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Jiang Yuanbai collapsed a little bit.

With red eyes, he lifted the fire axe and slammed it towards the seemingly indestructible wall again and again: “… impossible, impossible!”

—Watching the hope disappear in front of them, no one can bear this despair.

Mo Yi took a few deep breaths before finally suppressing his beating heart and turbulent blood.

He stretched his hand and shook Jiang Yuanbai’s shoulder, trying to make his voice sound calm and sensible: “Stop it “

The axe fell down from Jiang Yuanbai’s powerless palm, and his hands were bleeding due to force.

He covered his face in despair and said in a choked voice:” … impossible.

Suddenly, an unknown impulse to live came to Mo Yi’s heart, he stepped forward, stretched his hand and pulled Jiang Yuanbai’s palm covering his face, forcing him to look directly at his eyes:

“You can’t change anything if you stay here, once the bell rings and the fog comes up, we have to die.

Jiang Yuanbai was shocked by the look in Mo Yi’s eyes.

He froze for a moment, his eyes slowly changed, Jiang Yuanbai slowly stood up, reaching out to wipe away the tears that oozed from the corners of his eyes, and his voice returned to calm: “… What should we do “

“Go downstairs.”

Mo Yi lowered his hand and recovered his previous indifference, but his white fingertips revealed that he was not calm at the moment: “We must have missed some important clues.

“But …” Jiang Yuanbai hesitated.

There is less than 15 minutes until the next time the bell ring … What if they can’t find any important clues Isn’t it a dead end

“So what” Mo Yi seemed to know what he was going to say, and his cold, bright eyes seemed to penetrate his soul as if to see through him.

Then, contrary to Jiang Yuanbai’s expectations, the corner of his mouth gently raised, and a smile was raised: “Do you want to rather sit here and die, or die while searching for a chance to live”

With his words, courage was instantly injected into Jiang Yuanbai’s heart.

He nodded and smiled: “Of course it is the second option.”

After he finished, he picked up the fire axe that he threw on the ground and headed towards the stairs, Mo Yi followed him, and was about to go downstairs, but he suddenly heard counting in his ears: “One, two …”

Mo Yi was stunned, and suddenly reacted, reaching for Jiang Yuanbai and shakes him.

Jiang Yuanbai stabilized his body and looked at him blankly: “What’s wrong”

Mo Yi looked pale and solemn: “… you are counting.”

Jiang Yuan face became pale, cold sweat covered the entire back instantly: “no, I did not remember but I was still humming the song!!!”

At this time, Mo Yi seems to think of something, his face becomes solemn: “In the legend of the 13th staircase, the original version seems to say that if you count when you go downstairs, you will be drawn into another world.”

And here, even when you go upstairs, you are already easily affected by the stairs – let alone going downstairs as in legend.

The scene where Jiang Yuanbai just now counting even when he was humming makes people realize how powerful the stairs are.

The situation was at a standstill.

Jiang Yuan took a step back with fear, and his palm rested on the cold railing involuntarily.

The cold touch spread along his palm to the bone, making him tremble.

An idea flashed across his mind.

“Yes!” Jiang Yuanbai yelled, jumped up, and surprised Mo Yi: “Since we can’t help count while walking in the stairs then we can just not go through stairs!”

Mo Yi’s eyes lit up, and he turned his gaze to the railing.

That’s right! Then we don’t have to go up the stairs!

There was no way to go upstairs other than taking stairs just now, but now they have to go down the stairs, they can slide down the railing! Although they don’t know if it is feasible, this is the only way.

The two glanced at each other, and then each sat on the side railing and slid downstairs.

The staircase seemed to realize their action, and began to tremble violently.

The staircase turned up section by section.

Mo Yi and Jiang Yuanbai could not help but rocked with the staircase, almost almost thrown down.

Palms protruded from the crumbling stairs, pulling their legs.

It was even more difficult to stabilize the body at this moment.

Seeing that the ground downstairs was near, Mo Yi raised his voice: “Now! Jump!”

The two jumped.

Once again, they fell into the corridor on the third floor.

Mo Yi felt that his bones were about to be broken apart, he climbed up sorely, palms on the window sill, and his eyes looked out of the window:

 – there are still 6 minutes.

Regardless of the pain in his body, he stood up and ran to the classroom of class three, with only two words in his mind: find clues!

