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Jiang Yuanbai looked at Mo Yi blankly, and he didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, a soft knock on the door suddenly came.

Mo Yi frowned, went to the hallway and opened the door, looking at the unexpected guest in front of him.

It was a slender woman with long brown hair hanging down her shoulders, a pair of dark brown eyes with the same color as her hair, big and round, and her delicate features looked quiet and bookish.

She raised her large gentle eyes, looked up and down Mo Yi around, and then blew a long, rascally whistle.

Mo Yi: “… ”

The woman stroked her long hair, stretched out a white palm generously, and said with a smile: “Jiang Yuanrou.”

Only then did Mo Yi realize that the facial features of the woman in front of him were quite similar to those of Jiang Yuanbai and they were both gentle and non-threatening.

He hesitated, but he reached out and held her fingertips loosely, and replied, “Mo Yi.”

After that, Mo Yi turned to the side, let Jiang Yuanrou walk into the room, and closed the door behind her.

Jiang Yuanbai, who had been silent since just now, stepped forward, stood beside Jiang Yuanrou, and introduced to Mo Yi with some embarrassment: “Well, this is my… sister, she is also a player in this escape game.

I just said that the person I want you to meet is her.”

Jiang Yuan looked at Mo Yi with soft eyebrows and said: “I thought for a while, it’s better to have a detailed discussion with someone, not to mention the person who saved my brother’s life, so I decided to visit myself.”

After that, she raised her eyes to look at Mo Yi, the expression on her face suddenly became serious, and the conversation turned around and asked nonchalantly: “——You triggered the hidden mission, right”

Mo Yixu emptied his eyes and nodded.

Jiang Yuanrou took a deep breath, calmed her mind, and continued: “This escape game has a hidden rule.

Once you trigger the hidden mission, the difficulty of the game will increase dramatically.”

Hearing what she said, Mo Yi couldn’t help being taken aback.

The previous scene flashed through his mind, and his expression slowly became serious.

At that time, Shen Lei warned him who wanted to stay: Those who wanted to seek the truth would not end well.

And… indeed, after announcing that they had triggered the hidden mission, the fog’s movement speed began to speed up significantly, and after this time, they were even more in danger.

Jiang Yuanrou raised her eyes and looked at Mo Yi, and continued: “Not only that, the difficulty of each game is completely random, and you have really bad luck… for your first time, the game is of difficulty A, you are lucky to survive.”

She paused, as if thinking of something, she added: “Oh, yes, there is… this game does not allow players to reveal its existence to unknowing people in any way, so everyone is completely ignorant the first time they enter the game.”

Mo Yi frowned: “Not allowed What do you mean”

Jiang Yuanrou shrugged, suddenly walked to the window, opened the window and shouted, “I was…”

But when she said the second word, her voice had completely disappeared, as if she had been muted.

She coughed in pain, staggered back, and with trembling hands, closed the window.

Jiang Yuanrou took a few deep breaths, and her pale face had just recovered a little blush, she said numbly, “It’s almost like this, you want to say it or you want to type and send a message.

It will somehow know your heart and then it will stop you.

And sometimes… a small punishment will be imposed.”

She shook a little unsteadily, then sat down on the sofa.

Jiang Yuanbai took a step forward subconsciously, but immediately stopped and frowned and looked at his sister.

Jiang Yuanrou glanced at him with feeling, and then turned to Mo Yi and said, “Actually, I also knew that Yuanbai was forced into this escape game and the hidden mission was triggered this second time.

What’s incredible is…after the difficulty of the game increased, three people survived.”

“Three people” Jiang Yuanbai was taken aback.

Jiang Yuanrou nodded, and used her slender fingers to push her hair behind her ears: “Yes, Shen Lei also survived.”

Jiang Yuanbai looked shocked, and asked with some stumbling: “Wait, wait…you, how do you know Shen Lei”

“Otherwise, hoe do you think I found out that you were also pulled in” Jiang Yuanrou bends the corners of her lips but there is no smile in her brown pupils: “Strictly speaking, Shen Lei was brought into this game by me.”

She no longer looked at Jiang Yuanbai’s expression of being struck by lightning, but turned to look at Mo Yi, with a slight smile on her face: “You know, for a newcomer, after triggering the hidden task, he not only successfully completed the task, but also brought three teammates out alive.

This is incredible.”

Jiang Yuanrou’s brown eyes flashed and looked towards Mo Yi continued: “However, since the protagonist is meant to be the famous one, maybe it’s not so unacceptable, right”

Hearing this, the expression on Mo Yi’s face suddenly faded and there was no emotion in the dark pupils, quietly looking at the woman in front of him.

The look in his eyes was inexplicably shocking.

Jiang Yuanrou blinked at him, covering her heart a little exaggeratedly: “Hey, don’t look at me like that! To be honest, I didn’t expect one to be such a handsome guy.”

When she said the last sentence, she squinted her eyes and turned around Mo Yi again, looking as if she wanted to whistle again.

And Jiang Yuanbai, who was standing on the side, was not well.

He was blankly stunned, looking between Jiang Yuanrou and Mo Yi for a while.

The excessive amount of information made his brain overload.

Jiang Yuanrou continued self-consciously: “Although triggering hidden missions will bring great risks, high risks are often accompanied by high returns.

The main mission of this game is to ‘live’ without any reward but hidden tasks are different, it will reward corresponding points.”

She raised her eyes to look at Mo Yi: “And the points… can almost be exchanged for everything, such as your previous career.”

Jiang Yuanbai on the side finally restarted his brain and recovered from the stunned state.

He interrupted with a dreamy expression: “So, so, is Mo Yi really one”

The top hacker in the world, one

The legend who disappeared for nearly ten years after the most glorious moment

Perhaps this can explain his thinness and weakness… After all, hackers are also programmers…

——Jiang Yuanbai’s thoughts suddenly went off track.

He raised his eyes and glanced secretly at the top of Mo Yi’s head, and then let out a long sigh: So great to be dense.


When leaving, Jiang Yuanrou left him a business card.

Her name and phone number were written in simple bold letters on the silver-white card surface.

Mo Yi sat at the table for a long time with the business card in the middle of the table and a faint light flashed in the room.

The sky had darkened and the room without lights was shrouded in a chaotic twilight.

Mo Yi sat motionless on the sofa, almost melted into the corner in the dark.

At his side, his palm loosely held that note from the game.

After some time, he finally stood up.

But because he maintained a posture for too long, he staggered a little.

Mo Yi quickly stretched out his hand to stabilize his figure and subconsciously, pressed the palm of his hand to the TV remote control placed aside.

The widescreen TV on the opposite wall turned on and the originally dark and hazy room was filled with the sound, light and shadow floating on the screen.

A piece of news was playing: “…The body of the girl who was missing for 22 years was found.

The murderer is suspected…”

Mo Yi raised his head fiercely, as if the whole world was only left with himself and the sound of the female announcer on the TV in front of him.

He stiffened and his face was blank.

The black pupils reflected the screen and there was an enlarged old photo on the screen.

It was a short and thin girl, wearing a big and old dirty shirt, showing a timid smile at the camera.

Zhao Qiulan.


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