tightly holding a familiar note in their hands.

Mo Yi’s eyes were slightly heavy, and his conjecture was confirmed.

Just as he was about to say something, he could only listen as there was a sudden ear-piercing burst of a ringing bell sounding in the hall.

The unpleasant sounding ringing of the metal bell reverberated in the spacious and empty orphanage, echoing, which was noisy and eerie. 

The bad memories brought about from the previous copy’s ringing bells caused Mo Yi’s body to involuntarily grow taught.

However, in the next second, Mo Y’s eyes flashed with a look of alarm:

—  He seemed to know what the ringing bell was…

The Author Has Something to Say: 

Mo, Unconscious Tease, Yi (A face of innocence): My teammate seems to be a little shy.


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