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Chapter 163

“Because I like you.”

It was an honest confession.

As if telling the obvious truth, he didn’t even blush this time.

Rather, he seemed to spit out his true feelings due to the frenzy at the thought of what might happen to Aria right now.

– I already know that.

Aria was breathing heavily and looked like she was about to close her eyes and collapse at any moment.

The twilight of dawn fell upon them.

Aria sent a message as she reached out and touched his cheek, which was darkened by the sunset light.

– I can tell just by looking at you.

The silver-gray eyes that shone with a glow were fixed only on her, and were burning bright like stars.

– In the past, every time you saw me, you looked like you hated me.

It was Lloyd who looked at people and told them to get out of his life first.

From some point on, he always thought of Aria, followed her and looked after her and her well-being.

If he doesn’t like her, he won’t be able to do it.

“When are you talking about”

– In my memory, it’s as vivid as yesterday.

Lloyd frowned at that childhood story.

Because it wasn’t a past he was proud of.

– Lloyd likes me, Tristan, Sabina, and Vincent.

There were two absurd names in the mix, but Lloyd didn’t struggle to refute it.

No, he didn’t even think about it.

Because her condition doesn’t look very good for that.

– Don’t be like that.

Friendships, affections, interests, and family.

Aria added, blinking her eyes, sleepily.

– Say it right.

Lloyd, who was silent for a moment, sighed and said,

“Yes, you’re right.

So, let’s talk about this later and get you treated first.”

As Lloyd waited for the doctor, he said soothingly to Aria.

Whatever it was, it seemed that he would only be relieved when he heard from the doctor that Aria was safe.


That moment.

The hand that had been fiddling with his cheek naturally wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him.

Lloyd was holding her in his arms, so he had to bow his head helplessly.

At the same time, their lips met each other.

“Ari… Uhp!”

Perhaps because Aria brought up the story about four years ago, the memories of that time flashed through his mind for a moment.

The first time he was grabbed by the collar and kissed on the cheek.

A damp breath touched his lips, which was suddenly dragged away just like that time, and then fell away.

– Hurts…….

Aria whined with the message.

It was because the lips which were close to each other’s lips hit the other.

It was an ignorant act that left only scars for each other.

– It bleeds.


Lloyd’s lips ripped open and blood gushed out.

Aria wiped the drop of his blood with her finger and added an apology.

“…are you stupid”

Lloyd muttered, wiping his scarred lips with the back of his hand.

His face, which had already been dyed red in the sunset light, became even more red.

“Now… is not the time for it.”

– Yes.

He looked at the calm Aria, and looked even more speechless

“I didn’t know I’d be doing it this way the first time…”

Aria herself didn’t know.

Her body was badly injured, and she kept thinking about bad things.

Lloyd kept avoiding her, so she got impatient and acted hastily without realizing it.

‘For me, I don’t know how much time I have left.’

More than anything…….

Aria pursed her lips, then let out a steady breath and grabbed Lloyd secretly by the neck.

She had been unable to speak because of the terrible pain from earlier.

Her vocal cords seemed to have torn, as she had expected.

‘Maybe really…… I may not be able to speak forever.’

Then she won’t be able to sing.

The Song of Healing, the Song of Life, the Song of Peace, the Song of Sleep…….

‘I had no regrets because I was able to stop Lloyd’s rampage, but still.’

Aria suddenly felt regret.

She should’ve confessed properly at least once when she could still speak.

As she keeps thinking like that.

‘I have a terrible sense of loss.’

So, she wanted to hear his confession.

– Tell me, Lloyd.

I want to hear it.

After a moment of uproar, the doctors entered the banquet hall in a hurry.

Lloyd looked back at them silently for a moment, then said.

“You are the only one in my world.”


“And nothing will ever change my mind.”

His hand ran across her lips.

His fingers slipped between her lips, tracing the wounds on the inside of her lips.

Aria’s eyelids trembled.

“If I say more, I think you’ll run away.”

– I won’t run away.

“I know.”

It was more difficult for him to know that.

She won’t run away.

If it was Aria, of course.

If it was an ordinary person, he would have to accept that they would run away.

She will never give up on Lloyd.

That’s why he wants to avoid her even more.

He knew what was going to happen to himself.

“I can wait a few years.

So, go and make up your mind then.”

– It was decided from the beginning.

“I don’t want to sway you, who is still young.”

– I’m neither young nor swayed.

Aria had already told Lloyd about it.

She knows the future.

She’s been through all of this once.

“You’re young.

Regardless of your mental age.”


“Sleep for a moment.”

Lloyd put his hand over Aria’s eyes, which were twitching.

Aria couldn’t stand the drowsiness and fell asleep.

Lloyd looked down at her sleeping face and murmured.

“I didn’t even know I was such a greedy person…”

What would she know If a human soul were real, he would have the urge to possess her soul and control her even to death.

Whatever her mental age, it was not yet an emotional weight that a 14-year-old Aria could handle.

‘But if you still choose me when you’re an adult…….’


At that time, Lloyd did not know how far his greed would grow.

“Gasp, gasp! As you commanded, I ran right away!”

Belatedly, the doctors arrived.

These were the doctors who were called by the employees, who were healed after hearing Aria’s ‘Song of Healing’.

“My God, Grand Duke!”

“Young Master…!”

The doctors went straight to check on the condition of Tristan, Vincent, and others, without taking a moment to catch their breath.

At the same time, Aria’s doctor, Cuirre, also arrived.

He had been pale since he heard that she had healed the employees with her song.

“Young Madam!”

She was so weak that he couldn’t even tell how long she had left!

Cuirre went quiet as the words he wanted to say in his head raged like a storm.

‘I don’t know what to say…….’

It was a total mess.

He quickly checked Aria’s condition.

“Fortunately, there are no visible injuries.”

“I know that too.

What about internal injuries”

“I think we should give her emergency medicine right away as soon as possible.”

Cuirre pulled out a vial.

A blue, watery liquid fluttered inside the vial.

“Um, Young Madam”

The doctor gently shook the sleeping Aria, trying to wake her up.

But Aria was still asleep without even moving.

“I’ll do it.”

Lloyd, who took the medicine bottle, tilted the medicine near Aria’s mouth.

Cuirre, who watched him carefully poured the medicine bit by bit, said in frustration

“Well… Grand Prince, at what age would it be finished It’s better to feed it through the mouth…”


Lloyd stopped what he was doing and looked at Cuirre with glaring eyes.

Lloyd looked like he was barely showing his patience and holding it in, but that gaze seemed to threaten Cuirre if he dared to say anything.

“Oh, nothing.”

The doctor quickly waved his hand.

“The others”

Tristan, Vincent, and Cloud.

Cuirre, who made eye contact with the doctors who was examining them, exchanged signals and nodded his head.

“Everyone is safe.”

Lloyd did not respond to the doctor’s reply.

But at the sigh of relief he exhaled, Aria felt a tickle and frowned slightly.

“And actually, I have something to ask you…”

Cure hesitated and spoke.

Lloyd looked annoyed at him, who had been groaning like a dog in need to do his business.

Lloyd said as he got up holding Aria.

“Do it later.”

“It’s quite important, no, it’s very important!”

Lloyd stopped walking at those words.

“Grand Prince, did, did the Young Madam say anything”


“For example, discomfort near the heart, frequent dry cough, sudden weight loss…”

The gap between Lloyd’s forehead deepened.

It was because everyone heard that Aria’s condition was serious.

“Why are you saying that”

“I was going to tell you that… when it becomes more certain…”

“I’ll give you three seconds.

3, 2….”


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