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“My name is Jiang Yuanbai, how about you”

The gentle-looking man introduced himself in a low voice while walking.

Mo Yi glanced at him and replied softly: “Mo Yi.”

“Hello.” Jiang Yuanbai smiled bitterly and said, “This is the second time I have entered this game.”

There was an inconceivable fear in his eyes and there was even a tremor in his voice.

“I don’t know what evil I had done in my last life, to experience such a terrible nightmare.” Jiang Yuanbai exhaled deeply to cover up the emotions in his voice, and then laughed stiffly, shifting the topic unnaturally: “What about you, how many times have you come in”

“First time.”

Mo Yi looked down and carefully looked at a group photo hanging on the wall of the corridor, and answered without looking up.

It was a graduation photo and the edges of the photo were already slightly yellow.

Perhaps because the time has been too long, the faces of the people above were blurred but he could see a bright smile on their faces.

There was a small line below with a clear black text: “June 8, 1995, senior year 3 class 1.”

The numbers in horror games are generally meaningful, especially this kind of information that can be viewed, which may be useful later.

Mo Yi touched his chin and secretly remembered the number.

“The first time!” Jiang Yuanbai exclaimed loudly, attracting a lot of people’s gaze.

Then he responded, lowered his voice and continued to ask: “Then, aren’t you behaving too calm”

Mo Yi straightened up and glanced at him:” … oh.

He wasn’t calm at all.

This is not a novel.

Who the ** wants to experience a real horror escape game.

“You don’t seem to like talking very much”

 Jiang Yuanbai scratched his head, exposing a half helpless and half self-deprecating smile, and then whispered, “In fact, the attitudes of most newcomers who came in for the first time were fierce.

In fact, when I first entered, I was also no better.

The newcomers panicking after entering the game for the first time is pretty common but this was my first time seeing someone being so calm”.


Mo Yi replied casually as he turned to look at the entire corridor.

This corridor looks like there are no traces of time.

The white walls are neat and smooth.

There are windows on one side of the corridor, and between them there are five photos similar to the one he just looked at.

There are classrooms on one side, totally five, with signs next to each door, from class one to five.

Between the third and fourth class was the stairway, which obviously lead to the first floor.

The doors of the classroom are tightly closed, while the narrow staircase extends upwards into the darkness, if the two people want to open the door of the classroom then it can only be through force.

Obviously, the hope is slim.

Suddenly, a scream came from the end of the corridor.

Mo Yi’s heart was tight, he immediately strode forward and Jiang Yuanbai touched the bridge of his nose and hurried to follow.


Li Yunya trot into the toilet, her heart was uneasy.

She was panicking.

Although this is the first time she has been involved in this so-called “game”, she knows that going to the toilet at this time is definitely not a good idea.

But she couldn’t help it. Twenty minutes ago she wanted to go to the toilet and now she at the limit.

Thankfully her teammates agreed to stand at the door and wait for her so as long as she finished as soon as possible, there should be no problem.

Li Yunya comforted herself in her heart.

The toilets here are old-fashioned squat toilets, separated by dark green partitions.

The locks on the doors are a bit rusty, and they are slightly difficult to buckle.

Although the toilet look a bit old, they are relatively clean, she thought so secretly in her heart.

After half a minute.

Li Yunya hurriedly resolved her physiological needs and rushed out of the toilet cubicle.

She held her knees with her hands and let out a long breath. In the toilet, the pictures of horror movies that she had seen before flashed in the back of her head like a slide show, which scared her.

She raised her head to look at the compartment every two seconds to see if there is something up there.

Fortunately, there was nothing.

Li Yunya shook her head with ridicule, stepped forward, and opened the faucet.

The sound of the water slammed in the empty toilet, and the cold water washed over her fingertips, making her relax a bit.

Suddenly, she felt something touching her calf.

Li Yunya frowned in doubt and looked down.

She saw a dirty ball lying there quietly.

A ball How did it appear here

Li Yunya froze, but the next second, she seemed to remember something.

The toilet in this school is not large, and it is quite clean.

You can see the whole room as soon as you enter the door.

There was no ball before.

It’s like, it appeared out of thin air.

