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Chapter 141.1

Was it God’s arrangement

‘In other words, when the last remaining Siren dies, was it designed from the beginning for time to turn back’

Aria was dumbfounded.

She even let out a nervous laugh.

From the moment she first saw Atlatis’ past through her dreams, what she had hoped for in her heart had become a reality.

‘When I called like that, there was not even a response.’

If only God was watching everything and her presence was important enough to turn back time.

Why didn’t God ever give her an answer

‘I thought I had a new chance after denying God and hoping to go to hell…….’

The God in Aria’s perception was the villain.

Because the malice that Valentine had cherished from generation to generation was actually God’s malice, not the devil’s malice.

Because it was the Saint of Garcia who borrowed the name of God who framed and killed Aria in her previous life.

‘But now, to hear that God was actually on our side.’

She didn’t feel anything.

She didn’t even trust God.

She only thought that God was playing with her.

“Why is that What should I say”

“You can do it.”

The Prince, the first named Siren reached out and pressed his hand to Aria’s head.

And he stroked her slowly.

As if he was comforting the wounds that he might have suffered.

“If you’ve come all the way here, it means you’ve seen the memories I hid in the Song of Dawn.”

Aria nodded her head.

Belatedly, she began to think of the situation rationally.

Come to think of it, God was deprived of feelings a long time ago.

God was not in a normal state then.

“So, is God still in a state of no feelings”


No feelings, none at all.”

He was just a ‘memory’, so he might not know what happened after this memory was engraved.

The Prince’s memory added,

“If feelings disappear, it would seem that we can judge rationally, coldly, and cut like a sword, but no.

Rather the opposite.

God without feelings is no longer able to judge anything.”

God did nothing.

This was because, at the same time as feelings disappeared, the reason was also paralyzed.

God felt nothing, God ceased to care for the world, and God ceased to love the creatures.

And in the end, God even forgot God’s own existence.

“After Shadra, I mean God became like that, I succeeded to get two feelings in my hands after much struggles.”

The Prince’s memory said with his arms wide open.

“One of them is God’s ‘hope’.

I have planted my memories in hope.”

“The other one”

“The other one…”

He raised his index finger and pointed at Aria.

“God’s ‘conscience’, which I swallowed.”

It was only after hearing him use the word swallowed that Aria remembered it.

The fact that the Prince swallowed something like a piece of jewelry when he was a boy.

“After I swallowed it, I became the Siren.

Magical powers began to appear in my songs.”

So he described himself as the first Siren.

It wasn’t that the descendants of Atlantis were Sirens, but that the Prince had magical power after he swallowed God’s ‘conscience’.

And the power of the Siren has been handed down from generation to generation through his bloodline.

“Then in me…”


There is God’s conscience.”

Aria put her palm over her heart, looking troubled.

It was because she had no idea that a part of God could be dissolved in her own body.

She couldn’t even think about it.

So, that’s why God’s malice that Valentine harbored was relieved by the Siren’s song

“Why is there a conscience”

“Conscience is the only medium between good and evil.”

Good and evil.

Aria heard that and her eyes widened.

“I can connect good and evil.”

The Prince’s memory looked bitter and he said.

“Your presence here means that Shadra still hasn’t regained those feelings.

Please, I hope that people don’t overdo it.”

Said the Prince with his hand on Aria’s head.

His image, which was clear that Aria felt like was having a conversation with a real human, faded.

Aria was startled and stretched out her hand.

She touched nothing.


Suddenly, a lot of information poured into her head like a waterfall.


‘This is the Prince’s memory…….’

Amidst the flood of information, Aria could not come to her senses for a moment.

She was endlessly flooded with information that she didn’t even know exactly what it was.

But one thing is for sure, she learned songs she knew nothing about, except the songs Sophia sang during her lifetime.

Siren’s songs.

‘Ah, all the songs that the Prince heard and learned while he was alive met the pieces of the feelings and became the Siren’s songs…….’

His name is Juan.

He was the first Siren and the last descendant of the Atlantis royal family.


The moment she wake up,

“Cough, cough!”

Aria pushed the person in front of her and coughed up water.

It wasn’t until she sniveled for a while that she realized that it was Lloyd who she had pushed the moment she opened her eyes.


“No, it’s me.”

Huh Aria looked puzzled as she flipped her hair that was clinging to her face behind her back.

She didn’t know why Lloyd was apologizing to her at the same time.

“I hesitated for a moment…”


Aria soon realized what he was trying to say.

‘He was trying to do artificial breathing.’

No wonder, as soon as she opened her eyes, there was a face in front of her.

Aria rubbed her flushed cheek for a moment and looked away from him.

It’s not a kiss, it’s a rescue, so of course she has to say it’s okay.

Somehow nothing came out of her mouth.

If the other person was Lloyd, of course, she couldn’t help but be indifferent.

There was a moment of heavy silence.

“Khhmm, but what is that”

Aria gave a brief cough, and she turned the topic around.

A white mass of light flew around Lloyd from before.

“I don’t know, it’s like a fly…”

He answered, waving his hand roughly.

In the circumstances, he knew that it was God’s hope that grabbed his ankle and dragged him like a water ghost.

However, from the moment Aria woke up safely, Lloyd decided to completely ignore the lump of light.

Even just being near it makes his stomach churn.

“Are you going to keep it down”

Then the light rushed to Lloyd’s head as if in a temper.

“Oh, you can’t kick it out.


Aria reached out her hand towards the light.

Then it flew away and sat quietly on Aria’s hand.

‘I think I know what to do next.’

After accepting ‘Juan’ memories, she now knows for sure.

Why he lured them here.

hi, this is a split chapter because it’s quite long~!


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