What did they miss before

As soon as Mo Yi pushed open the door, a strong and disgusting smell came across him.

When he looked closely, he saw four more corpses of different shapes in the classroom. 

Mo Yi propped the door frame with his palm, looking at the scene in front of him, a moment of stunned.

These people obviously followed Shen Lei into the illusion of the second floor, but they only appeared in the classroom now, indicating that they had just died shortly.

On the third floor, Mo Yi thought that they should all be dead, because the mist had spread to the third floor, even if they did not die in the illusion, they would be swallowed by the fog.

So when he saw that there were no corpses in the classroom, he was not very surprised-because the corpses after being dragged into the fog would not appear in the classroom.

But! They are now in the classroom!

So what does this mean …

A bold speculation surfaced: they destroyed the photo before but did not destroy the illusion, and the fog cannot enter the illusion.

Only in this way can it be explained why these corpses appear!

—So, other people who were brought into the photos but have not yet appeared in the classroom should not have died!

Mo Yi felt a little trembling with excitement.

He turned and pulled Jiang Yuanbai with a hoarse voice: “Go, let’s go to the second floor, I know how to escape the fog.”

Although, waiting for them in the illusion may be something more miserable, but it’s always better than sitting still.

Although Jiang Yuanbai was puzzled, he didn’t ask any more questions.

The time is running out.

Asking less questions is the best choice.

He nodded hurriedly and followed Mo Yi to the stairwell.

The blue and faint figures outside the window reminded them: three minutes left.

The bloody smell wrapped in the cold wind came from the stairwell, the energy-saving lamp above him flashed vaguely, making a slight “zizi” sound, and the whole corridor exuded an unknown breath.

The memory chased by the monster just now is still vividly imprinted in the mind.

Looking at the black hole like abyss makes people shudder.

But this is the only way.

The two went downstairs.

Through the faint light in the stairwell, Jiang Yuanbai saw that in the middle of one of the walls, a photo was hanging upright, and the light silver frame was a portrait of a man.

He looked about thirty or forty years old, looking at the camera with a smile, a small line is marked below the photo: Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Unlike other photos, the dark, odorous blood is flowing slowly down the silver frame, as if it is seeping out of the photo.

—The mouth that chased them should have come out from here.

Jiang Yuanbai slowly swallowed and carefully leaned against the side, as if afraid of the thing rushing out of the frame again.

Mo Yi’s lowered voice rang in his ears: “I guess, only after the bell ring, can these monsters leave their original environment.”

His voice successfully calmed Jiang Yuanbai’s tight heartstrings.

He frowned and recalled: It seemed to be the case.

After the bell rang, Hanako left the toilet, and the mouth of the monster who had chased them before appeared after the bell.

Jiang Yuanbai breathed a sigh of relief and continued to walk downstairs.

However, in the place they couldn’t see, the man in the picture behind him moved his eyes slowly, as if watching them go downstairs, and then showed a strange smile.

They walked down the staircase, and the entire corridor looked exactly the same as they had when they left, and the photo cut in half lay on the floor, and the corridor was permeated with the cold and rotten smell.

Mo Yi looked up at the window:

two minutes left.

He crouched down, picked up the photo that had been split in half, and then put it together.

A weird scene happened: the photos were stitched together slowly, and the smelly blood flowing on the ground was sucked back into the photos as if they were flowing backwards.

Soon, the photos and the frame were restored together as before, and the graduates in the photos were facing the camera, a bright and fuzzy smile appeared as if nothing had happened before.

“How do you know you can put it together” Jiang Yuanbai couldn’t help asking.

“I don’t know.” Mo Yi looked up at the time outside the window, stood up at the fastest speed, hung the photo on the wall again, and said while hanging:

“… I just guessed.

One more minute.

As the picture was hung on the wall, the scene in front of them seemed to have changed slightly.

Jiang Yuanbai looked around, and the classroom behind him became Class 4.

The illusion reappeared.

Mo Yi and he glanced at each other, took a deep breath, and their faces were dignified.

Mo Yi nodded to Jiang Yuanbai, then the two stepped into the staircase of the illusion together.

There was a weird ripple in the air, as if the stone was thrown onto the lake and the water surface was rippling.

The next second, there was no one in the long, cold corridor.

At the same time, the number outside the window became 2:25.

The monotonous school bell rang.


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