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Chapter 125

Da Qiao was the first to notice that something was amiss with her mom.

She walked over and worriedly spoke: "Mom, what's wrong Why do your face look so ashen all of a sudden Where do you feel discomfort"

Da Qiao was now 1.72 meters tall.

When she came over, she blocked Lin Hui's sight.

Lin Hui didn't the mind to explain to her.

She walked around Da Qiao and looked around the corner.

But that person had already disappeared into the sea of ​​people.

Not a shadow of the figure that felt familiar and scary to her.

But recalling the image just now, her expression remained a little blanked for a while.

Da Qiao called her twice and she didn't answer.

At this time, other people also noticed that something was wrong and came over to ask.

Seeing her pale face, Qiao Zhen Jun reached out and touched her forehead.

There was no sign of fever: "You don't look so well.

Are you tired Why don't we go to the hospital now."

The feel of Qiao Zhen Jun's warm hand on her forehead made Lin Hui shuddered.

Only then, she regain her senses.

She forced a smile, shook her head and said, "I have nothing to do, I should be as I told you, I am probably tired."

People have similarities.

The back figure just now, she must have seen it wrong

Should be.

She kept persuading herself in her heart.

Originally, it was planned to go to eat roast duck because neither the twins nor Dong Lin had tasted it locally.

Due to Lin Hui not looking so well, they gave up on it.

They had dinner at a nearby small restaurant before going back.

During the whole meal, Lin Hui was in a trance.

When someone talked to her, she didn't respond in time.

Her behavior made her family very worried.

Da Qiao was also worried, but she knew that her parents would never tell the children about their problems.

So when they got home, she took her three younger brothers away and left the space for her parents.

Qiao Zhen Jun walked up to Lin Hui, held her hand, and spoke, "Hui Hui, what's wrong I don't think you look tired.

But rather that you have something on your mind.

We are husband and wife, you can tell me anything."

Lin Hui dazedly looked up at him, bit her lower lip and responded, "Zhen Jun, I might have seen that person today!"

When she mentioned that person, she couldn't control her trembling.

She thought that over the years, she had already forgotten what Qin Dong looked like.

But she didn't.

Today, just an occasional glance reminded her of everything in the past.

Although he was Dong Lin's biological father, she didn't wish for him to be alive.

Since he was already dead at the beginning, stay dead and don't come back alive to scare people!

Qiao Zhen Jun didn't caught on: "Who did you see Do I know them too"

Lin Hui's lip had turned white from her bite as uttered every word: "Dong Lin's Dad.

I saw someone very much like Dong Lin's dad in the afternoon!"

When Qiao Zhen Jun heard her response, his whole body trembled and his eyes widened: "Impossible! Didn't he drown back then"

Lin Hui recalled the scene at that time.

But memory was a weird thing.

Some things you remember very clearly.

But it repeat too many times, it will become blurred.

Hearing Qiao Zhen Jun's question, she suddenly became a little uncertain: "Back then, it was indeed passed down that he drowned and died.

You know that I didn't have a certificate with him and it wasn't easy to travel out at that time.

I haven't seen his parents.

So when he had an accident, I didn't see his body nor gone to see his family!"

So whether Qin Dong really drowned, she didn't know.

Qiao Zhen Jun's brows pinched together: "Then why did he fake his death in the first place.

If he doesn't want to be responsible, just get a divorce"

Lin Hui thought about it.

On the one hand, she felt that what he said was reasonable.

But on the other hand, she couldn't figure it out: "I'm probably scaring myself and saw it wrong."

Qiao Zhen Jun grasped her hand, "You might have.

But even if he didn't die, there's to be afraid of.

I'll be there for you!"

In the past, Qiao Zhen Jun was simple and honest.

Even when someone was stepping over his head, he didn't consider resisting.

Just wanted to be peacefully.

This was the key reason why Fang Xiao Juan was able to ride on his head.

Since he went out to work, his personality had changed bit by bit.