Her face suddenly turned pale, and cold sweat flowed down instantly.

“… Fang Ting” Li Yunya Han’s hair stood upright, swallowing hard, raising her voice with trembling, calling her companion’s name “Are you there”

No one answered her.

There was only silence in the toilet.

Before she could hear the voices of others outside the door before, now there was only complete silence.

-As if she had entered another dimension.

Li Yunya was frightened by this idea, and hurried to the door as quickly as possible, reaching out to open the toilet door, but no matter how hard she tried the door didn’t open, she anxiously tapped the door shouting her companion’s name.

At this moment, some noise came from behind her.

“Knock Knock Knock”

She froze in place, the shout about to exit was blocked in her throat, and she could only hear her heart beating fast, the beads of sweat running down her cheeks flow down and drip into the neckline of the shirt.

Li Yunya turned slowly, her back tightly against the door panel.

She heard a persevering knock on the door in the closed third compartment.

“Knock Knock Knock”

Li Yunya’s pupils shrank, she stretched her hands to cover her mouth, preventing herself from exposing any sound, tears falling silently.

She heard an obscure humming from that compartment.

The innocent child’s voice sounded particularly weird in the quiet toilet.

It repeatedly hummed in the same tone.

Even though Li Yunya was too scared to listen, the sound still passed from from ears to her brain.

“Dear … come and play …”

Li Yunya’s legs trembled, and finally she couldn’t support the weight of her body.

Her body slowly slid down, shrinking to the corner of the door, her pale face distorted by fear, Her eyes were closed, her palms covered her mouth, and she was filled with despair.

But then nothing happened.

One minute passed, five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, and nothing happened.

The knock was gone.

Even the child’s voice disappeared.

In the whole toilet, only sound that could be heard was the sound of old lamps and regular sound from untightened faucets.

Everything sounds normal.

Finally, doubt overcomes fear. Li Yunya’s eyelashes trembled, and she tried to open her eyes and looked around in a panic, everything was normal, even the ball was gone, as if the voice she had just heard was a imagination.

Did she really escaped

Li Yunya could not help but burst into a low sobbing, tears slipped down her cheeks.


Just then something dripped onto her face, she moved her hand to wipe it off.

“Tick Tick”. More drops fell down.

Li Yunya subconsciously looked up.

“Dear, come and play.” This time, the child’s voice sounded from above.


Fang Ting stood impatiently at the door of the toilet and looked down at her watch for the third time.

Li Yunya has been in for a long time and there is still no moment from inside.

Her patience was finally exhausted, and she pushed in the door and went in: “Are you okay …” The remaining sentence got stuck in her throat and turned into a scream.

The doors of each compartment were wide open and the ground was covered with dazzling blood, even flowing slowly outward.

This is what Mo Yi saw when he arrived.

The experienced man looked dignified, stepped forward to investigate, then shook his head and walked back: “There is no body.”

Everyone’s face was filled with horror, such a large amount of bleeding, the disappearance of the body made people panic and the noise of the crowd was getting louder.

Mo Yi separated the crowd, walked to the front and looked carefully into the toilet, and saw that the blood was spraying all over the space.

Only the third compartment was clean.

He frowned doubtfully and when he was about to walk in, he heard a sudden scream of a person searching inside, and Mo Yi stepped forward in a stride, and followed the man’s gaze.

 I saw the door on the inside of the toilet covered with shocking nail scratches, blood and fragments of nails, which made the scalp tingling even when looking at it. And on the ceiling near the door, there were dense blood-colored handprints about the size of a child’s palm.

Mo Yi’s gaze fell in the middle of the pool of blood: there was a small, circular area without any trace of blood in it.

He froze, a fleeting thought flashed through his mind, but when he thought about it again, he couldn’t catch it anymore.

Suddenly, without warning, a harsh and monotonous bell sounded in the corridor, which surprised everyone.

The loud bell echoed in the empty corridors and classrooms, looking weird and scary.

Mo Yi glanced out the window, then glanced down.

The numbers outside the window have unknowingly become “4:15”.

45 minutes have passed since the start of the game.

It is exactly the time of one period.


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