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“…is that the Grand Prince”

People were buzzing

Since the Grand Princess was called his wife, they had no choice but to know that he was the Grand Prince.

However, it was completely different from the bloody scenes they had seen so far.

With Aria’s touch, he became so calm that they felt a sense of alienation.

Like a gentle sheep.

‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing…….’

Someone came up with such an analogy.

The hero is a hero, but they thought that he was a vicious hero who could subdue monsters with one hand.

He has a strong power that transcends human limits, and he has evoked fear beyond awe.

But to have such a human side, it seemed like they needed to see it again.

“He must have loved the Grand Princess so much.”

They lowered their voices and whispered.

“That’s why he threatened to throw us into the mud if we don’t hide Grand Princess’ abilities…”

“But why should we keep it a secret”

It was a very mysterious and beautiful ability to move people’s hearts with a song.

When one person expressed a question, the person next to them clicked their tongue and said,

“Hey, don’t you even know what Vibrio says We have to keep it a secret because he’s making a fuss by framing her as a demon.”

Humans reject what they do not understand.

She had special abilities they had never heard of before in their life.

Those who were once slaves clenched their fists and vowed.

“Even if we die, we will keep the angel….no, the Grand Princess’ secret!”

“I’ll take it to the grave!”

Their twinkling eyes turned to Aria to the point that it felt a bit burdensome.

“We almost betrayed our benefactor without even knowing grace! With the will of atonement, we will live our life repaying the two of your favors!”

“Please accept us!”

Aria thought as she heard their roaring cries.

For the rest of their lives.

She told them they were free to leave.

Do they intend to stay here for the rest of their life

“No more atonement.

You haven’t committed such a big crime.

And you are no longer slaves.

You can stay wherever you want.”

“This is where we want to be!”

You want to be in the devil’s castle

If they came from outside the border, they would have a stronger sense of rejection.

It was a strange thing to the point where her head was tilted.

Aria looked at them in surprise and then nodded her head.

“If you wish.”


They cheered.

“What should we do from now on”

“I’ll give the first dewy fruit to two of you every day!”

“I will make the garden bright with flowers resembling the Grand Princess!”

“I will catch a fish…!”

Anyway, it was the first time since turning back time that so many people had come to know Aria’s secret.

“Evil demon! Execute the demon!”

In a completely different direction from the past.

“Let’s go outside first.”


“I didn’t know they’d keep you locked up in the building until I woke up.

Was it frustrating”

Aria smiled apologetically.

And she led them into the great plains.

So that they can realize and enjoy the newly acquired freedom a little more.

Silver! Long time no see!

She didn’t shout out loud, but did Silver also notice Aria’s feelings


The wolf barked very loudly and rushed towards Aria.

It was Lloyd who grabbed the wolf’s back.

“Are you crazy To crush the wife with your big body”

“Kiinggg… Grrrr…”

Silver made a sound that could not be understood whether he was afraid or wary of Lloyd.

His tail was immediately curled up between his legs.

“Lloyd, let it go.”

As soon as Aria requested it, Lloyd stretched out his hand that lifted Silver.

Aria patted the wolf’s head, which was a little more timid than before.

Lloyd looked at them with a distasteful gaze and folded his arms.

“It resembles its master, always just rushing in.”

Umm…… Resembles

Aria thought of Tristan as she saw Silver wagging his tail frantically.

In some ways, they resemble each other, yet they resemble each other at all…….

‘Rather, it’s Black that resembles his master… … .’

Aria thought as she watched the jaguar approaching Lloyd.

Black was looking at Silver with a serious gaze aiming at a prey.

Looking at the size of the pupils, it felt like he was about to rush and bite.

“Don’t be jealous.”

Aria reached out her hand as before and stroked Lloyd’s head.

The soft touch of his black hair was scattered between her fingers.

‘By the way, since when did you stop pushing me away’

Aria was immersed in emotion for a moment.

She couldn’t remember exactly.

But from a certain moment on, Lloyd accepted her hand like clothes that stuck wet.

She was somehow happy.

Because it feels like taming the most wild beast that even the Siren’s ability doesn’t work at.

Lloyd himself would be unhappy to hear this.

“Thank you.

For coming right away.”

Aria ran her finger across Lloyd’s half-closed eyelids.

The color of his eyes was different from the color that she had seen for four years, so she felt alienated, but at the same time she was delighted.

Eyes full of moonlight.

The light that illuminates the darkness that she saw in the days when he saved her.


Aria muttered without realizing it.

Then, as if surprised, his eyes widened and narrowed.

Lloyd, raising the corner of his mouth obliquely, wrapped his fingers around the back of Aria’s hand and interlocked them.

“How much”

“The best in the world.”

“…that’s too far.”

Aria was always one step ahead of Lloyd.

Lloyd’s reaction to Aria’s sincere words were a bit bitter.

“I was very worried about Lloyd’s eyes turning gray.

It was starting to be corrupted with malice.”

At first she cried because she was so startled, but now she realizes that she doesn’t have to dwell on such trifles.

“It’s not corrupted, it’s been dyed with a bright silver color to shine more brightly than before.”


“Because I’m going to make it that way.”

Saying so, Aria took her interlaced hand even more tightly.

She smiled, folding her eyes like a crescent moon.

Lloyd couldn’t help but stare at her.


He closed his lips and averted his gaze somewhere slightly.

And he wrinkled his brow as hard as he could.

Aria felt puzzled and turned her head, and Gabriel was standing not too far away.

“Because bugs get easily entangled.”

Lloyd fixed his gaze on Gabriel, as he interlocked and pressed his lips to Aria’s remaining palm.

She momentarily twitched her fingers.

It was scalding hot.

‘…… I didn’t know my palms could be so sensitive.’

Aria said to Lloyd, who was looking at a prey as she rubbed her cheek, which was somehow flushed with her remaining hand.

“Well, don’t be jealous.”

It feels like she said this before.

“Don’t worry about it because it’s like a battle of ranks.”

Then, an unfamiliar answer came back.

Why was Lloyd fighting for territory like a wild beast when he was born human

“Let’s listen to what he has to say.”

“Maybe he’ll talk about the saint.”

Aria recalled her last conversation with Gabriel before leaving for the Imperial Palace.

Lloyd suddenly appeared and the conversation was interrupted, but their last conversation was about Veronica.

When she asked Veronica what she would do if she could increase her divine power, her gaze changed.

‘But she told me she had no intention of using any other means to increase her divine power.’

Aria did not believe Veronica’s words.

Because she seemed very good at acting and lying.

So she needed to deal with Gabriel’s side, the one who she could see through.

“I think we should talk.”

Maybe Veronica had contacted him separately.

“Don’t say you’re going to talk to each other alone.”


Aria avoided his gaze.

Gabriel couldn’t speak in front of Lloyd.

On the contrary, she doubted that he would be talking about the necklace and the saint.

“Because you believe in me.”


“Probably, if Gabriel touched me, Lloyd’s clone would bite me.”

Aria said, pointing to Black.

Then Lloyd heard that and said absurdly, “Who is who’s clone”.


Lloyd took a deep breath.

“If he does something stupid, bite him and kill him.”

And he ordered so.

The jaguar lowered his body and growled like a loyal knight.

“Then I’ll be back.”

Aria said to Lloyd and turned towards the restless Gabriel.

Lloyd nodded his head reluctantly.

Yet he somehow didn’t move on the spot.

There’s no point in being in a position where he can see them so clearly.

– Lloyd

– …….

– Lloyd.

It was only after Aria sent the message again that he turned his back with a reluctant look and disappeared.


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