Especially since second branch opened a store independently, his personality had changed drastically from before.

So even if Qin Dong wasn't dead, he won't be afraid or shrink back.

Whether it was his wife or his son, Dong Lin, he won't hand over either!

Lin Hui turned over her hand and intertwined their fingers: "En, it'll be alright.

Our family will be fully together!"

Qiao Zhen Jun leaned his head over and the two of them pressed their heads against each other, drawing energy from each other.


Outside, Da Qiao and her siblings were sitting under the vines in the yard.

The evening breeze blew away a lot of the sultry summer heat.

Xue An Xu laid on Da Qiao's lap and pouted, "Elder Sister, the capital is so wonderful.

I can't bear to leave you!"

Youngest Brother was the best at acting cute since he was young.

Every time he pouted his mouth and said that he couldn't bear part with her, Da Qiao's heart softened and wanted to give him everything.

She reached out and rubbed his head.

She softly spoke, "Then you have to study hard.

Look, An Jie is already in the sixth grade, while you're still in the third grade.

Don't you feel ashamed"

Qiao An Jie is the most fond of studying in the entire Qiao Family and had the best grades.

According to the current speed of grade skipping, Da Qiao suspected that he will be admitted to college at the age of twelve or thirteen.

Suddenly being praised, Qiao An Jie's mouth corner raised slightly.

Quite cute appearance.

Xue An Xu's mouth pouted even more, so much it could almost hang a bucket of oil: "Elder Sister, didn't you say that everyone has their own strong point Didn't you say that one can't say in front of a child that he isn't as good as others Now you're saying I'm not as smart as An Jie.

I'm angry!"

The little chubby pouted his lips and bulged his cheeks like an angry bear.

Da Qiao almost fainted from adorableness when she saw him like this.

She reached out and pinched his chubby cheek, "Okay, okay.

It's Elder Sister's bad.

I shouldn't compare you with An Jie.

You are wonderful.

But if An Jie is admitted to college in capital in the future and you're still in junior high school, don't cry to me!"

Xue An Xu wasn't stupid.

He had a normal child's IQ and he rose each grade step by step.

But because he had a top student Qiao An Jie by his side for comparison, he was crushed very hard.

Xue An Xu was obviously imagining this scene and couldn't get angry.

He flew into Da Qiao's arms and coquettishly spoke, "Elder Sister, please get Dad to transfer the store to the capital.

I want to be with you!"

Da Qiao rubbed his head, but didn't respond.

After all, moving the family to the capital wasn't a trivial matter.

Seeing his younger brother occupying his elder sister by acting like cute, Qiao An Jie quickly moved his butt and put his head into his elder sister's hand.

Seeing him like this, Da Qiao couldn't help but burst into chuckle.

Dong Lin, who was on the side, didn't join in the fun.

He grinned and watched the two younger brothers making trouble.

This grin revealed two toothy shell.

Da Qiao remembered how he used to call him Elder Sister Nian Nian when he was little.

Her heart softened and spoke, "Dong Lin, you are in the third year of junior high school.

Have you ever thought about what you want to learn or do in the future"

Dong Lin thought for a while and answered, "Elder Sister, I want to join the army after graduation."

Hearing this, Da Qiao was startled: "Are you sure Why do you want to join the army"

Dong Lin's long eyelashes blinked and revealed a toothy smile, "I saw Uncle when I was little and thought he was very powerful.

He could protect family!" I also want to protect family and Elder Sister!

He didn't say the last sentence, but Da Qiao understood at once.

She picked up the watermelon on the stone table and handed it over: "It's not bad to be a soldier.

But there are still three years left.

You can think about it slowly.

When the time come and you still want to be a soldier, Elder Sister will definitely support you!"

Dong Lin took the watermelon.

His toothy front teeth chomped on it, "I know."

He knew that his elder sister would definitely support him.

He knew this long ago.

Qiao An Jie quietly voiced, "Elder Sister, why don't you ask me what I'm going to do in the future"

Da Qiao smiled and shallow dimple showed up, "What do you want to do, An Jie A scientist"

Qiao An Jie shook his head: "I want to be a medical researcher, specializing in diseases that haven't been solved by humans!"

Like Elder Brother Dong Lin, he also wanted to protect his family.

But he'll do it in a different way.

Da Qiao handed him a piece of watermelon and said, "Awesome! Elder Sister believes that you can definitely become the most brilliant medical researcher!"

Xue An Xu put his chubby face closer and spoke, "Elder Sister, ask me! Ask me!"

"Okay, Classmate Xue An Xu, what do you want to do"

Da Qiao felt that her younger brother was like a sticky candy in her arms and quickly went along his words and asked.

Xue An Xu raised his head.

His eyes was sparkling: "Elder Sister, I want to be a big star!"

Qiao Family had bought a TV set two years ago.

When he first saw someone moving in the black box, he was completely shocked.

He stared blankly at the person inside and even started to touch it.

From then on, he became fascinated by the people in the black box.

Seeing them act out a story, it's easy to arouse people's emotions and make people laugh and cry with them.

He thought that the people in the black shell were amazing.

Only later did he know that those people were all big stars and actors.

He had read their pictorial and thought it was so cool!

He thought that if he could appear in the black box one day, it would be cooler!

Hearing Xue An Xu's words, everyone was shocked: "You want to be a big star"

Xue An Xu raised his chest high: "Yeah, you think I can't be a big star"

It wasn't impossible.

Although the twins were born in the countryside, they were fair and delicate; completely surpassing the children in the city.

With his appearance, he looked better than many child stars.

It was just that they were ordinary people and ordinary family.

Wanting to become a big star seem like too far away.

Da Qiao adhered to the principle of encouragement and softly spoke: "Of course you can.

You have to study hard though.

I heard that those who become big stars have to memorize a lot of manuscripts every time.

Since you said that you want become a big star but don't recognize the words, wouldn't it be embarrassing"

Xue An Xu thought about it for a while and felt it made sense.

He patted his chest and declared, "Okay, no problem.

I will study hard in the future and definitely not embarrass our Qiao Family!"

Everyone thought it was just a child talk.

No one thought that he was the first to achieve his goal.

The night was getting colder and the twins were sleepy.

So Da Qiao quickly let them go back to the room to sleep.

Da Qiao had sorted her few younger brothers and was going to go back to sleep.

But after taking two steps, she suddenly remembered that Elder Brother Huo Chi told her to tell her grandparent about their relationship.

So she turned around and walked toward her grandparents' room.

Unexpectedly, before she got to the door, she saw her grandfather washing her grandmother feet from a distance.

After washing, he took a dry towel and carefully helped her dry it.

Da Qiao originally thought this was it.

In fact, this wasn't the first time she had seen her grandfather wash her grandmother's feet.

But the important bit was afterward.

She witness her grandfather suddenly bent down and picked up her grandmother.

Then he walked toward the bed inside.

Her face turned red with a swoosh.

She quickly turned around and walked back.

While walking, she whispered, "I didn't see anything."

Red faced, she intended to run back to her room, but when she passed by her parents' room, she saw her dad kissing her mom's face from the window.

This time, her neck turned red: "It's so dark.

I really didn't see anything!"

Back in the room, she threw herself on the bed.

Recalling the intimate scene she saw just now, Huo Chi's figure suddenly flashed in her mind.

Covering her face, she dived into the quilt and rolled around.

Her mind was completely on what kind of cub will she have with Elder Brother Huo Chi in the future

Perhaps because of the continuous encounter with these kind of scene, it had a profound impact on Da Qiao.

That very night, she had a dream.

In the dream, she married Elder Brother Huo Chi and the two gave birth to a cub.

It was just that when she asked someone to bring the cub over to show her, she was stunned.

What entered her sight wasn't a little rosy baby wrapped in the swaddle.

Instead, it was a little boar!


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